Country Joe's Place

A Timeline


[This page is under construction.] Here's an outline of my career. Tim Brom and Rien de Waal of Red Baron Productions in Amsterdam compiled the information up through 1981 while working on a biography of me. My daughter Tara is working on filling it in. Michael Selcovitz, Ross Hannan and Corry Arnold contributed additional info. Watch out: in 1982 the dates change from European style to American style. (Older links may have died.)

You might want to check out another show list from Ross Hannan and Corry Arnold. And there's interesting info at the Rockprosopography 101 blog.

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1955 First record: "It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud"
196l Out of the Navy
1964 Release "The Goodbye Blues" (with Blair Hardman)
1965 Move to Berkeley
1965 Berkeley String Quartet
08-1965 Ragbaby 1 (I feel like)
05-11-1965 Perf. Berkeley (Campus), Country Joe and the Fish
06-1966 Ragbaby 2 (Section 45)
21/22/23-10-66 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
30/31-12-66 Perf. Avalon Ballroom


03-01-1967 Start "Life among the Hippies," S.F.Chronicle
14-01-1967 First Human Be-in
3/4-2-67 Perf. Avalon Ballroom
24-2-67 Perf. El Rancho Convention Center, West Sacramento, CA
14/15/16-4-67 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
04-1967 Release "Electric Music"
05-1967 Perf. Fillmore West
19/20/21-5-67 Perf. Avalon Ballroom
10-06-1967 CJ&F enter LP chart
16/17/18-06-1967 Perf. Monterey Pop Festival
14/15-07-1967 Perf. Magic Mushroom, Studio City, California. Grand opening, with Fraternity of Man and Vito and his dancers.
11-1967 Release "I Feel Like"
11/12/13-11-67 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
12-1967 Perf. London (Roundhouse)
28/29-12-67 Perf. Avalon Ballroom
1967 TV Movie "A Day in the Life of Country Joe & the Fish"


26/27/28-1-68 Perf. Avalon Ballroom
02-1968 Perf. London
14-2-68 Perf. Carousel Ballroom, SF. FM broadcast
17-2-68 Perf. Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
22/23-3-1968 Perf. Cheetah Club, Venice, California. With Sweetwater and Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band.
28/29/30-3-68 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
16/17/18-5-68 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
23/24/25-7-68 Perf. Avalon Ballroom
08-1968 Release "Together"
16/17/18-8-68 Perf. Grand Ballroom, Detroit, MI
24-8-68 Perf. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland
24-08-1968 CJM & David Cohen beaten up, North Lake Shore Drive
4-10-68 The Bank, Torrance, CA
14/15/16/17-11-68 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
15-11-1968 Perf. Amsterdam (Concertgebouw)
17-11-1968 Perf. Stockholm (Konserthuset)
19-11-1968 Perf. Göteborg
20-11-1968 Perf. København
21-11-1968 Perf. Lund (Sw.)
11-1968 Perf. New York (Fillmore East)
12/13/14/15-12-68 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
20/21-12-68 Perf. Shrine Auditorium, LA with the Grateful Dead
28/29/30-12-1968 Perf. Miami Pop Festival


9/10/11/12-01-1969 Perf. San Francisco (Fillmore West)
21-02-1969 Perf. Stockholm (Konserthuset)
14-03-1969 Perf. Stockholm (Konserthuset) with Led Zeppelin
16-03-1969 Perf. Copenhagen (Tivolis Koncertsal)
27/30-03-1969 Perfs. London
19/20-4-69 Old Civic Auditorium, Honolulu
05-1969 Perf. Popfestival USA (?)
07-1969 Release "Here We Are Again"
15/16/17/18/19/20-7-69 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
15/16/17-08-1969 Perf. Woodstock Festival
1969 Release "The Belle of Avenue A" (The Fugs)
09-1969 Perf. London (Albert Hall)
1969 Film "Revolution"
1969 Release "Bright Sun is Shining" (Barry Melton)
1969 Film "Stille Dage i Clichy"
9/10/11/12-10-69 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
11-69 Perf. Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, WA.
15-11-69 Perf. Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
04-12-1969 Perf. David Frost TV Show
12-12-69 Perf. Springer's Ballroom, Portland, OR
12-1969 Release "Greatest Hits"
12-1969 Release "Thinking of Woody Guthrie"


19-01-1970 Conspiracy Trial Chicago
12/13/14/15-2-70 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
03-1970 Release "Tonight I'm Singing"
05-1970 Release "CJ Fish"
15-5-70 Perf. Shasta College, Redding, CA
28/29/30/31-5-70 Perf. Fillmore Auditorium
06-1970 Perf. København
06-1970 CJ&F split up
12/13-6-70 Perf. Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
26/27/28-06-1970 Perf. Kralingen (Holland Pop Festival)
30-06-1970 Perf. Bath (U.K.) The Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Music took place at Shepton Mallet on June 26-27 1970. First day was Formerly Fat Harry, Keef Hartley, Maynard Ferguson's Big Band, Fairport Convention, Colosseum, It's A Beautiful Day , Steppenwolf, Johnny Winter and Pink Floyd. On the Sunday, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers did the early-morning shift, followed by Canned Heat, Joe Jammer (who fitted in everywhere when bands failed to show on time), Donovan, Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention, Santana, Flock, Led Zeppelin, Hot Tuna, Country Joe McDonald (solo), Jefferson Airplane, whose act was curtailed by rain, The Byrds, who played an acoustic set in order not to chance electrocution, and Dr John.
07-1970 Release "Woodstock" soundtrack-album
07-1970 Perf. Valbonne (Fr.)
05-08-1970 Perf. Biot (Fr.)
1970 Film "Gas-s-s"
1970 Film "Arrowfeather" (?)
12-09-1970 Perf. Los Angeles (Second Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert, Hollywood Bowl)
09-1970 CJM was refused to play at Bilzen Festival, Belgium
03-10-1970 Perf. Monterey (Big Sur Folk Festival)
10-1970 Release "Quiet Days in Clichy" soundtrack album
13-11-1970 Perf. Toledo, OH, The Dry Mouth Cafe (aka The Firehouse)
13-11-1970 Perf. Toledo, OH St. Mak's Church Cofee House (after hours show)
15-11-1970 Perf. Minneapolis (The Depot)
18-11-1970 Perf. Davis (Freeborn Hall)
20/21-11-1970 Perf. San Francisco (Winterland)
23-11-1970 Perf. Berkeley (UC Medical Center)
06-12-1970 Perf. San Diego (Sports Arena)
09-12-1970 Perf. Willamette University, Oregon


