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This genre of American music did not really exist before the Vietnam War. It was created mostly by Vietnam War veterans and almost all has been self-produced. This is the first attempt to put most of it in one place and make it accessible to all.

John Trudell is a Vietnam-era Navy Veteran and original member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) His music is not specifically about war but always comes from a "warriors" heart and deals often with conflict. I consider him one of the greatest poets of the Vietnam War era. His work and information about him may be found at

Copies of actual Radio Hanoi broadcasts " American soldiers involved in the war in Vietnam", featuring reporters Thu Houng, better known as "Hanoi Hannah," and Van Tung, are available from the Vietnam Veterans Radio Network. For a catalog containing 68 separate entries of Radio Hanoi, and Radio Peking, broadcasts, recorded between 1964 and 1971, send a self-addressed and stamped (58 cents) envelope plus $1.00 (for printing), or just a buck-fifty- eight, to: VVRN, 7807 N. Avalon, K.C., MO 64152. More info.

Find more information on Lydia Fish's Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War site. Thanks to Bill Anchors for his contribution. If you know of some music that should be listed on this page, please e-mail me.

A L P H A B E T I C A L   L I S T I N G   B  Y   T I T L E

All Day Every Day Greg Gumbel
Ambush Various Artists
America Called Britt Small & Festival
Ballads of the Green Berets Ssgt. Barry Sadler
Ballad of the Green Beret The Deputies
Ballads of the Green Berets and Songs of America's Fighting Men Roger Dewey
Ballads of Two Brothers Autry Inman
Bill Homans' Merry Airbrakes Bill Homans
California Republic Greg Gumbel
Combat Assault Rick Duvall
Country Joe Sings Resist Joe McDonald
Country Shots: God Bless America Various Artists
The Eagle Has Landed Michael J. Martin
Edges Jim Wachtendonk
Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Various Artists
Gemeni and I Jim Wachtendonk
Goodbye Blues Joe McDonald and Blair Hardman
Hello Vietnam; Country and Western War Songs The Lonesome Valley Singers
Incoming Jim Wachtendonk
In Country Various Artists
Johnny Comes Marchin' Home Michael J. Martin and Tim Holiday
Men in the Green Berets The Lonesome Valley Singers
Naked Truth Mabus
Nineteen Paul Hardcastle
On the Mend Jim Wachtendonk
R & R Jim Wachtendonk
Red White and Blind Jim Wachtendonk
Remembering Honor Vietnam Pollock, Pollock and Gibbs
Rick Duvall Ric Duvall
Salute to Our Fighting Men in Vietnam Paul Lavelle and the Band of America
Soldiers' Songs Michael McCann
Song of Opposition (Rag Baby) Joe McDonald and Blair Hardman
Strange Land Vietnam Bill Kernoczy and Terry Nolan
There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Dave Dudley
Time to Lay it Down Michael J. Martin and Tim Holiday
Two Weary Warriors Michael J. Martin and Tim Holiday
Vietnam Blues Sarge Lintecum
The Vietnam Experience Joe McDonald
Vietnam, the Soldiers' Story Virginia L. Hambrick
The Walking Wounded Pollock, Pollock and Gibbs
War-War-War Joe McDonald
We Say No to Your War! The Covered Wagon Musicians
Impressions of a Skytrooper Bill Ellis

Jim Walktendonk, cassette:
Jim W guitar and vocals; John Lindquist trombone on Claymore Polka; Frank Chandek harmonica and harmoniphone, engineered by Doug Erickson at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisc. all words and music by Jim Walktendonk copyright 1985, Jim Walktendonk POBox 3472, Madison, WI 53704

Side A
1 To Be a Singing Sailor
2 Hill 6-0
3 Arlington's Gate
4 Hurting More
5 Claymore Polka

Side B
1 Oh Say Can You See
2 Hiroshima
3 That's All That He Knows
4 Locket Lady
5 Starlite Crystal Fantasy


Side A
1 Just The Dream Of Them All Alive (J Walktendonk)
2 The Ballad Of Norman Wilson (J Walktendonk)
3 The Ballad Of Don Liston (J Walktendonk)
4 The Agent Orange Song (Muriel Hogan)
5 The Claymore Polka (J Walktendonk)
6 Luang Pro Bang (Dave Van Ronk)
7 Hot To The Touch (J Walktendonk)

Side B
1 Red White And Blind (J Walktendonk)
2 Cold Knuckle Sandwich (J Walktendonk)
3 The Ballad Of Elroy Schultz (J Walktendonk)
4 Vets Pimp (J Walktendonk)
5 Certified Half Crazy (J Walktendonk)
6 How The Rich Man Rides (J Waltendonk)

Recorded at Randy's Recording, Cottage Grove, WI. Produced by Jim Walktendonk and Randy Green. Cover Artwork by Robert Hanson Delaunoix.For cassettes, music book or bookings write to: Boonie Tunes, c/o Jim Walktendonk, POBOX 3472 Madison WI 53704

R & R
Jim Walktendonk, casssette:
produced by Jim Wachtendonk and Randy Green. A Booney Tunes Production copyright and registration 1994. All songs written by Jim Wachtendonk except for "Starlit Crystal Fantasy" written by Jim Wachtendonk and Bob Wilson. Cover art of Montagnard tribal markings designed by Jim Wachtendonk with appreciated computer assisted layout by Jim Botts.Special thanks to Bob Speth for fronting me bucks for the mix. Recorded at Randy's Recording, Cottage Grove, WI 53527. Also available on cassette by Jim Walktendonk are INCOMING; ON THE MEND; RED, WHITE AND BLIND and GEMINI AND I. For gigs, cassettes, music book, or info write to Booney tunes c/o Jim Wachtendonk, POBox 3472 Madison, WI 53704

