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NEW: CD: 50 --Country Joe McDonald
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DVD: "Vietnam Experience" --Country Joe McDonald
CD: Vietnam Experience --Country Joe McDonald
DVD: "Secret Agent" --Jackie Ochs/Country Joe McDonald
CD: Thinking of Woody Guthrie --Country Joe McDonald
CD: The Best of Country Joe McDonald --Country Joe McDonald
CD: Electric Music for the Mind and Body Special Edition --Country Joe & the Fish
CD: I-Feel- Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Special Edition --Country Joe & the Fish

CD: --Country Joe McDonald
CD: At the Borderline --Country Joe McDonald
CD: Natural Imperfections --Country Joe McDonald and Bernie Krause
CD: Spys on Wall Street --Joady Guthrie

Monterey Pop 2001 Tribute
Woodstock poster
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Berkeley Centennial poster
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Country Joe and Me --Ron Cabral
Our Recollections

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First EP
Second EP
Oracle Facsimile edition

Take your pick -- FREE!
Specify "GIMEANF -- COUNTRY JOE" or "THE ORIGINAL COUNTRY JOE BAND." Ask for brown, yellow, green or magenta or just let me decide. Country Joe Band picks are red only. Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Joe McDonald, P.O. Box 7064, Berkeley, CA 94707, USA. (Stamps only, no meter strips.)

Autographed Woodstock Photo

• One genuine Jim Marshall 8×10 glossy photo of Country Joe at the Woodstock Festival, 1969, autographed by Country Joe himself
• Plus one genuine plastic "gimeanf" Country Joe pick in the color of your choice

Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request and include a check for $10 US made out to Joe McDonald, to Joe McDonald, P.O. Box 7064, Berkeley, CA 94707, USA. (The rates have gone up for envelopes the size of 8×10 pictures so remember to have at least 88 cents postage on your SASE. Use stamps only, no meter strips.)

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50 CD N E W !
Country Joe McDonald

This eclectic album is, in a sense, a contemporary survey of current topics -- some right from the headlines of your local newspaper, like “Era of Guns.” “Black Fish” points out, in the footsteps of “Save The Whales,” the continued mistreatment of sentient species on our planet. There are songs of longing, angst, and time passing (“Where Did the Time Go?”).

Tracks, lyrics, notes, audio samples, and more at

RB1042 CD, each $15.00   How to Order

Time Flies By CD Time Flies By
Country Joe McDonald and friends

This two-CD set spans Country Joe's entire career, with some songs going back 45 years and others brand new. Some are solo, and others feature full arrangements from a hand-picked group of musicians.

Tracks, lyrics, notes, audio samples, and more at

RB1041 2 CD set $15.00   How to Order

War War War Live CD War War War Live
Country Joe McDonald

Nine poems from Robert W. Service's war-themed collection Rhymes of a Red Cross Man set to music and sung by Country Joe McDonald. Recorded live on July 7, 2007 at the 2nd annual "Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion," honoring US Vietnam War resisters and others in Castlegar, British Columbia. Live show includes an introduction by Country Joe explaining how the original Vanguard album came to be recorded.

1. Foreword 2. The Call 3. Young Fellow, My Lad 4. The Man from Athabaska 5. The Munition Maker 6. The Twins 7. Jean Desprez 8. War Widow 9. The March of the Dead

Currently out of stock -- check back in a few months.

RB1040 CD, each $12.00   How to Order

From Yukon News:

An anti-war collaboration between a famed 60s counterculturalist and the Bard of the Yukon has recently resurfaced. Country Joe McDonald is thrilled with the piece, and hopes it continues to build a fan base. War War War is the American rock musician's obscure 1970 album of Robert Service poetry put to music. It was recently re-recorded live at an outdoor festival in Castlegar, BC, honoring Vietnam War resisters.