17-02-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Zellerbach Auditorium)
20-02-1971 Perf. Salem, Oregon (Armory Auditorium)
07-03-1971 Perf. Baltimore (University Auditorium)
09-03-1971 Perf. Vancouver (Exhibition Gardens)
10-03-1971 Perf. Bellingham, Washington (Fairhaven College)
11-03-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Pauley Ballroom)
20-03-1971 Perf. Bergen (N.)
23-03-1971 Perf. Wien (Au.) (Konzerthaus)
27-03-1971 Perf. Paris
28-03-1971 Perf. Brussels (Bôzarts)
05-02-1971 Premiere Zachariah
01-04-1971 Release "Hold on It's Coming"
04-1971 Release "Celebration Big Sur Festival 1970"
17-04-1971 Perf. Monroe, Washington (Evergreen State Fair grounds)
24-04-1971 Perf. Washington. D.C. (Peace Rally & Monument's Sylvan Theater)
01-05-1971 Perf. Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)
04-05-1971 Perf. Atlanta (Emory University)
06-05-19'11 Perf. Boston (Music Hall Boston University)
07-05-1971 Perf. Chattanooga, Tenessee (UTC's Maclellan Gymnasium)
08-05-1971 Perf. Lynchburg, Va. (Randolph Macon Women's College)
08-05-1971 Perf. Athens, Ohio (University of Ohio's Convocation Center)
13-05-1971 Perf. Victoria, B.C. (Memorial Arena)
15-05-1971 Perf. Chicago (Phase 2)
26-5-71 Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
03-06-1971 Perf. San Francisco (Friends and Relations Hall)
05-06-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Pauley Ballroom)
12-06-1971 Perf. San Diego (International Sports Arena)
27-06-1971 Perf. New York (Fillmore East)
07-1971 Ragbaby 3 (Kiss my ass)
14-04-1971 Perf. San Fernando (Valley College)
7/8/9/10/11-07-1971 Perf. San Anselmo (Lion's Share)
21/22/23/24-06-1971 Celebration of Life Festival, Louisiana
15-07-1971 Perf. New York (Museum of Modern Art)
01-08-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Provo Park)
14-08-1971 Perf. Boise, Idaho (FTA) (State College)
15-08-1971 Perf. Mountain Home, Idaho (FTA) (Covered Wagon)
27-08-1971 Perf. Roanoke (Salem Roanoke Valley Civic Center)
03-09-1971 Perf. South Shore Lake Tahoe (Calif) (Fun House)
09-1971 Perf. Killeen (FTA) (Oleo Strut)
20-09-1971 Perf. San. Antonio (FTA) (JAM-Factory)
01-10-1971 Perf. Cincinnati (UC's Wilson Auditorium)
29-09-1971 Perf. Morristown, N.J. (County College)
10-1971 Release "War War War"
08-10-1971 Perf. Stanford Ca. (Memorial Auditorium)
25-10-1971 Perf. New York (Hunter College)
11-1971 Release "Life and Times of CJ&F"
05-11-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Community Theatre)
06-11-1971 Perf. San Francisco (Peace rally)
06-11-1971 Perf. Los Ange1es (Royce Hall)
11/12-11-1971 Perf. New York (The Bitter End); recording, "Incredible"
18-11-1971 FTA without CJM in Wrightstown, N.J. (Fort Dix)
19-11-1971 Barry Melton & the Fish at Sacramento (State College)
26-11-1971 Perf. San Francisco (Friends and Relations Hall)
11-12-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Pauley Ballroom)
26-12-1971 Perf. Berkeley (Newman Hall)
1972 Release "Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties"


1972 Release "Les Géants du Folk Américain des années 60"
20-01-1972 Perf. Fresno (Rainbow Ballroom)
22-01-1972 Perf. Vacaville (Men's Facility)
30-01-1972 Perf. Tampa, Fla. (Coleseum)
14-02-1972 Perf. Reno, Nevada (State Fairgrounds Pavilion)
15 t/m 20-02-1972 Perf. Los Angeles (Troubadour)
02-1972 Release "Incredible! Live!"
01 t/m 04-03-1972 Perf. Denver, Colo. (Sound Track)
16-03-1972 Perf, Seattle, Wash. (Walrus Club)
17-03-1972 Perf. Indianapolis, Ind. (Brown Theater)
18-03-1972 Perf. Dania, Fla. (Pirates World)
24/25-03-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Boarding House Theater)
26-03-1972 Perf. Boise, Idaho (Boise High School)
30-03-1972 Perf. Port Washington, N.Y. (Beacon St, Theater)
08-04-1972 Perf. Williamsburg, Va. (William and Mary Univ.)
14-04-1972 Perf. Newhall, Ca. (San Fernando Valley State College)
Perf. Fullerton, Ca. (Fullerton Jr. College)
15-04-1972 Perf. Madison, Wis. (Univ. of Wisconsin)
16-04-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Cow Palace)
17-04-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Peace rally)
22-04-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Peace rally Kezar Stadium)
27-04-1972 Perf. Hull (U.K.) University
28/29-04-1972 Perf, London (Imperial College)
01-05-1972 Perf. Brighton (Sussex University)
02-05-1972 Perf. Exeter (University)
03-05-1972 Perf. Birmingham (University)
05t05-1972 Perf. Lancaster (University
06-05-1972 Perf. Glascow (University)
07-05-1972 Perf. Bickershaw Festival
12-05-1972 Perf. Essex University
13-05-1972 Perf. Luton (College)
26-05-1972 Perf. Chicago (Auditorium Theater)
06-1972 Release "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie"
03-06-1972 Perf. San Diego, Ca. (Balboa Park)
Perf. Los Angeles (Lindy Opera Theater)
04-06-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Longshoreman's Hall)
08/09/10-06-1972 Perf. San Anselmo (Lion's Share )
22/23/24-06-1972 Perf. San Anselmo (Lion's Share)
25-06-1972 Perf. Dallas, Texas (Fairgrounds)
30-06-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Willard Auditorium)
1972 Release "Melton, Levy and the Dey Bros"
12-06-1972 Perf. San Diego, Ca. (Sports Arena)
01-07-1972 KEMO-TV Channel 20; tape
02-07-1972 Perf. Bosse Field, Evansville Ind.
04-07-1972 CJM on KEMO-TV, with Gold
09-07-1972 Perf. Cleveland, Ohio (WIXY appreciation Day)
15-07-1972 Perf. Seattle, Wash.
18-07-1972 Melton, Levy and the Dey Bros on KEMO-TV
18 t/m 23-07-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Boarding House)
27-07-1972 Perf. Cotati (Inn of the Beginning)
29-07-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Provo Park)
02-08-1972 Date in Hawaii cancelled by promoter
04-08-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
05-08-1972 Perf. Redwood City, Ca, (Marine World of the Pacific)
10 t/m 13-08 1972 Perf. San Anselmo (Lion's Share)
12-08-1972 Perf. Woodacre, Ca. (Art Fair)
13-08-1972 Perf. San Quentin Prison
16/17-08-1972 Perf. Cotati (Inn of the Beginning)
18/19-08-1972 Perf. Kings Beach, Ca. (Desiderata Cafe)
25-08-1972 Travel to Europe (Stockholm)
28-08-1972 Infamous confrontation at Oppopoppa Swedish TV station. With the All-Star Band.
30-08-1972 Perf. Oslo. With the All-Star Band.
31-08-1972 Perf. Goteborg—college gig. With the All-Star Band.
02-09-1972 Perf. Alborg, Denm. (Aalborghallen)
03-09-1972 Perf. København
05-09-1972 Perf. Marseille—concert at “Theatre du Novelle Gymnase”. With the All-Star Band.
09-1972 Perf. Paris (Fête de l'Humanité)
23-09-1972 Continue in Europe (tv, radio, recording)
28-09-1972 Perf. Chico, Ca. (Chico State College)
30-09-1972 Perf. Huntington Beach, Ca. (Golden West College)
08-10-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Winterland)
10/11/12-10-1972 Rehearsel
13-10-1972 Perf. Missoula, Montana (University of Mont.)
14-10-1972 Perf. Great Falls, Montana (Fairgrounds)
18-10-1972 Perf. Raleigh, NC. (North Carolina State)
19-10-1972 Perf. Boone, NC. (Appalachian College)
20-10-1972 Perf. East Lansing, Michigan (MSU Auditorium)
21-10-1972 Perf. Baltimore, Md. (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
24/25-10-1972 Perf. Bryn Mahr, Pa. (Main Point)
27/28/29-10-1972 Perf. Roslyn, NY. (My Fathers Place)
31-10-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Helmet Club)
11-1972 Release "Zachariah" soundtrack album
15 t/m 18-11-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
24/25-11-1972 Perf. Anchorage, Alaska (High school)
25-11-1972 Perf. Juneau, Alaska (High School)
26-11-1972 Perf. Bellingham, Wash. (Western Washington State)
01-12-1972 Perf. Point Reyes, Ca. (Community Center)
06-12-1972 Perf. Sacramento, Ca (Crabshaw Corners)
07/08/09-12-1972 Perf. San Anselmo (Lion's Share)
08-12-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Antioch College)
10-12-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Keystone)
14-12-1972 Perf. Redding, Ca, (Convention Center)
15-12-1972 Perf. Ben Lomond, Ca. (Town and Country Lodge)
17-12-1972 Perf. Cotati, Ca. (Inn of the Beginning)
18-12-1972 Perf. Sunnyvale, Ca. (Odyssey Room)
19 t/m 24-12-1972 Perf. San Francisco (Boarding House)
27/28-12-1972 Perf. Berkeley (Keystone)


