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The following are the countries that the United States has bombed since the end of WW2. The list was compiled by historian William Blum. I have added 5 countries that we in our compassion have chosen not to bomb but one of those countries is a fake one I made up. Can you guess which ones?
China, Korea, Guatemala, Melnisia, Indonesia, Turkey, Cuba, Falkland Islands, Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Tasmania, Libya, El Salvador, Iran, Nicaragua, Germany, Panama, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia.
Answer: Turkey, Iran, Tasmania, Falkland Islands, and the fake one I made up is Melnisia.

Which countries had the unfortunate experience of being bombed by us twice since WW2?

Answer: China and Guatemala

Which country was our favorite country to bomb?

Answer: Guatemala, three times! In 1954, again in 1960, and again from 1967 to 1969.

Which country did we bomb the longest?

Answer: Vietnam, 12 years from 1961-1973.

Which countries did we bomb for a number of years?

Answer: China first from 1945-1946 and again from 1950-1953, Korea from 1950-1953, Cuba from 1959-1960, Laos from 1964-1973, Vietnam from 1961-1973, Cambodia from 1969-1970, Guatamala from 1967-1969, Iraq from 1991-1999.

In the last 54 years, since 1945, the United States has bombed a grand total of how many years worth of bombing? (All added up by time spent bombing individual countries in terms of years.)

3 years, 27 years, 43 years, 56 years, 72 years
Answer: 56 years of continuous bombing in individual countries by the United States Military.