War War War was a commercial flop; the album only existed on vinyl for about 10 years. "We sold way less than a 100,000 copies," said MacDonald. But for years, McDonald has received requests from fans looking to obtain a copy of the now-discontinued album. (A used copy of the record can cost upwards of $150 on

Blocked from re-release by the original publisher, MacDonald's 2007 recording was done to resurrect the music and bring it to a wider audience. Consisting mainly of poems from Service's Rhymes of a Red Cross Man, the album is a powerful operatic journey throughout the different stages of war. Through nine acoustic songs, the album follows soldiers, munitions makers, refugees and grieving fathers.

"The Man from Athabasca" is a haunting ballad about the journey of a northern Canadian trapper to the trenches of northern France. In one passage, the man regales French soldiers with stories of Canada while war rages around them.

And I tell them of the Furland, of the tumpline and the paddle,
Of secret rivers loitering, that no one will explore;
... While above the star-shells fizzle and the high explosives roar."
"War Widow" is laden with typical Robert Service sarcasm: the war is praised for ridding an overpopulated society of young men. The album ends with "The March of the Dead," a poem imagining a parade of resurrected war dead crashing the jubilant celebrations of a Boer War victory celebration. The song is a fitting finale because, even with all the heroism and sacrifice of war, at the end "all you've got is a bunch of dead people."

From beginning to end, the album is "interesting and typical of the memories of people who experience war," said McDonald, who has spent extensive time with Vietnam War veterans. A former military man himself, McDonald's career has always sought to take anti-war stances from the perspective of the soldiers.

Recorded in only two days, McDonald still sees the album as a masterwork from "on high." "Just last year when I sang them all together ... I thought, 'man, this is great stuff, the most powerful anti-war musical piece I've ever heard in my life.' That I had a part composing it is unbelievable," he said. "I just did it because I was inspired, because it was fun, and I'm amazed that it's (lasted this long)."

-- Tristin Hopper

Vietnam Experience "The Vietnam Experience"
Directed by Daniel Keller and Country Joe McDonald

This DVD video uses the songs from the Country Joe CD Vietnam Experience (now out of print) synched to documentary footage of the Vietnam Era. The footage is all kinds: black and white, color, video, 16 mm, and larger. Songs included:

1. I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag 2. Foreign Policy Blues 3. Agent Orange Song 4. The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse) 5. Kiss My Ass 6. Secret Agent 7. Vietnam Veteran Still Alive 8. Vietnam Never Again 9. Mourning Blues 10. Welcome Home

Country Joe vocal and guitar, David Hayes bass and vocal, Barry Flast keyboards and vocal, Peter Walsh guitar, Mike Herbick drums and others.

The video was intended as an educational device and for that reason there is no Hollywood footage. Starting with recruitment footage the film moves through agent Orange spraying, booby traps, napalm drops, the Chicago Convention Riots, veterans' protests after the war, and welcome home parades. Film critic Judy Stone called it the "best of all the Vietnam War films."

A1004 NTSC DVD, color, approximately 30 minutes, not rated. $15.00   How to Order

Vietnam CD Vietnam Experience
Country Joe McDonald

A collection of Vietnam-related songs.

1. I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag 2. Foreign Policy Blues 3. Agent Orange Song 4. The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse) 5. Kiss My Ass 6. Secret Agent 7. Viet Nam Veteran Still Alive 8. Viet Nam Never Again 9. Mourning Blues 10. Welcome Home 11. Viet Nam Requiem Part I: The Beginning 12. Viet Nam Requiem Part II: The End

Listen: "Vietnam Never Again"
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RB1024 CD, each $12.00  How to Order

Vietnam Experience Special Offer
CD and DVD video, normally a $27 value, together for a limited time for only $22!

A1036 CD and DVD video $22.00   How to Order

Secret Agent "The Secret Agent"
Directed by Jacki Ochs

A comprehensive look at the effects of the deadly contaminant Agent Orange. Using rare archival and striking war footage in support of interviews with veterans, scientists, attorneys, and representatives of the US Air Force, the Veterans' Administration, and Dow Chemical, Vietnam: The Secret Agent documents the extraordinary history of chemical warfare and the plight of our Vietnam veterans.

"... excellent ... a tough, angry look at the consequences of exposure to agent orange." -- The New York Times

Music by Country Joe McDonald.