05-01-1973 Perf. Alberta, Canada (Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton)
06-01-1973 Perf. Alberta, Canada (Jubilee Auditorium Calgary)
07-01-1973 Perf. Pasadena, Ca. (Beckman Auditorium)
17-01-1973 Perf. Cotati, Ca. (Inn of the Beginning)
10 t/m 21-01-1973 Recording
24-01-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Helmet Club)
25/26-01-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
26-01-1973 Perf. Frontera, Ca. (Calif. Inst. for Women)
31-01-1973 Perf. Sacramento, Ca. (Crabshaw Corners)
02-02-1973 Perf. San Jose, Ca. (State University)
03-02-1973 Perf. Frontera, Ca. (Inst. for Women
04-02-1973 Perf. Cotati, Ca. (lnn of the Beginning)
05 t/m 18-02-1973 Mixing
02-03-1973 Perf. Reno, Nevada (State Fairgrounds)
05-03-1973 Perf. Anaheim, Ca. (Pacific Stereo Spectac.)
04-03-1973 Perf. Frontera, Ca. (Inst. for Women)
12-03-1973 Perf. Sunnyvale, Ca. (Odyssey Room)
16-03-1973 Perf. Las Vegas, Nevada
17-03-1973 Perf. Eureka, Ca. (Municipal Auditorium)
19-03-1973 Perf. Vancouver, Wash. (Hayloft)
21-03-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Pauley Ballroom)
25-03-1973 Perf. San Francisco (Washington High School Auditorium
24-03-1973 Perf. Alameda City, Ca. (San Rita Detention Facility)
28-03-1973 Perf. Santa Cruz, Ca. (Civic Auditorium)
31-03-1973 Perf, San Rafael, Ca. (Bermuda Palms)
04 t/m 08-04-T975 Perf. Vancouver, B.C. Canada, (The Cave)
18-04-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Pacific Film Archives)
21-04-1973 Perf. San Francisco (James Lick Jr. High School)
20-04-1973 TV appearance New Jersey
27-04-1973 Perf. Chicago (Aragon Ballroom)
29-04-1973 Perf. Frontera, Ca. (Inst. for Women)
1973 Release of "The Best of CJ&F"
04-05-1973 Perf. New York (Suny, New Paltz)
05-05-1973 Perf. Providence, R.I. (Brown University)
06-05-1973 Perf. Boston, Mass. (Wentworth College)
08/09/10-05-1973 Perf. New York (Max's Kansas City)
12-05-1975 Perf. Marysville, Ca. (Yuba City Fairgrounds)
22-05-1973 Perf. Seattle, Wash. (Paramount Theater)
23-05-1973 Perf. Des Moines, Iowa (Fox Theater)
29-05 t/m 05-06-1973 Perf. Los Angeles (Troubadour)
06/07-06-1973 San Anselmo, Ca. (Lion's Share)
21/22/25-06-1973 Perf. San Anselmo, Ca. (Lion's Share)
27-06-19~15 Perf. Sacramento, Ca. (Crabshaw Corners)
29/30-06-1973 Perf. Palo Alto, Ca. (Homers Warehouse)
04-07-1973 Perf. Soledad, Ca. (Mens Correctional Facility)
12/13/14-07-1973 Perf. San Diego, Ca. (Natural Ground)
18 t/m 21-07-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
25-07-1973 Perf. Norwalk, Ca. (Golden West Ballroom)
27/28-07-1973 Perf. Tahoe City, Ca. (Kings Beach Bowl)
02-08-1973 Perf. Appleton, Wis. (Darboy Ballroom)
03/04-08-1973 Perf. Milwaukee, Wisc.
05-08-1973 Perf. Minneapolis (Municipal Auditorium)
06-08-1973 Perf. Madison, Wisc. (Stonehearth)
09-08-1973 Perf. New York (Sony, Brockport)
10-08-1973 Perf. Detroit, Mich. (Eastown Ballroom)
13 t/m 18-08-1975 Perf. Atlanta, Ga. (Richards)
22-08-1973 Film "In Concert"; 45 min. segment with Joshua
24/25-08-1973 Perf. Vancouver, Canada (Pacific Dance Theater)
30-08-1973 Perf. Campbell, Ca. (Bodega)
31-08 t/m 03-09-1973 Perf, San Anselmo, Ca, (Lion's Share)
09-1973 Release "Paris Sessions"
07/08/09-09-1973 Perf. Ben Lomond, Ca. (Town and Country Lodge)
14/15-09-1973 Perf. San Clemente, Ca. (Four Muses)
21/22-09-1973 Perf. Vancouver, Wash. (Hayloft)
23-09-1973 Perf. Eugene, Oregon (So. Oregon Sun. Fest.)
26-09-1973 Perf, Ames, Iowa (No. Iowa State Univ.)
27/28/29-09-1973 Perf. Austin, Tesas (Liberty Hal1)
05-10-1973 Perf. Valley Forge, Pa. (Valley Forge Music Center)
07-10-1973 Perf. Washington D.C. (Kennedy Performing Arts Center
12-10-1973 Perf. Daytona Beach, Fla. (Peabody Auditorium)
19/20-10-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
22-10-1973 Perf. Sunnyvale, Ca. (Odyssey Room)
26/27-10-1973 Perf, San Francisco (Winterland)
31-10-1973 Perf. Berkeley (Mandrake's)
11-1973 Premier film "Pick Ups Tricks", North Beach
02-11-1973 Perf. Trenton, NJ (Mercer Community College)
03-11-1973 Perf. Gainsville, Fla. (Santa Fe College )
06-11-1973 Perf. Ossining, NY (Sing-Sing Prison)
07-11-1973 Perf, New York (Great Meadow Prison)
11-11-1973 leave for Europe
13-11-1973 Press Reception in London. With the All-Star Band.
17-11-1973 Perf. Paris (Olympia) With the All-Star Band.
20-11-1973 Perf. Theater 140, Brussels. With the All-Star Band.
21-11-1973 Perf. Alma 2 Theater in Leuvan. With the All-Star Band.
23-11-1973 Perf. Liege Conservatoire. With the All-Star Band.
23-11-1973 Perf. Zoom Club in Frankfurt. With the All-Star Band.
26-11-1973 Perf. Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen. With the All-Star Band.
28-11-1973 TV appearance in Germany. With the All-Star Band.
29-11-1973 Perf. Norwich. With the All-Star Band.
30-11-1973 Perf. Goldsmith College. With the All-Star Band.
01-12-1973 Perf. London School of Economics. With the All-Star Band.
02-12-1973 Perf. Hemel Hempstead. With the All-Star Band.
03-12-1973 Perf. University Old Union in Cardiff. With the All-Star Band.
04-12-1973 Perf. University in Liverpool. With the All-Star Band.
05-12-1973 Appearance in Liecester. With the All-Star Band.
06-12-1973 Perf. University Cambridge. With the All-Star Band.
07-12-1973 Perf. University Reading. With the All-Star Band.
08-12-1973 Perf. University Bristol. With the All-Star Band.
09-12-1973 Perf. Barbarella’s Ballroom, Birmingham. With the All-Star Band.
11-12-1973 Perf. 100 Club, London. With the All-Star Band.
13-12-1973 Perf. North London Polytechnic. With the All-Star Band.
15-12-1973 Perf. Amsterdam (Paradiso) With the All-Star Band.


