Florence Nightingale

Getting Dressed

A 20 year old Florence Nightingale gets up at 10 in the morning and with the help of her French maid, Trout, gets dressed for breakfast.

First she puts on underpants ...

and her undershirt.

Then Trout laces her into her corset, a kind of combination bra and girdle ...

and a second undershirt.

Now a wire and crinoline slip, for bigness ...
[FN's remarks on crinoline]

and several more slips.

Trout does her hair in one of the popular styles. Until she was 30 years old Florence never brushed her own hair.
Now her dress and various accessories. After breakfast she might do some sewing, play the pianoforte, or practice singing or painting. Then some lessons from her father on Latin, German, French, Italian, history, or philosophy. Later, lessons on home management from her mother and a visit from friends for tea. She would change into another outfit for dinner and for partying.

Illustrations adapted from Victorian Costuming Volume 1, by Janet Bigglestone and Carolyn Schultz.

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