Dear Agent Orange is a website devoted to undoing the evils of Agent Orange.

A1063 NTSC DVD, color, approximately 56 minutes, not rated. $15.00   How to Order

Woody CD Thinking of Woody Guthrie
Country Joe McDonald

From 1969, the first-ever Woody Guthrie tribute album. Recorded in Nashville with the same top country session men as Tonight I'm Singing Just for You.

1.Pastures Of Plenty 2.Talkin' Dust Bowl 3.Blowing Down That Dusty Road 4.So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh 5.Tom Joad 6.The Sinking Of The Reuben James 7.Roll On Columbia 8.Pretty Boy Floyd 9.When The Curfew Blows 10.This Land Is Your Land

Listen: Pastures of Plenty
This Land is Your Land
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VSD6544 CD, each $12.00   How to Order

Best cover Best of Country Joe McDonald
Country Joe McDonald

Highlights from the Vanguard years.

1. Pastures Of Plenty 2. Roll On Columbia 3. Ring Of Fire 4. Six Days On The Road 5. Mara 6. Hold On, It's Coming 7. Air Algiers 8. Joe's Blues 9. The Man From Athabaska 10. The Call 11. Living In The Future In A Plastic Dome 12. Fantasy 13. Movin' 14. St. Tropez 15. Sweet Marie 16. Makin' Money In Chile 17. Memories 18. It's Finally Over

VCD119/20 CD, each $12.00   How to Order

Natural Imperfections CD Natural Imperfections
Country Joe McDonald and Bernie Krause

Drawing upon over 30 years each in the entertainment/music/environmental fields, Bernie Krause and Country Joe McDonald have produced a unique album of nature sounds and acoustic music. Intended for relaxation, meditation and prayer, this album aims to take us away from the stress of modern life into a magical world of of nature and music. Soundscapes by Bernie Kraus, acoustic guitar and harmonica by Country Joe.

1. Cicada and Crickets and Owls...Oh My! 2. Ice Cap Escapades 3. Desert Love-in 4. Rainy-Day Dream 5. CetaceanVisitations 6. Amazing Days & Amazing Nights 7. Sea Shore Symphonies 8. Coyote's Last Laugh 9. Bubbling Brook Blues

Listen: "Cetacean Visitations (Section 43)"
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RB1037 CD, each $5.00   How to Order

Live! Fillmore West 1969
Country Joe and the Fish and friends

Seventy-seven minutes of music featuring Joe McDonald (guitar and vocals), Barry Melton (guitar and vocals) David Cohen (guitar and keyboard), Jack Casady (bass), and Gary "Chicken" Hirsh (drums). "Donovan's Reef" is an extended jam with the above lineup plus Steve Miller (guitar and harmonica), Jerry Garcia (guitar), Jorma Kaukonen (guitar), and Mickey Hart (drums).

1.Introduction/Rock and Soul Music/Love 2.Here I Go Again 3.It's So Nice to Have Your Love 4. Flying High 5. Doctor of Electricity 6. Donovan's Reef Jam

A1039 CD, each $14.00 How to Order

Live in Berkeley
The Original Country Joe Band

Live in Berkeley CDThe first CD from the newly reconstituted Country Joe Band (Bruce Barthol, David Bennett Cohen, Gary "Chicken" Hirsh, and Country Joe McDonald) has twelve of the old tunes plus the new "Cakewalk to Baghdad." Recorded on July 29, 2004 at the historic Freight and Salvage Coffee House.

1.Entertainment Is My Business 2.Janis 3.Not-So-Sweet Martha Lorraine 4.Section 43 5.Rock and Roll Again 6.Grace 7.Masked Marauder 8.Who Am I? 9.Cakewalk to Baghdad 10.Death Sound Blues 11.Bass Strings 12.I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag 13.Save the Whales

Listen: Listen to samples
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A1065 CD $5.00   How to Order

www... CD
Country Joe McDonald

These 20 songs and instrumentals span 30 years and were performed direct to DAT recorder at home. Almost all songs were written by Country Joe, and are performed solo. The initial edition of 300 numbered CDs will be sold only here at the Country Store.