12-01-1974 Perf. Kirkland, Wash. (Juanita High School)
14-01-1974 Perf. Portland, Oregon (University)
19-01-1974 Perf. Santa Cruz, Ca. (Municipal Auditorium)
22 t/m 27-01-1974 Perf. Boulder, Colo. (Tulagils)
end of "All Star Band"
01-02-1974 Perf. St. Louis, Mo. (Ambassador Theater)
03-02-1974 Perf. Indianapolis, Ind. (Paramount)
05-02-1974 Perf. Washington D.C. (Constitution Hall)
06-02-1974 Perf. Baltimore, Md. (Hollywood Palace)
07-02-1974 Perf. Detroit, Mich.
08-02-1974 Perf. Clarion, Pa. (State College)
09-02-1974 Perf. Evansville, Ind. (Coleseum)
16-02-1974 Perf. West Hartford, Conn. (Columbia Music Hall)
18-02-1974 Perf. Boston, Mass. (Paul's Mall)
21-02-1974 Perf. Portland, Me. (Lewiston Aud)
22/23/24-02-1974 Perf. Boston, Mass. (Paul's Mall)
25-02-1974 Perf. Cleveland, Ohio (Agora)
26-02-1974 Perf. Toledo, Ohio (Agora)
27-02-1974 Perf. Columbus, Ohio (Agora)
01-03-1974 Perf. Parsippany, NJ (The Joint In The Woods)
02-03-1974 Perf. Gainsville, Fla. (Ocala Jai-Lai)
15/16-03-1974 Perf. Vancouver, Canada (Simon Fraser Univ. South Court Lounge)
18-03-1974 Perf. Jackson, Miss. (Mississippi Coloseum)
20 t/m 24-03-1974 Perf. Roslyn, New York (My Father's Place)
28/29/30-03-1974 Perf. Southhampton, Pa. (Duck Soup)
04 t/m 07-04-1974 Perf. San Anselmo, Ca. (Lion's Share)
11-04-1974 Perf. Tampa, Fla, (Unitarian Fellowship)
12-04-1974 Perf. Jacksonville, Fla. (Memorial Coleseum)
13-04-1974 Perf. West Palm Beach, Fla. (West Palm Beach Auditorium)
15-04-1974 Perf. Athens, Ga. (The Last Resort)
16 t/m 21-04-1974 Perf. Atlanta, Ga. (South East Music Hall)
22 /23-04-1974 Perf. Champaign-Urbana, Ill. (Ruby Gulch Saloon)
25/26/27-04-1974 Perf. East Lansing, Mich. (The Stables)
28-04-1974 Perf. Monroe, La. (North East Louisiana Univ.)
03-05-1974 Perf. Normal, Ill. (Illinois State University)
10-05-1974 Perf. Lancaster, Ca. (Antelope Valley Fairgrounds)
12/13/14-05-1974 Perf. Austin, Texas (El Paso Cattle Co.)
17-05-1974 Perf. Whittier, Ca. (Whittier College)
07-06-1974 Perf. El Paso, Texas (Plaza Theater)
08-06-1974 Perf. Albuquerque, NM (Ballroom, Student Union Univ. of New Mexico)
10/11/12/15-06-1974 Recording 23rd St., New York
14-06-1974 Kalamazoo, Mich. (Cinnamon Ballroom)
15-06-1974 Perf. Toronto, Canada (Victory Theater)
19 t/m 23-06-1974 Perf. San Anselmo, Ca. (Lion's Share)
27-06-1974 Perf. Logan, Utah (Logan State University)
30-06-1974 Perf. Albuquerque, NM (Street Fair, RDVZ)
05-07-1974 Perf. Allentown, Pa. (Roxy Theater)
04/05-07-1974 Perf. Long Beach, NJ (Le garage)
06-07-1974 Perf. Salt Lake City, Utah (Festival)
26 t/m 31-08-1974 Perf. Washington D.C. (The Cellar Door)
01-09-1974 Perf. Carson City, Nevada (T-Car Speedway)
13-09-1974 Perf. San Diego, Ca. (The Backdoor, State Univ.)
21-09-1974 CJM to Paris
04-10-1974 Perf. Bristol (Bristol Polytechnic)
05-10-1974 Perf. London (N.E. London Polytechnic)
10-10-1974 Perf. Glamorgan (Glamorgan Polytechnic)
11-10-1974 Perf. Reading (Berkshire College of Education)
12-10-1974 Perf. Colchester (Univ. of Essex)
13-10-1974 Perf. London (Roundhouse)
15-10-1974 Perf. Brighton (Hove Town Hall)
16-10-1974 Perf. Swansea (Swansea University)
17-10-1974 Perf. London (City University)
18-10-1974 Perf. Cambridge (College of Art & Technology)
19-10-1974 Perf. Leicester (Leicester University)
20-10-1974 Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC
21 t/m 29-10-1974 Dates on Continent
01-11-1974 Perf. Edinburgh (Edinburgh University)
02-11-1974 Perf. Glascow (Strathclyde University)
04-11-1974 Perf. London (Biba's)
07-11-1974 Perf. Teeside (Teeside Polytechnic)
08-11-1974 Perf. Sunderland (Locarno)
09-11-1974 Perf. Malvern (Winter Gardens)
19 t/m 30-11-1974 Dates in Holland, Germany, Norway
05 t/m 08-12-1974 Dates in Germany and Norway
12-1974 Release "Country Joe"


26-05-1975 Perf. Barry Melton, London (Roundhouse)
1975 Release "The Fish" (Barry Melton)
11-1975 Release "Paradise With An Ocean View"