Side A
1 It All Made Sense, Jim W guitar and vocals, Tony Castafieda bongos, David Fass bass3:25
2 R & R, Jim W guitar and vocals, Tom Waselchuk pedal steel guitar, David Faas bass 4:55
3 Barbed Wire Strung with Pearls, Jim W guitar and vocals, Tony
Castafieda conga, Tom Waselchuk electric guitar, David Fass 5:15
4 Three Wishes, Jim W guitar and vocals, Tony Castefieda conga, Gloria Hays hammer dulcimer, Bobby Westfall acousitic lead, David Faas bass 3:50
5 Shades My Psyche Won't Forget, Jim W guitar 5:05
6 The Hep Cats Show/Aztec Hip Hop Grunge Rap, Jim Wachtendonk vocals, David Faas bass 5:00

Side B
1 Starlit Crystal Fantasy, Jim W guitar and vocals, Andrea Samarrai harmonizing vocals, Tom Waselchuk electric guitar, David Faas bass 5:02
2 Locket Lady, Jim W guitar and vocals, Gloria Hays hammer dulcimer, Bobby Westfall acoustic lead, David Faas bass 3:20
3 Kalimba, Jim W kalimba, Tony Castafieda percussion 3:56
4 When Their Great Grandaddy Spoke in Rhymes, Jim Wachtendonk guitar and vocals, Tom Waselchuk pedal steel guitar, Bobby Westfall violin, David Faas bass 3:0-7
5 Words Said, Jim Wachtendonk guitar and vocals, David Faas bass, Tom Waselchuck electric guitars, pedal steel guitar 4:44
6 Our City Sittin' Pretty, (song contest entry for Mad City Anthem), Jim W guitar and vocals, Jim Valenza Stratocaster Electric Lead 4:27
7 R & R (Instrumental), Jim W guitar, Tom Waselchuk pedal steel guitar, David Faas bass 4:55

Jim Wachtendonk
© 1988

Tom Waselchuk - Acoustic Lead
Paul Black - Slide guitar
Kathy Downs - Sings harmony on 3 Faces & Soul Mates
Niki & Peter Engel, Bill Jo Maynard, Emily & Heather Botts, Bill Carey, Ree & Zak Wachtendonk sing The War Toy Song
Robert Hanson Delaunoix - Cover Art Randy Green - Engineer and co-producer Greg Anderson - Inside Cover Photo Jim Wachtendonk - Guitar and Vocals

Side ASide B
Below The SurfaceDreaming
3 FacesSoldier in The War
Sweet SuzzieNamese Nervousness
Soul MatesHomeless Tonight
No Further DelaysAs I Look For Americas Heart/
War Toy SongKids Song
CadenceNam Blues Boogie

Jim Wachtendonk
© 1991

Jim Wachtendonk - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Black - Dobro & Hawaiian Guitar
Chris Powers - Mandolin
Mel Ford - Acoustic Lead
Tony Castaneda - Conga
Kelly DeHaven - Harmony on 'One Woman One Man'
Rich Larson - Drums
Thomas Mattioil - Vibes
Diane Perris - Bass on 'Check Your Attitude at The Door'
Bill Powell - Bass
Greg Smith - Clarinet and Sax
John Beaudin - Chippewa Singer and Drummer on 'Since We've Risen From The Muck
Joe Thundercloud - Winnebago Singer and Drummer on 'Since We've Risen From The Muck

Side ASide B
Gemeni and I
One Woman One Man
Minio's MirrorSince We've Risen From The Muck
Funky MeMom Let Go
The D.J. Known As SlySong For Desert Storm
Shining StarAppart From The Fools and Fray
Of You and MeHalf Observer, Half Grenade
So Say II'm All Nam'd Out
The Ideal Bar
Check Your Attitude At The Door

Jim Wachtendonk
© 1997

Jim Wachtendonk - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Black - Slide Blues Guitar
Tom Waselchuk - Pedal Steel Guitar & Electric Guitar
Tony Castaneda - Rhythm
Brian Scwellinger - Acoustic Lead
Mel Ford - Acoustic Lead
Orlando Cabrera - Percussion
Kathy Downs - Harmony
David Faas - Bass

Side ASide B
Just The Dream of Them All AliveCadence
Soldier In The WarAll Nam'd Out
Hill 6-0Song For Desert Storm
Nam Blues BoogieOh Say Can You See
Soul MatesMom Let Go
R & RThe Luang Pro Bang
Shades My Psyche Won't ForgetHot to The Touch
Cold Knuckle SandwichI Guess That's All I've Got to Say
Hurting More
Claymore Polka

Jim Wechtendonk's albums are available through his web site,
Booney Tunes On Line.