1. Ashkenaz (guitar and harmonica instrumental) 2. Summer Of Love 3. Thank The Nurse 4. Camouflage 5. Thinking Of John Fahey (slide guitar instrumental) 6. Gunshot Wound (a cappella) 7. Nothin Means Nothin 8. Clone Song 9. Charlie Don't Surf 10. Warriors of Humanity 11. Remembrance (guitar and harmonica instrumental) 12. What Will I Leave Behind 13. Plastic Bag 14.All My Love In Vain 15. Combat Assault 16. I'm Gonna Rock 17. Bells Of Freedom 18. Taps (instrumental) 19. Rainbow Stew 20. We Shall Overcome

Listen: "I'm Gonna Rock" (excerpt)
"Thinking of John Fahey"
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RB1032 CD, each $5.00   How to Order

From Relix magazine:

After a five-year absence from the recording scene, Country Joe McDonald returns .... [] is a solo studio album that features 20 cuts, which mix deft acoustic guitar/harmonica instrumentals with some new songs. As usual, world observations and social commentary are a big part of McDonald's music. He reflects on the '60s in "Summer of Love," and sings of the horrors of war in "Gunshot Wound" and "Combat Assault." Other highpoints are his emotive rendition of Fred Greco's "Warriors of Humanity" and his own "I'm Gonna Rock."

-- Mick Skidmore

At the Borderline CD At the Borderline
Country Joe McDonald

This two-disc set documents Country Joe's live performance -- both songs and anecdotes -- at London's Borderline on April 18, 2006.

Disc 1
1. Introduction by John Roberts 2. Starship Ride 3. Breakfast For Two 4. Crossroads 5. Joe talks "The Folk Song Singer" 6. Rock Coast Blues 7. Return of Sweet Lorraine > Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine 8. Joe talks "The Story of Sweet Lorraine" 9. All My Love In Vain 10. For No Reason 11. Joe talks "Twiggy and Val Doonican" 12. Here I Go Again 13. Joe talks "That Yamaha Guitar" 14. Jean Desprez
Disc 2
1. Support The Troops 2. Joe talks "Freedom and Democracy" 3. Save The Whales 4. Section 43 5. Submarine 6. Yankee Doodle 7. Moviola 8. I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag 9. John Roberts talks 10 .Hold On It's Coming 11.Joe talks "Tea and Coffee in Italy" 12. Who Am I

RB1038 2 CD set $5.00   How to Order

Electric cover Electric Music for the Mind and Body Special Edition
Country Joe and the Fish

For decades, this historic album has only been available in a remixed version. Now England's ACE Records has reissued Sam Charters' original 1967 stereo mix. Also included in the two-CD set is the original mono mix. The package includes a booklet featuring photos, poster reproductions, liner notes and interviews with the band members.

More from ACE Records.
A review.

VMD279244 2 CD set $20.00   How to Order

Electric cover I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Special Edition
Country Joe and the Fish

Once again, England's ACE Records has restored a classic album to its original 1967 form. Both the original stereo and the mono mix are here, along with one alternate track. The package includes a 40-page booklet featuring photos, poster reproductions, liner notes and interviews, plus a reproduction of the "FISH game."

More from ACE Records.

VMD279266 2 CD set $20.00   How to Order


Poster Monterey Pop 2001 Tribute

Poster for the 2001 celebration of the festival by original Pop artist Tom Wilkes. The main image was created by the Beatles for the 1967 festival and is signed by John, Paul, George, and Ringo. There is a reproduction of an original ticket in the upper left. Full color, 18×25 inches.

A1080 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Poster Woodstock Poster

Full-color reprint of Arnold Skolnick's poster for the historic 1969 event. 18×24 inches.

A1079 Shipped in a mailing tube $30.00   How to Order

Poster Heroes of Woodstock Poster

Poster for the Woodstock 40th anniversary tour by Bob Masse Studios. Full color, 17×25½ inches.