02-1976 Perf. Denmark (Daddy's Dancehall)
1976 Release "Fish Cheer"
1976 Release "Essential"
03-1976 Perf. Paris
19-06-1976 Perf. Cardiff Rock Festival, Wales
07-1976 Perf. Los Angeles (Troubadour)
07-1976 Release "Love Is A Fire"
20-11-1976 Perf. Sacramento, Ca. ("California celebrates the whale")


12-03-1977 Perf. Lismore, Australia
03-04-1977 Perf. Bangkok, Thailand (India Regent's Emerald Ballroom)
04-1977 Release "Goodbye Blues"
05/06-07-1977 Perf. Hamburg (BRD)
07-1977 Perf. Auckland, New Zealand
1977 Release "Golden Hour"
08-01-1977 Perf. Dortmund, BRD (Westfalenhalle)
20-08-1977 Perf. St. Goarshausen BRD
21-08-1977 Perf. Lünen, BRD
08-1977 Perf. London (Queen Elisabeth Hall)
20-09-1977 Perf. Hamburg
01-10-1977 Perf. München (Olympiahalle)
1977 Release "Reunion"


04-1978 Perf. San Quentin Prison
1978 Release "The Early Years"
04-09-1978 Perf. Miltenberg, BRD
09-1978 Perf. Seattle, Wash. (Rainbow)
16-09-1978 Perf. Eart Tavern, Portland, OR
01-10-1978 Perf. Berkeley (Greek Theater; Tribal Stomp)
1978 Release "Rock and Roll Music"
1978 Release "We Are Like The Ocean" (Barry Melton)


03-1979 Perf. Oakland, Ca.
04-1979 Perf. San Diego, Ca.
1979 Release "More American Graffiti" soundtrack album
1979 Release "Level With Me" (Barry Melton)
07-1979 Perf. Rockford, Ill.
1979 Single "The Voyage of the Good Ship Undersized"
18-09-1979 Perf. Bologna, Italy (Woodstock in Europe '79)
19-09-1979 Perf. Firenze, Italy (Woodstock in Europe '79)
20-09-1979 Perf. Casalmaggiore, It. (Woodstock in Europe '79)
21-09-1979 Perf. Torino, It. (Woodstock in Europe '79)
09-1979 Perf. W-Germany (Woodstock in Europe '79)
27-09-1979 Perf. Amsterdam (Edenhal) (Woodstock in Europe '79)
1979 Release "Leisure Suite"


13/14-05-1980 Perf. New York (The Other End)
05-1980 Perf. Switzerland
23-08-1980 Perf. Garberville, Ca.
27-10-1980 Recording "On My Own", Brackenheim BRD
07-11-1980 Perf. Tübingen, BRD
08-11-1980 Perf. Berlin, BRD
11-1980 Perf. Hamburg
11-1980 Perf. Freiburg, BRD
11-1980 Perf. Austria
11-1980 Perf. Switzerland


27-01-1981 Perf. Salzburg, Austria
29-01-1981 Perf. Linz, Austria
30-01-1981 Perf. Austria
02/03/04-02-1981 CJK in Amsterdam
07-03-1981 Perf. Bonlanden, BRD (Uhlberghalle)
08-03-1981 Perf. Fellbach am Killesberg, BRD (Schwabenlandhalle)
09-03-1981 Perf. Herrenberg BRD (Stadthalle)
10-03-1981 Perf. Albstadt, BRD (Zollern-Alb-Halle)
11-03-1981 Perf. Biberach, BRD (Stadthalle)
15-03-1981 Perf. Ulm, BRD (Donauhalle)
14-03-1981 Perf. Esslingen, BRD (Zentrum Zell)
15-03-1981 Perf. Geislingen, BRD (Jahnhalle)
16-03-1981 Perf. Metzingen, BRD (Stadthalle
17-03-1981 Perf. Ditzingen, BRD (Stadthalle)
18-03-1981 Perf. Ludwigsburg, BRD (Stadthalle)
19-03-1981 Perf. Schwäbisch Hall/Crailsheim (Hagenbachhalle)
20-03-1981 Perf. Aalen, BRD (Stadthalle)
21-03-1981 Perf. Horb, BRD (Hohenberghalle)
22-03-1981 Perf. Rottweil, BRD (Stadionhalle)
24-03-1981 Perf. Künzelsau, BRD (Stadthalle)
27-03-1981 Perf. Reutlingen, BRD (Franz-List-Halle)
29-03-1981 Perf. Ravensburg, BRD (Oberschwabenhalle)
51-03-1981 Perf. Eppelheim, BRD (Rhein-Neckar-Halle)
01-04-1981 Perf. Kirchheim, BRD (Stadthalle)
04-04-1981 Perf. Igersheim, BRD (Mehrzweckhalle)
10-04-1981 Perf. Nürtingen, BKD (Stadthalle)
11-04-1981 Perf. Ohringen, BRD (Stadthall)
16-07-1981 Perf. Hamburg (Live on Television; "Cafe in Takt")
23-07-1981 Rehearsels for German Television, Kö1n
24-07-1981 Perf. Köln (Live on Television; "WWF Club")
29-07-1981 Perf. London
14-09-1981 Perf. Stuttgart, BRD
15-09-1981 Perf. Amsterdam (Melliweg)
06-12-1981 Perf. Euphoria Tavern, Portland, OR