Michael J Martin and Tim Holiday, CD

1 Last Patrol Cadence
2 Red, White, and Blue
3 Smitty's Blues
4 One More Day
5 How Far Can You Go For A Friend
6 Blowin' In The Wind/Four Ways To Go
7 Lord Knows I'm A Sinner
8 Who's Gonna Fight The Fight When The Last Warrior Is Gone
9 I Didn't Go To 'Nam But I Do Give A Damn
10 Time To Lay It Down
11 We Knew The Lord Was With Us ...As We Passed The Calverts 'Round
12 Freedom Train
13 Lord, Be With Me
14 Amazing Grace

Michael J Martin and Tim Holiday, cassette:
Recorded Live by Omega Audio 12-13-86 Dallas, TX Introduction by"Bomber" John Bomer "The Last Patrol", copyright 1986 by MJM-TH, Martin and Holiday, POBox 1639, Texarkana, Texas 75504

Side A
1 When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home, trad.
2 The Last Firebase, ( M and H)
3 The Three of Us, (M and H)
4 Who Are The Names On The Wall?, (M and H)
5 Suitcase Full of Secrets, (M and H)
6 I Ain't Here Alone, (Martin)
7 Comin' Home, (Martin)
8 Hooker With A Purple Heart, (Martin and B Carroll)

Side B
1 Fat Get Fatter And The Poor Get Lean, (Martin)
2 Livin' On The Razor's Edge, (Martin)
3 Bleary Eyed And Blown Away, (M and H)
4 Bug, Martin and "Sleepy" (John Barker)
5 Border Affair, (L. Clayton)
6 People Are Talkin', (M Newbury)
7 Another Day In Hell, (Martin)
8 Walkin' Man, (Martin)
9 Lookin' For The Light, Trying To Find The Fire, (M and H)
10 Will The Circle Be Unbroken?, (A C Carter)
11 America The Beautiful, Trad

Michael J. Martin Tim Holiday. 45 RPM single

Side A: Who Are The Names On The Wall? ( Martin and Holiday)
Side B: I Ain't Here Alone! (Michael J. Martin)

Yorkshire Music Co. BMI, produced by Paul Chistensen, Tim Holiday and Michael J Martin, many musicians. Recorded and mixed at Omega Audio, 8036 Aviation Place Box 71, Dallas Texas 75235, 214-350-9066, engineer Marvin Halavenks, Michael J Martin 6122 Velasco Dallas, TX 752143

Michael J Martin, all songs Copyright by Michael J Martin 1979-1991 except Star Spangled Banner and Seems Like A Long Time. POBox 24667, Ft Worth Texas 76124


Side 1
1 Star Spangled Banner
2 Mama Mia/Whippoorwill
3 Ol' Lonesome Highway
4 You Can't Keep That Ol' Sun Down
5 Back On The Rezz
6 Let Me Feel Your Wings
7 The Eagle Has Landed

Side 2
1 Oil Stained Ol' Banner
2 We Got Gouged...We Got Screwed
3 Tornado Alley
4 The Next Wall
5 Waiting Families
6 Seems Like A Long Time
7 Lord, Be With Me
8 Lookin' For The Light

all songs copyright 1973 by Bill and Peter Homans, MERRY AIRBRAKES circle p, Push Country Productions, produced and engineered by Ray Essler, executive producer Joe Saia, engineering assistance: Bob O'Connell, Joe Aleo, John Mears, thna fish inspiration by Al's Sub Shop. original front cover design by Jim Lewis, hand lettering by Richard Phillips (silk screened cover)

Side One
1 Vigilante Man 3:34 (Woody Guthrie)
2 Frog Song 3:19 (Peter Homans)
3 The Bearded Man 3:54 (Bill Homans)
4 Quang Tri City 2:22 (Bill Homans)
5 Even Those Among Us 4:37 (Bill Homans)

Side Two
1 Draft Board Blues 5:30 (Bill Homans)
2 Three Hearts 3:55 (Bill Homans)
3 A Happy song For Hanoi 1:31 (Bill Homans)
4 Preacher Song 4:22 (Bill Homans)
5 Tribute To Frankie 0:20 (Peter Homans)

Bill Homans slide guitar, harmonica and vocals; Bert Carey bass, Ray Essler drums, Bob O'Connell guitar, Peter Homans guitar, Dill Heilingmann percussion, Ted La Bombard lead guitar and organ, Bert Carey bass, Ken Warner piano, Lindley Goolrich vocal.

There are notes on an insert nothing on the back of LP cover. From notes: "It's three years it will be 1976. This album of music, conceived and recorded during the months between the 1972 Presidential election and the full-flowering of the Watergate disclosures..."

and "This is probably the only album you will ever hear by a Vietnam veteran...."and there are more notes.

SSgt Barry Sadler, U.S.Army Special Forces.
LP RCA Victor LPM-3547 Arranged and Conducted by Side Bass Produced by Andy Wiswell, 1966

Side 1
1 The Ballad Of The Green Berets 2:26
2 I'm A Lucky One 2:52
3 Letter From Vietnam 2:29
4 Badge Of Courage 2:30
5 Saigon 2:27
6 Salute To The Nurses 2:20

Side 2
1 I'm Watching The Raindrops Fall 2:08
2 Garet Trooper 2:35
3 The Soldier Has Come Home 2:50
4 Lullaby 2:30
5 Trooper's Lament 3:10
6 Bamiba 2:30

There are notes on the back by Arnold Falleder, Contributor, Saturday Review. This is the only music produced with the blessing and support of the US Military as far as I know during the Vietnam War Era. SSgt Barry Sadler was active military at the time and a medical NonCommissioned Officer on duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with the Green Berets, Special Forces at the time of the recording.