A1081 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Poster Edmonton Concert Poster

Poster by Edmonton's Pilot Design for a 2004 Country Joe concert at the University of Alberta campus. Three colors, 18×24 inches.

A1062 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Poster Masse Afterthought Concert Poster

Poster for a pair of 2005 Country Joe Band shows in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, by classic Canadian poster artist Bob Masse and Scotty C. Signed by Country Joe. Four color process, 16½×23½ inches.

A1064 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Poster Berkeley Centennial Poster

Poster by Thomas Morris for a concert celebrating the city of Berkeley's centennial in 1978. Country Joe McDonald, The Joy of Cooking. Two colors (split fountain), 12×18 inches.

A1054 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Whiskey poster Whisky-a-Go-Go Poster

Full-color reprint of the Dennis Loren poster for the historic Whisky-a-Go-Go gig in 1967. Printed on heavy paper, 13×19 inches.

A1076 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Guthrie poster Woody Guthrie Poster

Two-color silkscreened poster with Guthrie image and quote:

I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Bound to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim, too ugly or too this or too that. Songs that run you down or poke fun at you on account of your bad luck or hard traveling. I am out to fight those songs to my very last breath of air and my last drop of blood. I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world and that if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops. No matter what color, what size you are, how you are built. I am out to sing the songs that make you take pride in yourself and in your work. And the songs that I sing are made up for the most part by all sorts of folks just about like you. I could hire out to the other side, the big money side, and get several dollars every week just to quit singing my own kind of songs and to sing the kind that knock you down still farther and the ones that poke fun at you even more and the ones that make you think you've not got any sense at all. But I decided a long time ago that I'd starve to death before I'd sing any such songs as that. The radio waves and your movies and your jukeboxes and your song books are already loaded down and running over with such no good songs as that anyhow.

17×22 inches.

A1078 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order

Vietnam War map Vietnam War Map Poster

Four-color silkscreened poster of the Vietnam War map showing locations of bases and outfits. The same map seen on the back of Country Joe's field jacket pictured in the Rolling Stone photography book. Printed on heavy paper, 18×22 inches.

A1012 Shipped in a mailing tube $25.00   How to Order


Country Joe book Country Joe and Me
Ron Cabral, with an afterword by Country Joe

A long time ago Country Joe and his Navy pal Ron Cabral had an idea to write a book about the story of their lives which begins in the Navy in 1960. Follow their interactions over three decades -- a roller coaster ride of shared experiences in the military, education and in music. Told from the perspective of "ground zero" it offers a unique look at the emergence of Country Joe and the cultural, political, and musical revolution that blossomed in San Francisco and Berkeley during the 60s and early 70s. Also included are the lyrics to some of Country Joe's most important songs, memorabilia, rare photos, a discography and more. A must read for every Country Joe fan. New expanded edition. Read a sample.

"It's a book about music, war, politics, the 60s and, most of all, friendship."
-- Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

"Cabral doesn't write the book as an outsider gathering facts or even an observer recording what he saw, but as a full participant. He worked with Bill Graham, promoted Rock concerts, managed Bay Area Rock bands, and was even part of Country Joe's band at one point. Cabral's book is a fascinating read, illustrated with photos, lyrics from important songs, and a complete discography, as well as film, television, and stage listings. With the coming of the 40-year anniversary of the Summer of Love, nothing could be more timely and informative about that period and it's continued impact through the person of Country Joe McDonald, than reading Cabral's tome Country Joe & Me."
-- Bob Gersztyn, Folkwax

E-mail Ron Cabral. Also available on Kindle.

A1045 Paper, 208 pp. $15.00   How to Order

Mrs. Yamashita
Our Recollections
East Bay Japanese for Action

This book was a writing project for elder Japanese women. Fifteen women write short autobiographies of their lives before and during World War 2. Most were in concentration camps in the USA. Their stories are printed in English and Japanese. It is beautifully bound and comes in cardboard sleeve. The last story is by Mrs. Yamashita, the mother of the man who owned Mr. Mopps toy store in Berkeley that my son now owns. Two of the Yamashita children were drafted into the US army during the Vietnam War and one was killed. He is one of Berkeley's 22 Vietnam War dead.