1-8-82 Perf. Sweetwater, Mill Valley, Calif w/Peter Walsh on bass
1-11-82 Janis Joplin LP release party at Old Waldorf, SF
1-15-82 Perf. Sweetwater, w/P.Walsh
1-18-82 Protest Sproul Plaza UCB Lawrence Livermore Lab group
1-22-82 Party for newspaper "Appeal To Reason"
2-19-82 Perf. Sweetwater, w/P.Walsh
2-24-82 Protest Sproul Plaza, Lawrence Livermore Labs group
2-26-82 Perf. Garbo's, Calif
3-6-82 Perf. Navada City, Calif w/Solar Johnny
3-18-82 Perf. Seva Benifit,LA
3-26-82 Perf. Sweetwater w/P.Walsh
3-27-82 Perf. Freght and Salvage, Berkeley, Calif.
4-8-82 Perf. Benifit Berkeley Fellowship Hall
4-9-82 Personal note NO MORE BENIFITS
4-15-82 Perf. Bend OR
4-17-82 Perf. Corvallis, OR
4-21-82 Perf. Santa Rosa, Calif.
4-24-82 Perf. Still Life, Fort Mason Center,SF
4-29-82 Perf. Great American Music Hall, SF w/band
4-30-82 Perf. Cabaret, Cotati,Calif. w/ band
5-1-82 Perf. Preppies, Reno, Navada
5-2-82 Perf. Preppies
5-6-82 Protest USB for Jan Scruggs
5-10-82 Perf. Merlyns, Madison, WA for VVAW
5-11-82 Perf. Joe Starr Lounge, Ann Arbor, Mich.
5-12-82 Perf. Dewey Canyon 4, Washington DC, VVAW protest
5-13-82 Perf. Dewey Canyon 4
5-14-82 Perf. Dewey Canyon 4
5-15-82 Perf. Dewey Canyon 4, Arlington Cemetary, Agent Orange Protest
5-16-82 Perf. Baltimore, Maryland
5-18-82 Perf. Philadalphia,PA
5-20-82 Perf. Roanoke,VA
5-25-82 Perf. Santa Fe, New Mexico
5-28-82 Perf. Moscone Center,SF, KFRC Vets show, w/ Santana, Star Ship, Dead
5-31-82 Perf. Way Side Station, Tahoe,Calif.
6-12-82 March for VVAW, Delores Park, SF
6-12-82 Perf. Benifit for Appeal to Reason, SF
6-19-82 Perf. Livermore Action
6-21-82 Poetry reading, Haight Vet Center,SF
6-30-82 Perf. Contra Costa Vet Center, Calif.
7-7-82 Perf. Elkhorn Lodge
7-12-82 Perf. Ireland
7-13-82 Perf. Amsterdam
7-17-82 Perf. Vancouver Folk Festival
7-18-82 Perf. Vancouver Folk Fest.
7-27-82 Perf. Old Waldorf, SF, Vets Night
7-31-82 Perf. Sweetwater, Calif.
8-7-82 Perf. Navada City, Calif.
8-19-82 Perf. Benifit Navada City
8-21-82 Perf. Benifit, Berkeley Community Center for Asian& Hispanic Education Pro.
8-22-82 Perf. Vet Ball game
9-3-82 Perf. San Bernadino Festival
9-11-82 Attend SF Blues Festival w/ young Dev Dawg
9-12-82 Attend SF Blues Fest. w/ young Dev Dawg
9-16-82 Perf. Navada City, Calif
9-17-82 Perf. Taylorsville, Calif
9-18-82 Perf. Cabo's, Chico, Calif
9-25-82 Perf. College of Marin Walk-a-Thon for Nuke free zone, Calif
10-1-82 Perf. Fort Mason Center, Plowshades Coffee House, w/ Faith Petrik
10-9-82 Perf. La Val's Subteranian, Berkeley, Calif
10-15-82 Perf. The Church In, Santa Monica
10-22-82 Perf. Frieght & Salvage, Berkeley, Calif
10-27-82 Perf. Salem, OR
10-29-82 Perf. Mozzula, Montana
10-30-82 Perf. Euphoria Tavern, Portland, OR
10-31-82 Perf. Western Washington Univ., Bellingham, WA
11-1-82 Perf. Langely, WA
11-2-82 Perf. Belview, WA
11-3-82 Perf. Eugene, OR
11-4-82 Perf. Ashland, OR
11-5-82 Perf. Grants Pass, OR
11-6-82 Perf. Eureka, Calif
11-10-82 Start to record Agent Orange
11-18-82 Perf. Milwakee Univ., w/ Paul Krassner
12-20-82 Take my kids to see the Pickle Family Circus
12-31-82 Attend the Greatful Dead New Years show


1-29-83 Perf. Sweetwater
2-11-83 Perf. La Val's, Berkeley,Calif.
2-13-83 Perf. Sing Out Bullitin KPFA fm radio
2-23-83 Perf. VA Vet Confrence, San Deigo
2-24-83 Perf. VA Vet Confrence
2-25-83 Perf. VA Vet Confernce
3-4-83 Perf. Golden, New Mexico
3-5-83 Perf. Line Camp, Albuqueque, NM
3-6-83 Perf. Amizette Inn, Taos,NM
3-7-83 Perf. Amizette Inn, NM
3-12-83 Perf. Trafalgar Square,UK
3-13-83 Perf. Half Moon, UK
4-8-83 Personal note- Call Dr. Gold
4-14-83 Caspar Inn, Calif
4-15-83 Perf. Eureka
4-16-83 Perf. Willits High School Auditiorium, Willits,Calif
4-17-83 Perf. Cotati Cabaret, Calif
4-21-83 Perf. Stone Church, NH
4-22-83 Perf. Providence, RI
4-23-83 Perf. Jack's, Cambridge, Mass.
4-25-83 Perf. Lonestar, New York City
4-27-83 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
5-5-83 Perf. Hamburg
5-6-83 Perf. Flensburg w/ Gruppo Sportivo
5-9-83 Perf. Munich Arena, Personal note- the locals hate me here
5-10-83 Perf. Munich Arena
5-11-83 Perf. Munich Arena, Personal note- the show went okay
5-12-83 Perf. Bagreuth
5-13-83 Perf. Bamberg (club)
5-14-83 Perf. Nuernbug, Personal note- the owner hates us all
5-16-83 Perf. Jazz Keller, Berlin
5-26-83 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
5-27-83 Perf. Esslingen, Germany
5-31-83 Personal note- All craziness, no vegetarian food
6-1-83 Perf. Laufen, Austria
6-2-83 Drove to Vienna sight seeing
6-7-83 Perf. Vienna, Austria
6-8-83 Perf. Traun, Austria
6-9-83 Perf. Saalfelden, Aus.
6-10-83 Perf. Amstetten, Aus.
6-11-83 Perf. Schoriling, Aus.
6-12-83 Perf. Zwettl, Aus.
6-13-83 Perf. Stazburg, Aus.
6-18-83 Got married to wife Kathy in Berkeley, Calif.
7-8-83 Perf. on Joni Hollar show, KALX radio station
8-8-83 Personal note- Call Dr. Gold
9-1-83 Recording Tape Talk at Fantasy Records
9-2-83 Recording Tape Talk
9-8-83 Perf. Bristol
9-12-83 Perf. Lodge Hotel, Putany
9-24-83 Went to Freight & Salvage to see Kate Wolf perform
9-30-83 Perf. at both of my children's schools
10-23-83 Perf. Benifit for Steve King, Sacramento,Calif.
10-25-83 Perf. La Val's, El Cerrito, Calif.
12-5-83 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
12-7-83 Studio time working on vietnam LP
12-22-83 Attend rally for Nobody for President


1-28-84 Perf. Wolfgangs, w/ Dinosaurs and Sagara Lights
2-17-84 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
3-3-84 Perf. Best Western Hotel, Moterey, Calif.
3-10-84 Record at Studio "C" w/ Berry Melton
4-13-84 Record at Studio "C" w/ Jack Lancaster
4-27-84 Perf. Hub Ballroom, UW campus, w/ Dinsaurs
4-28-84 Perf. Starry Night, Portland, OR
5-6-84 Perf. Uba Sutter Fairgrounds
6-19-84 Perf. Great American Music Hall, SF
7-13-84 Perf. Anchorage, Alaska
7-14-84 Perf. Homer, Alaska
7-15-84 Perf. Homer, Alaska
7-28-84 Perf. Benefit at Wolfgangs for Roger Albin
10-19-84 Perf. Starry Night, Portland, OR w/ Young Bloods
11-2-84 Perf. Oakland Museum, Calif.
11-6-84 Perf. La Pena, Berkeley, Calif
11-18-84 Perf. La Pena, Vets Night
11-23-84 Perf. Wolfgangs
12-31-84 Went to the Greatful Dead New Years show