Rick Duvall, produced by Rick Duvall, recorded and mixed by Phil Hirsch at Hacienda Recording Studio, 244 S A St, Santa Rosa CA 95401. Cover photo by Jane J Oliver. Snare drum on Combat Assault by Seann Zales. Duvall Productions, POBox 2012, Guerneville, CA 95446, (707 865-1539

cassette DO-RD-02:
Side A
1 Combat Assault 2:45 (R Duvall)
2 What Kind Of Men 3:35 (R Duvall)
3 Sgt Willie 4:08 (R Duvall)
4 Johnny Rambo 3:08 (Joe McDonald)
5 Missing 2:25 (Brad Smith)
6 True, True Love 4:07 (R Duvall)

Side B
1 Back To The Block 2:30 (Chip Duvall)
2 Same Old Story 3:50 (R Duvall)
3 G.I. Bill 3:15 (R Duvall)
4 Say Pure, Stay Gold 4:18 (Doc Knapp)
5 Beneath The Pride 4:50 (R Duvall)

copyright 1985. c/o Hacienda International Media, POBox 632, Forestville, CA 95436.

cassette HIM-RD-O1:
Side A
1 Outskirts Of Town
2 Into My Dreams
3 Rainbow Gates
4 Crazy For Lovin Me
5 The Turnaround

Side B
1 Arms Of Love
2 Crocks Of Gold
3 Is It Any Wonder
4 It Is Me
5 Airport Express

all songs and poems written by Sarge Lintecum except Five Down which was written by Clarke Rigsby, recorded at Tempest Recording Studio, Tempe, Arizona. Produced by Clarke Rigsby, mixed and edited digitally by Clarke Rigby.features many musicians drums, bass, guitar, harmonica, organ. For other Sarge products, cassettes, T-shirts, or poetry: Mr and Mrs Sarge Enterprises POBox 25421 Tempe, AZ 85285-5421. Copyright 1991 by Sarge Lintecum

Side A
1 The Vietnam Blues (poem) 1:56
2 This Shirt Of Mine 3:36
3 Into The Fire From The Fryin' Pan 2:48
4 Time Bomb In My Mind 3:39
5 Oh Shit 3:01
6 Sister Soldier 3:42
7 Veterans Wife (poem) 1:13

Side B
1 Combat Fatigue 2:30
2 It Don't Mean Nothin'
3 Five Down 5:30
4 Saturday Morning Cartoons 3:30
5 Reunion At The Wall 5:05
6 Welcome Home (poem) 1:13

Visit Sarge's Jungle.

Britt Small & Festival, recorded live at MAX STOUT RECORDING STUDIOS, Skidmore Missouri, August 1987, Britt Small Executive Producer, Mark Reinig Producer Mixdown, Maurice Wetzel engineer, Carla Mitchell, engineer, Max Stout Records 1987. Large band with keyboards, guitars, drums and horns: Stan Funston, John Hafner, Curt Pottratz, Russ Wetzel, Dann Hohn, Linda Waba, Britt Small, Becky Reinig, Mark Reinig,Les Wetzel, Don Struve, Ray Roth. copyright 1987 FESTIVAL and MAX STOUT RECORDS and FESTIVAL FAMILY ENT. LTD. FESTIVAL FAMILY ENTERPRISES LIMITED, Box 87, Skidmore, Missouri, tel. 816-928-3631

Side 1
1 Combat Themes
2 Come On In (Giles/Green)
3 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (B Scott/B Russell)
4 Captured Eagles (M Bartlett./R Roth)
5 Waiting For An Army To Die (R Roth/D Small/B Small)
6 Angel Flying To Close To The Ground (W Nelson)

Side 2
1 Old Hippie (D Bellamy)
2 MIA (C Daniels/T Crain/J DiGregorio/C Hayward/S Edward)
3 Didn't Go To 'Nam But I Do Give A Damn (M Martin)
4 America Called (E Strange/C Gaddis)
5 Goodnight Saigon (B Joel)
6 Brothers In The Night (R Kennedy/K Dukes/D Ritz

Greg Gumbel, produced by Greg Gumbel and Stu Cook at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, engineered by Mike Herbick and Harn Soper, mastered by George Horn. rock band line up drums, guitar bass. copyright 1984 by Greg Gumbel, Gregumble Music(ASCAP) Meticulous Records, Inc POBox 40202, Berkeley CA 94704 tel.510-548-3817

Side 1
1 Freighter From Mars
2 Blue Of Capricorn
3 Tell Me Again
4 BBQ Side
5 Dragon In The Mountain

Side 2
1 Sea Fever
2 Snow Song
3 Angry Tears
4 Dancin'
5 Wait For The Wind

Greg Gumbel with Stu Cook. Songs written, performed and produced by Mr Greg Gumbel with Stu Cook on bass. side two dedicated to Jame B Gordon. Recorded and mixed at home, 4-track mastered by George Horn at Fantasy copyright 1988 by Greg Gumbel. Meticulous Records, Inc. POBox 40202 Berkeley California 94704

Single 45 RPM
Side 1
1 All Day Every Day 4:01 (G Gumbel)

Side 2
1 Landmark 5:37 (G Gumbel)

songs written and sung by the "Covered Wagon" (GI Coffee House outside Mountain Home Air Force Base Idaho USA) active duty Air Force people: A1C John Carson, A1C Dave Davis, Sgt Tom Derreck, Sgt Patrick Henry, A1C George Herkert,A1C Al Kramer, A1C Joe Massaro, Carolyn Mugar, Vic Pacania, Airman PennyRand, A1C Jim Schaffer, A1C Tom Spaulding. Recorded at the Covered Wagon, mixing and re-engineering by Jonathan Thayer, A-1 Sound Studio, Booklet (included) edited by Barbara Dane, Photographs by Carolyn Mugarand Covered Wagon, booklet production by Collective Graphics Workshop, printing by Faculty Press, production supervised by Barbara Dane. PARADON (records) P-1015. Booklet insert includes lyrics and history of Covered Wagon GI Coffee House.

