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Happy Valentine's Day Welcome to my home on the web. I'm a singer and songwriter, I used to be in Country Joe & the Fish, and I live in Berkeley, California, Planet Earth.


  • January 14: First Human Be-In
  • March 18: "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride opens at Disneyland
  • March 28: Muhammed Ali refuses induction
  • July 1: Beatles release Sgt. Pepper
  • June 12: Loving v. Virginia decision legalizes interracial marriage
  • June 16-18: Monterey Pop Festival
  • October 9: Che Guevara executed in Bolivia
  • October 21: Allen Ginsberg fails to levitate the Pentagon
  • November 9: First issue of Rolling Stone magazine

I am calling my forthcoming album simply 50. Watch for more news about it here.

o My new 2 CD set Time Flies By is out. Co-produced by Tim Eschliman and myself, it has 25 songs from solo to full band covering a time period of 30 years of song writing.
Preview the songs and musicians, then place your order at the Country Store.

oI was at the LBJ Presidential Library for the Vietnam War Summit. Read recaps at its website, or see video here.

o Alec Palao interviewed me at the Berkeley Historical Society on May 15th as part of its upcoming October 2017 exhibit "Soundtrack to the 60s: The Berkeley Music Scene." See the video.

o Folk singer/songwriter Peter Krug who played on my Rag Baby EP#1 has passed away. He died in his sleep at his home in the Bay Area. There will be a memorial on Sunday, January 29, from 12-6, at the Muir Woods community club house at 40 Ridge Ave in Mill Valley.

o Larry Colburn, who was credited along with Hugh Thompson Jr and Glenn Andreotta, for stopping the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, passed away December 13. Larry was the door gunner, Hugh Thompson Jr the pilot and Glenn Andreotta the crew chief of the UH-1 Iroquois transport helicopter that day landing into the ongoing slaughter and stopping it. A memorial service for Colburn is planned for January 7 at the Darby Funeral Home in Canton, Georgia. You can listen to a recording I made of Fred Greco's "Warriors of Humanity" about the episode.

o A lawsuit is claiming that Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" is in the public domain. Read about it.

o My daughter Tara Taylor McDonald has her new web site up and running. Check it out.

o The UCSF School of Nursing is planning to archive my Tribute to Florence Nightingale website so that its information will be saved for posterity. (But the site will still be available in its current location.) They are also taking over my collection of Nightingale memorabilia. Read an interview with me by the UCSF archivist.

o The new, improved, relocated San Francisco Vietnam memorial plaque was dedicated on Veterans Day. Learn more. Thanks to Karin Sproul for the picture on the right.

o In case you wonder what the fuck has happened in the past few years to get us into the mess we are in today I thought it might be nice for us at Country Joe’s Place to bring back our crisis page just the way it evolved and see how far we have come since 9/11. OMFG! (The page was up from shortly after the 9/11 attacks to the end of 2008. Some links may have died.)

o "A Ride with Matt" is a documentary film about Huntington's Disease, intended to raise awareness and to generate support and funding for research to ameliorate or altogether eradicate Huntington’s -- the disease that killed Woody Guthrie. Check it out.

o Philip Buehler has collaborated with Nora Guthrie on Woody Guthrie's Wardy Forty, chronicling Woody's years with Huntington's as seen through his letters, family snapshots, rare interviews and photos of the abandoned Greystone hospital today. Buy your copy here.

o Glass sculptor Peggy Pettigrew Stewart is casting the faces of many Woodstock musicians, including mine, to be reproduced in glass. We're going to be posting pictures of the process here as it goes along.

They've been trying to make a movie about Janis Joplin for the last 15 years. Candidates for the role have included Zooey Deschanel, Nina Arianda, Pink, and Renee Zellweger. Now it's on again under the title Get It While You Can, with Joplin played by -- the envelope please -- Amy Adams. It was supposed to start shooting late in 2015, but has apparently been delayed by legal wrangling. Meanwhile the documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and will be seen on PBS's American Masters.

o My son Devin has bought Berkeley's beloved Mr. Mopps' toy store. You can visit Mr. Mopps' on the web and on Facebook.

o More Wuzzup

Here are some videos of me folks have put up:
...or listen to fan tapes of my live shows from the Internet Archive.

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