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Casualties and Damage from the First Month of NATO Bombing



During the first month of the war on Yugoslavia, the NATO planes and cruise missile made over 10,000 attacks. More than 2500 Cruise missiles were launched and over 7,000 tons of explosives were dropped. The following list is based on information provided by the Yugoslavian Foreign Ministry. About 1,000 civilians, including 45 children were killed and more than 4,500 sustained serious injuries e.g.:

- in Kursumlija: 13 dead and 25 wounded;
- in Panevo: 2 dead and 4 wounded;
- in Kragujevac: over 120 workers were wounded during an attack on the car factory "Zastava";
- in Vranje: two dead and 23 wounded;
- in Aleksinac: 12 dead and more than 40 wounded;
- in Nagavac village, Orahovac municipality: 11 dead and 5 wounded;
- in Pristina: 10 dead and 8 wounded; - Grdelicka gorge: 55 killed and 16 wounded;
- attack on two refugee columns, with four cruise missiles, on the Djakovica-Prizren road: 75 killed and 100 wounded, of whom 26 critically;
- in the village of Srbica: 10 killed, among whom 7 children; - Belgrade suburb of Batajnica: a three year old girl Milica Rakic was killed, and five civilians wounded.
- in Nis: in the attack on housing flats one civilian was killed while 11 wounded;
- in Pristina: in the attack on a Provisional Executive Council building in the suburb Grmija, one civilian was killed while 2 wounded;
- in Djakovica: in the attack on a refugee settlement housing Serb refugees from the Republika Srpska Krajina = (Croatia), 10 refugees were killed and 16 wounded;
- in Belgrade: in the attack on the Radio Television of Serbia office building, 15 employees have been killed and 17 wounded;

After the demolition of the Petrovaradin bridge, Novi Sad and Petrovaradin were cut of water supply (600 000 citizens) since the main and city pipeline was constructed into the bridge. About one million citizens, according to Yugoslav sources, are short of water. About 500 000 workers became jobless due to the total destruction of industrial facilities all around the country. Two million citizens have no means for living and cannot ensure the minimum for existence. Overall material damage is enormous. Preliminary estimates indicate that NATO air strikes have incurred damages in excess of 10 billion dollars. In the territory of the northern province of Vojvodina alone, damages have been estimated in excess of 3,5 billion dollars.


The road and railway networks, especially road and rail bridges, most of
which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, suffered extensive
destruction. The targets of attacks were such communications as:

(a) Destroyed (20)
1. The Varadin Bridge over the Danube (on 1 April 1999);
2. The "Sloboda" (Freedom) Bridge over the Danube (on 4 April 1999);
3. The "Zezeljov" Bridge in Novi Sad (on 5 April 1999);
4. The bridge over the Ibar river, Biljanovac municipality (on 5 - 13 April 1999);
5. The bridge over the Vrba.ka river near Jezgrovic (on 5 April 1999);
6. The "Lozno" railway bridge near Usfe (on 5 April 1999);
7. The road bridge on the road leading to Brvenik, near Usce (on 5 April 1999);
8. The bridge near Zubin Potok, on the Kosovska Mitrovica - Ribarice road (on 5 April 1999);
9. The old bridge on the river Rasina near the town of Krusevac (12-13 April 1999);
10. The new bridge on the river Rasina near the town of Krusevac (12-13 April 1999);
11. The Krusevac-Pojate bridge on the river Zapadna Morava, at the village of Jasika (on 13 April 1999);
12. The railway bridge on the river Lim, between Priboj and Prijepolje, near hydroelectric power station Bistrica (on 15 April 1999);
13. The bridge on the river Ibar, at the village of Brvenik, linking Korlace and Raska (15.04.1999.);
14. The bridge between Smederevo and Kovin (16 April 1999);
15. The railway bridge on the river Kostajnica, near Kursumlija (18.04.1999.);
16. The bridge over the regional Kursumlija - Prokuplje road;
17. The bridge over the river Vrapcevska Reka near the village of Ribarice, from the direction of Kosovska Mitrovica;
18. The bridge over the railway track on the regional road Biljanovac - Mt. Kopaonik;
19. The railway bridge near the village of Rudnica in the vicinity of Raska, on the Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje railway line;
20. The bridge over the Danube along the Beograd-Novi Sad road, near Beska, Indjija municipality (on 21 April 1999);
(b) Damaged (12)
1. The "Mladosti" (Youth) Bridge over the Danube, connecting Backa Palanka with Ilok, was damaged (on 4 April 1999);
2. The new railway/road bridge over the Danube connecting Bogojevo and Erdut was damaged (on 5 April 1999);
3. The road bridge along the Magura Belafevac road, 15 kilometres from Pristina, suffered extensive damage;
4. The bridge along the Nis-Pristina primary road, near Kursumlija, was extensively damage (on 5 April 1999);
5. The Grdelica gorge railway bridge, on the river Juzna Morava, was damaged (on 12 April 1999);
6. The Grdelica gorge road bridge, on the river Juzna Morava, was damaged (on 12 April 1999);
7. The road bridge over the Kosanica river near Kursumlija was damaged (on 13 April 1999);
8. The road bridge on the river Toplica, on the Nis-Pristina road near the town of Kursumlija, was heavily damaged (14 and 19 April 1999);
9. The bridge on the river Kosanica, at the village of Selo Visoko, has sustained heavy damages and is out of service 18.04.1999.);
10. The road bridge "Raskrsnica" near Donja Bistrica, on the route Priboj - Prijepolje - Nova Varos, has sustained heavy damages (20 April 1999);
11. The railway bridge on the river Sava near Ostruznica, has been heavily damaged (21, 23 April 1999);
12. The railway bridge on the Kraljevo - Raska railway line, near Kraljevo, has been heavily damaged (23 April 1999);

1. The Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje rail, near Ibarska Slatina;
2. The Belgrade - Bar rail, due to the destruction of the railway track near the village of Strbce and destruction of the bridge on the river Lim, between Priboj and Prijepolje;
3. The Kursumlija - Prokuplje rail, near Pepeljeva village;
4. The Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje rail, near Ibarska Slatina;
5. The Nis - Pristina rail, near Kursumlija;
6. "Sarpelj" tunnel, near Jerinje village, 15 k north of Leposavic towards Raska, was destroyed;
7. Railway station in Kraljevo (Bogutovac);
8. Railway station in Kosovo Polje;
9. The Belgrade - Thessaloniki rail, due to the destruction of the bridge in the Grdelica gorge;
10. Railway station in the town of Biljanovac;
11. Railway track and overpass (Josinacka Banja near the town of Biljanovac;
12. Railway track Kursumlija - Podujevo, due to damages on the railway bridges at Kursumlija; 13. Railway track Kraljevo - Kragujevac, due to damages to the section of the track near the village of Vitanovac;
14. Railway track Uzice - Priboj:
15. Railway track Bogojevo - Vukovar;
16. Railway Track Leskovac - Predejane;

1. Ibarska primary road, due to damages to the bridge on the Ibar river, Biljanovac municipality, and destruction of the road between Pozega and Cacak;
2. Belgrade-Zagreb highway, near Stari Banovci;