Side 1
1 Mathematics (spoken) 0:50 (Jim Shaffer)
2 Silver Bird 3:38 (Jim Schaffer and Mark Lane)
3 Phantom Jets Are Coming 2:00 (Jim Schaffer)
4 The Rodeway Nine 6:28 (Mark Lane and Jim Shaffer
5 Spring Conscience 3:50 (Jim Schaffer)
6 Mathematics (sung) 3:42 (Jim Shaffer)
7 Children Of The Delta 4:18 (Jim Schaffer)

Side 2
1 We Say No To Your War 3:02 (Mark Lane/Jim Schaffer/George Herkert)
2 The People's Thank You 2:37 (Jim Schaffer)
3 My Pledge, My Vow 2:47 (Penny Rand/Jim Schaffer
4 Rattlesnake Junction 3:37 (Dave Davis)
5 Bring Our Brothers Home 1:30 (George Herkert)
6 Napalm Sticks To Kids 4:14 (collectively written by Air Force and Army
GIs attached to the 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam)

most musicians and writers are Vietnam veterans, copyright 1985 by Stev Manteiv, 648 West Prentis St, Detroit, Michigan 48201, tel 313-831-5554, or Old Miami Bar. Tim Sparling piano, synth; Marcus Belgrave horns; Dan Reynolds vocals, Vanilla Williams vocals; Johnny Maxwell guitar and vocals; Dave Opatik bass; Dave Chambers drums; DrewAbbott guitar; Rob Tyner harmonica, flutes, vocals, dulcimer, electricautoharp.

Side 1
1 Sunrise (intro to Nam) 0:50 (Tim Sparling)
2 Pretty Place 5:24 (Maxwell, Reynolds, Gannia)
3 Lonesome Road 4:46 (Reynolds)
4 Brian 3:40 (Tyner, Lucas)
5 Home To Stay 4:44 (Maxwell, Gannia, Reynolds)

1 Hot L.Z. (Thorazine Shuffle) 2:54 (Gannia)
2 Prison Blues 3:20 (Henderson, Maxwell)
3 Ode To Roy Kenny 3:54 (Maxwell, Montour)
4 P.O.W. 3:55 (Tyner, Williams)
5 Survival 3:35 (Maxwell, Gannia, Reynolds, Stesiak)

Joe McDonald (guitar and vocals) Blair Hardman(guitar and vocals) recorded at Custom Fidelity Co. Inc. 7925 Santa Monica Blvd/Hollywood, Calif 900046. recorded in summer of 1965 by Blair Hardman and Joe McDonald 10 copies made. Re-pressed in 1967(?) 200 copies. Commercial pressing in 1970's(?)under title THE EARLY YEARS then recalled and destroyed.

Side 1
1 I'm So Glad (McDonald)
2 Hattie Carrol (Dylan)
3 Some Jammed Blues (McDonald/Hardman)
4 He's A Peaceful Man (Hardman)

Side 2
1 Tell Me Where You're Going (McDonald)
2 Dark Clouds (McDonald)
3 Soldier's Lament (McDonald)
4 My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove (T Paxton)
5 There Was An Old Woman Who Had A Little Pig (trad)
6 Goodbye Blues (McDonald)

Volume 1, Issue A, October1965, contains a 7 inch LP (33 1/3) record. side 1 personnel: Carl Schrager washboard and kazoo; Bill Steele bass and washtub bass; Barry Milton sic (Melton) guitar acc and electric; Joe McDonald guitar and harmonica and vocals; Mike Beardslee harmony vocal. side2 vocal and guitar Pete Krug. copyright 1965 by Tradition Music.

7" EP (33 1/3 RPM) in 71/2 by 10 inch manila printed envelope with inserted lyric and music sheets (3 pages) for songs.

Side 1
1 The I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag (McDonald)
2 Superbird (McDonald)

Side 2
1 Fire In The City (Pete Krug)
2 Johnny's Gone In The War (Pete Krug)

cover design by Jane Fonda. RAG BABY #3 recorded at Funky Features in San Francisco July 1971. Jack Lahey engineer, Anna Rizzo vocal, Greg Dewey drums, Richard Sussman piano, Vic Smith electric guitar.All songs copyright 1971 by MY MUSIC CO.

Side 1
1 Kiss My Ass (McDonald)
2 Tricky Dicky (McDonald)

Side 2
1 Free Someday! (McDonald)

Composed by Country Joe McDonald from the poems of Robert W. Service. music copyright by Joe McDonald Music Corp., BMI 1971. Produced by Country Joe McDonald, recorded at Vanguard23rd Street Studio, New York, engineered by Jeff Zaraya, cover produced by Robin Menken, cover by Thut-Wainwright, San Francisco, California.Note: all songs about WWI except The March Of The Dead which is about The Boer War.