A1084 Hardbound, 335 pp. $15.00  How to Order


Peace on Earth tote bag Peace on Earth Tote Bag

Paper or plastic? Just say neither! Rainbow-colored peace sign with the words "Peace on Earth" in English and kanji characters. 20×14½-inch jumbo bag is 100% cotton canvas with extra-long natural web handles.

A1009 Each $25.00  How to Order

Peace on Earth backpack Peace on Earth Drawstring Backpack

Yellow nylon backpack with blue peace sign and the words "Peace on Earth" in English and kanji characters. Sturdy yellow drawstrings.

A1086 Each $10.00  How to Order

Postcard Country Joe & the Fish Postcard

German postcard by Alain Dister showing Country Joe and the Fish in New York in 1967.

A1077 Each $10.00  How to Order

Gift certificate Gift Certificates

Good for merchandise at the Country Store and Florence Nightingale's Gift Shoppe. Specify 1: Face value of certificate in US dollars 2: Recipient (i.e. "James Wong," "The bearer") 3: Donor (i.e. "Juan Valdez," "Santa").

GC Specify value   How to Order

C O L L E C T O R ' S  I T E M S

First EP Original Copies of the First EP
Country Joe & the Fish / Peter Krug

Original package Rag Baby Talking Issue No. 1 was the first recording of "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag." The original "Volume 1, Issue A, October 1965, Talking Issue Rag Baby" was a 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" manila envelope, with a picture of demonstrators in Berkeley stopping a train filled with troops heading to Vietnam, that contained tear sheets from Rag Baby Magazine with music for the four songs and a 7-inch 33 1/3 LP. View the whole package.

Side 1: "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag" and "Superbird" by Country Joe and The Fish (in its very first incarnation): Carl Shrager, Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, Bill Steele, and Mike Beardslee.
Side 2: "Fire in the City" and "Johnny's Gone in the War" by Peter Krug, solo.

The original pressing was 100 copies. There is a copy in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We are asking $2500 for one of the few remaining complete packages.

There also remain a few vinyl discs, in a plain brown sleeve. Asking price is $100 for the disk and plain sleeve only.

E-mail for more information. All about the Rag.

Original Copies of the Second EP
Country Joe & the Fish

EP#2 cover, first version

EP#2 cover, second version
The second Rag Baby EP was a 7-inch 33 1/3 EP in a black-and white sleeve, recorded on June 6, 1966. There were 1000 copies of the first cover version, and an unknown number of the second.

Side 1: "Thing Called Love" and "Bass Strings"
Side 2: "Section 43"
Joe McDonald: vocals, electric guitar, harmonica
Barry Melton: vocals, electric guitar
David Cohen: electric guitar, Farfisa organ
Bruce Barthol: bass, harmonica
John Francis Gunning: drums
Paul Armstrong: tambourine, maracas

First cover design (group shot in middle). $1800.
Second cover design (group shot at top, Country Joe & the Fish on bottom). $1500.

E-mail for more information.

Griffin cover

The San Francisco Oracle Facsimile Edition

Facsimile Edition All twelve issues of the legendary Haight-Ashbury newspaper from the "Summer of Love" era are reproduced in full color on archival paper in this 440 page hardbound 11" x 14" volume with slipcase. The Collector's Edition was limited to 200 copies. It is signed and numbered by the editor, Allen Cohen, on the title page, and by Rick Griffin on the reproduction of his cover (right). Also included are separate full-color reproductions of all twelve covers on heavy stock suitable for framing. Fewer than 50 copies of the Collector's edition remain.
Exclusive Backroom Offer: Copies purchased from the Backroom will have the full-page ad for the first Country Joe & the Fish album that appeared in Issue 8 signed by Country Joe McDonald and the artist, Tom Weller.

* This item is sold out; but if you e-mail me, I might be able to find one for you and tell you what the price is.


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