1-24-85 Perf. Wolfgangs, BAWIM Benifit
2-4-85 Perf. Eugene, OR
2-6-85 Perf. Fabulous Rainbow, Seattle, WA
2-7-85 Perf. Back Alley Tavern, Port Townsend, WA
2-8-85 Perf. 4th Avenue Tavern, Olympia, WA
2-9-85 Perf. Starry Night, Portland, WA
3-9-85 Perf. Last Day Saloon, SF
3-14-85 Perf. Miramar Beach Inn, Calif
3-15-85 Perf. La Pena, Berkeley
3-16-85 Perf. Cotati Cabaret, Calif
3-25-85 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
4-13-85 Perf. Peninsula Folk Festival
4-17-85 Perf. New Goreges, San Rafael
4-20-85 Perf. Mobilization for Animals, NYC
4-26-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, Moscone Center, SF
4-27-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, Vet Panel
4-28-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, Animal Rights Panel
5-2-85 Perf. O'Tooles, Scranton, PA
5-3-85 Perf. University of Maryland, College Park
5-4-85 Perf. John & Peter's Place, New Hope, PA
5-5-85 Perf. Blues Alley, DC
5-6-85 Perf. Iorn Horse, North Hampton, Mass.
5-8-85 Perf. Stone Church, New Market, NH
5-9-85 Perf. The Third Rail, Fairlee, Vermont
5-10-85 Perf. Town Crier, Hopewell Junction, NY
5-11-85 Perf. Jacks, Cambridge, Mass.
5-12-85 Perf. My Fathers Place, Roslynn, Long Is.
5-14-85 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
5-24-85 Perf. Rauring River Lodge, Aspen, CO
5-25-85 Perf. Rauring River Lodge
5-26-85 Perf. Rauring River Lodge
5-27-85 Perf. Valley Fair, Bastalt, CO
5-29-85 Perf. Blue Note, Boulder, CO
6-15-85 Perf. Getaway Country Inn, Saugerties,NY
6-16-85 Perf. Blue Pelican, New Port, RI
6-19-85 Perf. Eagal Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Mass
6-21-85 Perf. Beginning, Syracuse, NY
6-25-85 Perf. Cafe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY
6-26-85 Perf. The Folkway, Peterbough, NH
6-29-85 Perf. First Encounter Coffee House, Cape Cod, Mass.
6-30-85 Perf. El Loco, Albany, NY
7-11-85 Liberal Lunch, Austin, Texas
7-12-85 The Farm and Ranch Club, Houston, Texas
7-18-85 Personal note- " salty"
8-18-85 Perf. People's Park, Berkeley
8-27-85 Perf. The Palms, Calif
9-2-85 Perf. The Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park, SF
9-22-85 Perf. Boonville, Calif
10-6-85 Perf. West Banle Cafe, Calif
10-11-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, NYC
10-12-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, Animal Legal Defence Fund
10-13-85 Perf. Whole Life Expo, New Age Cabaret
11-9-85 Perf. Chubby Bear, Chicago
11-11-85 Perf. Rathscellar at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
11-12-85 Perf. Lincoln Center Mini Theater, Fort Collins, CO
11-13-85 Perf. Anderson's 5th Estate, Scotsdale, AZ
11-16-85 Perf. New Age Renisannce Fair, San Jose, Calif
11-17-85 Perf. New Age Renisannce Fair
11-22-85 Perf. Keystone, SF
11-23-85 Perf. VVA National Convention, Detroit
11-26-85 Perf. The Diamond Club, Toronto, Canada
11-27-85 Perf. Old Filmore,SF
11-30-85 Perf. Garberville, Calif.
12-15-85 Perf. Santa Rosa, w/ Brad Smith
12-21-85 Personal note- Take the kids to see the Muppets take Manhattan


1-21-86 Perf. Dwinel Hall
1-31-86 Personal note- Move to new house
2-10-86 Perf. Benifit for Rock Medicine, Wolfgang's w/ Dinosaurs
2-16-86 Perf. Benifit for Jessie, Sweetwater
2-24-86 Perf. Welcome Home, LA forum
3-28-86 Perf. Loft Party, SF
4-10-86 Perf. The Palms, Chico, Calif
4-14-86 Perf. Noe Valley Ministry, SF
4-19-86 Perf. Rally,SF ?
5-2-86 Perf. Up Town Theater, Kansas City w/ John Sebastian
5-3-86 Perf. St. Louis,w/ John Sebastian
5-4-86 Perf. Best Western Executive Inn ?
5-9-86 Perf. Bethel Club, Vermont
5-10-86 Perf. Boots and Sattle, Mass
5-13-86 Book Reading w/ my father, Cody's Books, Berkeley
5-14-86 Pref. Oakland Museum, Calif
5-15-86 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley
5-22-86 Perf. Sweetwater w/ David Cohen and Peter Walsh
5-24-86 Perf. College of Marin, Marin Nuke Freeze, Calif
5-29-86 Perf. Fillmore West, BAI Benifit
6-1-86 Perf. The Backstage, Seattle, WA
6-1-86 Perf. Port Townsend
6-4-86 Perf. Ahab's Whale, Spokane ,WA
6-5-86 Perf. Olympia, WA
6-6-86 Perf. Pyramid Club, Portland, OR
6-7-86 Perf. Wow Hall, Eugene, OR
6-21-86 Perf. Clearwater Revival w/ Joady Guthrie, NY
6-22-86 Perf. Cearwater Revival
6-24-86 Perf. Hungry Bear, Albuqueque, NM
7-12-86 Perf. Elsworth, Maine
7-13-86 Perf. Joe's Water Works, Norwitch, VT
7-14-86 Perf. La Cassina, Pitsfield, Mass
7-15-86 Perf. John & Peter's Place, New Hope, Penn.
7-16-86 Perf. Harper's Ferry, Alston, Mass
7-31-86 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley
8-7-86 Perf. Wolfgang's w/ Bob Weir, Commander Cody, Paul Krassner, and Michael McClure
8-15-86 Perf. in DC w/ John Sabastian, Wilmers Park, and Dave Nash
8-19-86 Perf. Iron Door Saloon, Groveland, CA
8-23-86 Perf. in a spot n. of Anchorage?
8-26-86 Perf. Alice's Homer?
8-27-86 Perf. Alices?
8-30-86 Perf. Pyramid Club, Portland, OR
9-1-86 My wife's birthday
9-26-86 Perf. at my son's school
10-5-86 Perf. Animal Event, Raleigh, NC
10-9-86 Perf. Grass Valley Holiday Cabaret, CA
10-16-86 Perf. Pittsburgh, CA
10-17-86 Perf. Portland, OR
10-18-86 Perf. Burlington, VT
10-19-86 Perf. Rochester, NY
10-22-86 Speak at a Cal Poly class in San Luis Obispo, CA
10-27-86 Perf. Madison, Wiscon.
10-28-86 Perf. Sioux Falls, S. Dakota
10-29-86 Perf. Boulder, Colo.
10-30-86 Perf. Boise, Idaho
10-31-86 Perf. Country Club w/ Buffallo Springfield Revisited, Resida,
11-1-86 Perf. UCLA, CA
11-5-86 Perf. The Ark, Ann Arbor, Mich.
11-7-86 Perf. w/ Sabaya, and Jim Wachendork, Milwaukee, Wescon.
11-19-86 Perf. Turning Point, Piermont, NY
11-21-86 Perf. Coffee House, Minneapolis, Minn.
11-22-86 Perf. Duluth, Minn
11-23-86 Perf. Rochester Repertory Theater, Minn.
11-24-86 Miami Bar, Detroit, Mich.
12-11-86 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley
12-25-86 Christmas Day