LP Vanguard VSD-79315
Side 1
Part One
1 Forward 4:39
2 The Call 2:35
3 Young Fellow, My Lad 3:47
4 The Man From Aphabaska sic (Athabasca)

Side 2
Part Two
1 The Munition Maker 4:22
2 The Twins 1:53
3 Jean Despres 9:48

Part Three
4 War Widow 2:02
5 The March Of The Dead 6:27

Produced by Country Joe McDonald lots of musicians, all songs copyright Alkatraz Corner Music Co. BMI words and music except "The Agent Orange Song" words and music by Muriel Hogan. RAG BABY RECORDS issued under license to LINE MUSIC GMBH Germany 1986. LP set (two discs)

Face A
1 I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag
2 Foreign Policy Blues
3 Agent Orange Song
4 The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse)

Face B
1 Secret Agent
2 Viet Nam Veteran Still Alive
3 Viet Nam Never Again
4 Mourning Blues
5 Welcome Home

Face C
Viet Nam Requiem (instrumental)
Part I: The Beginning

Face D
Viet Nam Requiem (instrumental continued)
Part II: The End

FLYING FISH FF90552, recorded at Studiomedia, Evanston, Illinois, by Benji Kanters except track 24 recorded at Old Town School of Folk Music by Ealing Audio, engineered by Judson Fair, Produced by Bruce Kaplan, design by Martha Martin, notes by Lydia Fish. This album is part of an ongoing undertaking by the Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project to collect, preserve and make more widely known the folksongs of the Vietnam War. A booklet containing the tests of the songs in the album, with extended notes on the songs and a bibliography, can be ordered from the Project. Please send $3.00 to cover postage and handling. The Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project, Dr. Lydia Fish, Director, Department of Anthropology Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, tel 716-883-1843. copyright 19912 Flying Fish Records, Inc. 1304 W. Shubert , Chicago, IL 60614.

Performers and writers: Saul Broudy, Chip Dockery, James Patterson"Bull" Durham, Bill Ellis, Tody Hughes, Dick Jonas, Chuck Rosenberg, Tom Price, Robin Thomas, Lisa Ellis, Sherry Hughes, Kathy Jonas.

Side A
1 Green T-Shirt Blues 1:43 (Saul Broudy)
2 Grunt 2:49 (Bill Ellis)
3 Six Clicks 2:16 (Chuck Rosenberg)
4 Saigon Warrior 3:16 (Saul Broudy, Robin)
5 First Cav 2:48 (Bill Ellis)
6 Ho Chi Minh Trail 3:05 (Toby Hughes, Saul, Chuck, Robin)
7 The Panther Pack is Prowling: Ling Po Drove the Truck Away 1:53 (Chip
8 King of the Trail 1:40 (Chip Dockery)
9 Tchepone 4:12 (Toby Hughes, Chuck, Robin)
10 Sitting in the CAb of My Truck 2:17 (Chip Dockery)
11 Ba Muoi Ba 1:52 (Chuck Rosenberg, Bill)
12 Pull the Boom From the Gas Hole 3:01 (Dick Jonas, Chuck, Robin)
13 Jolly Green 2:00 (Bull Durham, Sul, Robin, Tom)
14 Cobra Seven 3:29 (Toby Hughes, Saul, Chuck, Tom, Robin)
15 Green Beret and Friendly FAC 4:34 (Chuck Rosenberg, Tom, Robin)

Side B
16 Firefight 2:34 (Bill Ellis)
17 Will There Be A Tomorrow? 3:36 (Dick Jonas, Bill, Chuck, Robin, Lisa,
Sherry, Kathy)
18 I've Been Everywhere 1:55 (Chip Dockery)
19 Here I Sit 1:16 (Saul Broudy)
20 Danang Lullaby 2:49 (Bull Durham, Saul, Tom Robin)
21 Fighter Pilot's Christmas 2:55 (Dick Jonas, Saul, Chuck, Robin)
22 Chu Yen 2:21 Saul Broudy, Tom, Robin)
23 Boonie Rat Song 3:40 (Chuck Rosenberg)
24 Battle Hymn of the River Rats 2:34 (Dick Jonas)
25 Crack Went the Rifle 3:39 (Bull Durham, Saul, Tom, Robin)
26 Freedom Bird 3:14 (Bill Ellis)
27 Played Around and Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long 3:30 (Chuck
Rosenberg, Saul Broudy, Bull Durham)

Michael McCann, copyright 1997 McCann
Folk/celtic music. Musicians: Mike McCann, Kinny Landrum, Pat Kilbride, Lisa Gutkin, Jerry O'Sullivan, John Whelan, Peter McCann. Produced by John Whelan, recorded at Electrical Fire Music Tarrytown, NY. For information and bookings: Soldiers' Songs PO Box 2927, New Haven, CT 06515. web page, e mail:, tel 203-397-8387.

Description: A unique mixture of history and song by combat veteran Mike McCann, this collection covers songs from World Wars I & II, Vietnam, the American and Irish civil wars, the British African Wars and a few Irish rebellions. The CDE insert contains well-researched background on the songs, placing each in it historical context, making the lyrics come alive. The album was produced by John Whelan, the 7-time All-Ireland accordion champion and recording artist, and features uilleann piper Jerry O'Sullivan, guitarist Pat Kilbride, pianist Kinny Landrum, violinist Lisa Gutkin and John on accordion.

CD: MM-001-2

1 Christmas in the Trenches (WWI) (John McCutcheon)
2 We Danced to an Old Fashioned Tune (2nd Boer War) (Johnny McEvoy)
3 The Wall (Vietnam War) (Tim Murphy)
4 The D-Day Dodgers (WWII) (Leip/Schultz/Connor)
5 Michael (Irish Civil War) (Johnny McEvoy)
6 And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (WWI) (Eric Bogle)
7 Lorena (American Civil War) (J P Webster/H DeLayfetter Webster)
8 The Rocks of Bawn (Irish Rebellion) (trad)
9 The Rose of No Man's Land (WWI) (J Caddigan/J Brennan)
10 The Green Fields of France (WWI) (Eric Bogle)
11 The Minstrel Boy (Irish Rebellions) (trad)
12 Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (American Civil War) (trad)
13 The Soldier's Song /The Irish National Anthem (Peadar Kearney/Patrick

Larry Barkmeyer
20 YEARS OF TEARS portrays the life of a combat veteran throughout the war and the years that followed. This musical journey is an honest look into the struggles, stress and emotional scars left from the Vietnam experience. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder plagues the lives of thousands of war vets and their families in this country and the world abroad. My desire is to bring some healing for those that are still suffering, understanding for those with questions, and an avenue of expression for those who have not been able to convey their feelings or tell their story. Larry Barkemeyer, Vietnam 1970-71. Musicians: Larry Barkemeyer, Paul Hobbs, Jeff Boyle, Chris Walters, Bob Crow, Greg Buller, John Hobbs, Mark Hazzard , Michael Tracey, Jim Reinking, Phil Thomas, Sue Hobbs, Linda Dockery. All songs written and arranged by Larry Barkemeyer. Recorde and mixed at Woodshed Recoding Studio, LDB Productions, Bark Moss Enterprises, Inc. PO Box 505, Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424. Copyright 1997

Side One
1 twenty years of tears
2 one heartbeat at a time
3 six feet below
4 ghost of my youth
5 you know where you belong
6 where my dreams are from
7 ground attack

Side Two
8 borderline
9 when it rains, i get the blues
10 all angels aren't in heaven
11 life of a soldier
12 the silent war
13 time passed on
14 the boy i used to know
15 life goes on changing

This collection of songs is dedicated to the men and women who served in Southest Asia during the Vietnam War, and to their families, many of whom continue to struggle with the after-effects of an unpopular war. Produced by Jack Mullins.
Musicians: Virginia, Bobby and Rhonda Lee, Bill Craft, Jackie Jean and members of Vet Center 226 on harmony vocals, Bobby Lee, Bobby Smith guitars, Aubrey Hilton and David Ferguson keyboards, Mike CAlloway, Joey McCray, Mike Sweeney steel guitar, Rick Mullins drums, Chuck Crush bass, Bobby Smith harmonica. All songs written by Virgina L Hambrick (BMI)
Copyright 1986. Information and bookings: Jack Mullins, Pres of JRM
Records, PO Box 993, Salem, VA 24153, tel 703-387-0208. JRM RECORDS

LP picture disc with picture of the three soldiers statue from the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial site

Side One
1. Soldier's Story
2 I Should Have Been In Tokyo
3 Agent Orange Blues
4 Heroes Without Names
5 Angel In Green

Side Two
1 I'm Certified
2 The Power Of The Jungle
3 By Heart
4 From A Cross To A Star
5 Let's Hear It For The Grunt

A compilation concieved and compiled by Roy Carr and Bob Fisher. Copyright 1988 NME. Lots of notes for every song.


Side One
1. I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die, performed by Country Joe and The Fish
2 Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, performed by Kenny Rogers & The
First Edition
3 Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues, performed by Tom Paxton
4 I'm Gonna Help Hurry My Brothers Home, performed by Jimmy Holiday
5 The Ballad of the Green Baret, performed by Staff Sgt Barry Sadler
6 The Universal Coward, performed by Jan Berry
7 Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone, performed by Johnny Taylor
8 Sky Pilot, performed by Eric Burdon & The Animals

Side Two
1 Marching Off To War, performed by William Bell
2 I Ain't Marchin' Anymore, performed by Phil Ochs
3 Vietnam Blues Pts 1 & 2, performed by Lightnin' Hopkins
4 V C Blues, performed by Allen Orange
5 An Open Letter To My Teenage Son, performed by Victor Lundberg
6 Battle Hymn Of Lt Calley, performed by Terry Nelson & 'C' Company
7 Letter From Vietnam (Dear Donna), performed by The Eligants with Vito
8 Okie From Muskogee, performed by Merle Haggard
9 I Believe I'm Gonna Make It, Joe Tex

Fossil 288. Joel Morbus, P.O. Box 306, Portege, MI 49081.

1. The Only Way Out
2. Duct Tape Blues
3. Touch A Name On The Wall
4. The Naked Truth
5. Thom Paine's Dream
6. Hitler Was A Vegetarian
7. Shiny On The Outside
8. Ain't America Beautiful
9. Testing 1...2...3...
10. The Water's Wide
11. Swing That Thing

Produced by Paul Hardcastle, copyright 1985 Chrysalis Records Inc. Also available on 19 minute cassette with bonus version. management Simon Fuller

LP 4V9 42875

1 19 (extended version)

1 19 (destruction mix)
2 The Asylum (It'z Weird)

Lyrics and stories were written by Samuel Pollock, a Vietnam Silver Star recipient, and reflect his personal experiences. Music is by Geff Pollock and Gay Gibbs. Every album includes a booklet with the lyrics, a story, and a photograph to go along with each song. © Hy-Country Productions, All Rights Reserved

1. What Have You Done to Me
2. Walking in His Shoes
3. Legacy*
4. Once Upon a Time
5. Angel of Jericho*
6. More than Names on the Wall
7. Arlington*
8. Dear John
9. All the King's Men
10. Expendable*
11. Point Man
* Indicates Sound Clip is Included

2 Cassette Set
Lyrics and stories were written by Samuel Pollock, a Vietnam Silver Star recipient, and reflect his personal experiences. Music is by Geff Pollock and Gay Gibbs. Album includes a booklet with the lyrics to all songs and the text of all stories. Also included in the booklet are the following by Sam Pollock: "The Longest Patrol: A Story To Help Understand PTSD" and "Why Vietnam Was Different: An Essay". © Hy-Country Productions, All Rights Reserved

Healing, Cassette 1:
1. The Best of America
2. America Means I'm Free
3. Honor Locked in Stone
4. Remembering Honor
5. Don't Play Taps Over Me

Duty Honor Country, Vietnam the Untold Story, Cassette 2:
1. Flags
2. They Took a Part of Me
3. Duty, Honor, Country
4. I Hope You Know I Love You
5. They Were Brothers
6. Did I Miss the War?
7. The Unknown Battle
8. Skid Row Vet
9. The Proving Ground
10. Peace

Bill Kernoczy and Terry Nolan

1. Strange Land Vietnam
2. This is Home
3. 707 to Hell
4. The Patrol
5. Don't Play Taps Over Me
6. Firefight
7. Johnny
8. Saigon
9. Miss You
10. Almond Eyed Beauty
11. Goin Home
12. Is This the Way?
13. Celluloid Soldiers
14. As Far As I Can See

The Lonesome Valley Singers
Diplomat Records

Ballad of the Green Berets
The Young Soldiers
Special Forces
The U.S. Rangers
Sam from Vietnam
Whirlybird Crew
The Men in Green Fatigues
I'll Say Goodbye to Vietnam
The Fighting 101st

The Lonesome Valley Singers
Diplomat 2376

Hello Vietnam
Jungle War
Why Doesn't Someone Write to Me
What We're Fighting For
Tell the Folks I Miss 'Em
I'm Just a Lonesome Soldier
It's Got to Be Done
Don't Worry, Just Pray
It's All Worth Fighting For
Goodbye Curly Head

Autry Inman
ERIC #BN 26428 (LP)

1 Stand Up For America
2 Private John Q
3 Skip a Rope
4 Ain't I Right
5 Ballad of Two Brothers
6 Ballad of the Green Berets
7 Who Am I?
8 Universal Soldier
9 Must We Fight Two Wars
10 There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
11 Vietnam Blues

Roger Dewey
Design Records DLP-250 (LP)

1 Ballad of the Green Berets
2 When This Cruel War is Over
3 The U.S.A.
4 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
5 L.B.J. and Liberty
6 The Truth is Marching On
7 Fight No More
8 Over in Vietnam
9 Ain't Gonna Study ar No More
10 Our Boys Will Shine

Dave Dudley
Mercury MG 21057/SR 61057 (LP)

1 What We're Fighting For
2 Geisha Girl
3 Soldier's Last Letter
4 Each Night at Nine
5 Hello Viet Nam (Johnny Wright song)
6 Lili Marlene
7 There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
8 Fraulein
9 At Mail Call Today
10 Viet Nam Blues
11 Then I'll Come Home Again
12 Filipino Baby

Rhino R2 71645 (CD)

1 God Bless America Again (Bobby Bare)
2 Vietnam Blues )Dave Dudley)
3 It's America (Love It Or Leave It) (Ernest Tubb)
4 God Must Have Blessed America (Glen Campbell)
5 The Minute Men (Are Turning In Their Grave) (Stonewall Jackson)
6 Ballad of Two Brothers (Autry Inman)
7 Americans (A Canadian's Opinion) (Tex Ritter)
8 Where Have All Our Heroes Gone (Bill Anderson)
9 Don't Give Us A Reason (Hank Williams, Jr.)
10 God Bless The USA Lee Greenwood

The Deputies
Wyncote SW-9139 (LP)

1 Ballad of the Green Beret (Barry Sadler song)
2 Hello Viet Nam (Johnny Wright song)
3 What We Are Fighting For (Dave Dudley song)
4 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
5 Big Bad John
6 Shenandoah
7 Lorena
8 Letter Edged in Black
9 College Life
10 Drummer and the Cook

Paul Lavalle and the Band of America
RCA LSP-3600 (LP)

1 The Ballad of the Green Berets (chorus) (Barry Sadler song)
2 Badge of Courage (Barry Sadler song)
3 The Army goes Rolling Along (instrumental)
4 Bamiba (Barry Sadler song)
5 The U.S. Air Force (instrumental)
6 I Am An American (chorus)
7 The Green Beret (chorus)
8 Salute To The Nurses (chorus) (Barry Sadler song)
9 Anchors Away (instrumental)
10 Saigon (chorus) (Barry Sadler song)
11 The Swingin' Marines (instrumental)
12 People to People (chorus)

Bill Ellis
First Team Productions

7 1/2" EP:
Side 1
1. First Cav
2. Freedom Bird
Side 2
1. Firefight
2. Grunt


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