1-10-87 Perf. Pow Wow, Santa Cruz, CA
1-15-87 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
1-17-87 Perf. Animal Liberation Event, SF
1-18-87 Perf. Animal Liberation Event
1-22-87 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley, CA
1-3-23-87 Attend the Vietnam Film Festival
2-5-87 Perf. Benifit for Vietnam Film Festival, Wolfgangs w/ Bob Weir, NRPS, Stevie B & the Hornets, and MC Wavy Gravy
2-12-87 Perf. Starry Plow
2-13-87 Perf. Naniloha Hotel, Hilo, HI
2-14-87 Perf. w/ Dennis Smith, Honolulu, HI
2-15-87 Perf. w/ Gussie Lamours, HI
2-16-87 Perf. Hawaii
2-23-87 Appt. w/ Dr. Gold
2-27-87 Perf. Swords to Plowshares
2-28-87 Perf. The Palms, Chico, CA
3-7-87 Perf. Old Miami, Detroit, Mich.
3-10-87 Perf. St. Lawrence University, NY
3-13-87 Perf. Underground Railroad, Morgantown, WV
3-16-87 Perf. Winona, Minn.
3-21-87 Perf. The Palace of Fine Arts, SF
3-27-87 Perf. San Antonio, TX
3-28-87 Perf. Las Vegas Animal Rights, Navada
4-12-87 Perf. w/ Danny O'Keefe, San Luis Obispo, CA
4-7-87 Perf. w/ Danny O'Keefe, Santa Curz, CA
4-9-87 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley
4-18-87 Whole Life Expo panel member, SF
4-27-87 The beginning of the Vietnam Film Fest. and Arts Fair, co-producer, UC campus, Berkeley, CA
5-1-87 End of the fest., Perf. w/ Lazurus and Joy of Cooking, Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley
5-4-87 Perf. Oddessy Room w/ Stevie B & the Hornets, Sunnyvale
5-9-87 Perf. 1st National Vets Unity Conference, LA
5-16-87 Perf. Dog House, Whidby Is.
5-17-87 Perf. Parkers open for Dinosaurs
5-27-87 Perf. Oshwa, Canada
5-29-87 Perf. The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
5-30-87 Perf. My Father's Place, Long Is.
5-31-87 Perf. Grawg Park
6-2-87 Perf. Philadelphia
6-4-87 My son graduates from the boy scouts
6-5-87 My wife graduates from college
6-10-87 Perf. Benifit for the Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic, Great American Music Hall
6-17-87 Appt. w/ Dr.Gold
6-19-87 Perf. Trempealeau, Wis. w/ Larry Long
6-20-87 Perf. National Legislator Seminar on Animals, DC
7-11-87 Yard sale takes place at my home
7-16-87 Perf. Benifit for the Marin Vet Center, Sweetwater, San Rafael
7-25-87 Perf. Benifit for the Head Start program, Capri Motel, Ojai, CA
8-6-87 Perf. Barlington, Vermont
8-7-87 Perf. Stugis, SD
8-9-87 Perf. San Diego, CA
8-25-87 Perf. Phenoix, AZ
8-28-87 The Monkees and Wierd Al Yankovick play at the Shoreline, SF
9-12-87 Perf. The Summer of Love, Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park, SF
9-25-87 Perf. Minneapolis Annual Rights Coalition National Conference, MI
9-27-87 My son, Devin's Birthday
10-2-87 Perf. Animal Awarness Week, Raliegh, NC
10-11-87 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley, CA
10-22-87 The Vietnam Experience Screens at the Roxy, SF
11-5-87 Film Arts Festival at the Roxy, The Vietnam Experience Closes the Festival, SF
12-3-87 Speak at Los Mandanos College, Pittsburgh, CA
12-18-87 Perf. The Iorn Door


1-23-88 Perf. Oddessy Room, with Stevie B and the Hornets
2-11-88 Perf. Ruby Tuesdays, Columbus, OH
2-13-88 Perf. Biggies in the Flat, Cleveland, OH
2-14-88 Perf. Amherst College, North Hampton, OH
2-15-88 Perf. La Cossina, Pittsfield, MA
2-19-88 Perf. Paulley's Hotel, Albany, NY
2-20-88 Perf. Raul's Roadside Attraction, Portland, Maine
2-21-88 Perf. Shenanagins, South Norwalk, Conn.
2-22-88 Perf. The Parsuit of Happiness, Liberty, NY
3-7-88 Perf. Moutanas Club, with Canned Heat, Seattle, WA
3-19-88 Perf. The Summer of Love for Homeless Vets, with Stevie B and the Hornets, SF
3-25-88 Perf. Chicago
3-26-88 Perf. Chicago
3-27-88 Perf. New York State University, NY
4-6-88 Perf. Benifit for the Bay Area After School Program, La Pena, Berkeley, CA
4-13-88 Perf. Expressing of Vietnam, San Fransico State, SF
4-19-88 My daughter, Tara's Birthday
4-30-88 Perf. Jobs and Justice, with Stevie B and the Hornets, Delores Park, SF
5-3-88 Perf. on the Peoples Park Anniversary Show, SF
5-6-88 Perf. The Starry Plow, Berkeley, CA
5-19-88 My daughter, Seven' s Birthday
6-24-88 Perf. Columbus, OH
6-25-88 Perf. Chas Chivdo, DC
6-28-88 My mother's birthday
7-3-88 Perf. Santa Barbara, CA
7-8-88 Perf. Starry Plow, Berkeley, CA
7-15-88 Perf. SF Sudios Benifit for California Veitnam Vet. Memorial, SF
7-18-88 Perf. Oddessy, with Stevie B and the Hornets, and the String Band, also my parents 45th anniversary
8-5-88 Perf. Miami Bar, Detroit, Mich
8-6-88 Perf. Milwaukee, WC


10-15-89 Perf. The Backstage, Seattle WA



10-15-91 Perf. Old Vienna Coffee House, Westborough MA


9-5-92 Perf. Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA with Barry Melton Band, Clan Dyken, Los Hornets, Rod & The I-Deals, Burnt Toast, The King Bees. "Electric Off the Eel" hosted by Wavy Gravy.



2-13-94 Perf. Seva Woodstock Reunion, Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA with Harvey Mandel, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Arlo Guthrie, Hot Tuna
8-20-94 Perf. Cowell Theater, San Francisco, CA with Gary Duncan, Mike Carabello. "West Coast Live."
11-26-94 Perf. Veteran's Hall, Berkeley, CA with Joy of Cooking, Lazarus. With David Cohen, Bruce Barthol and Chicken Hirsh (Barry Melton played a separate set).
11-27-94 Perf. Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA with Joy of Cooking, Lazarus. With David Cohen, Bruce Barthol and Chicken Hirsh (Barry Melton played a separate set).


8-27-95 Perf. Marin Center, Lagoon Park, Main, CA with Booker T & The MGs, David Grisman Quartet. Marin County Festival.



8-9-97 Perf. The Gathering, Pocono Mountains, PA
8-6-97 Perf. Troubadour Fest, Rosenhof, Koblenz, Germany
10-4-97 Perf. Matell Community Center, Garberville, Humboldt County, CA with Barry Melton. Tribute to David Gypsy Chain and Benefit for Earth First!
12-18-7 Perf. The Iron Door Saloon, Groveland, CA


5-1-98 Panel, Freedom Forum World Center in Arlington, Virginia, "1968: Media Darlings or Media Manipulators?" with Mary Travers and Cal Thomas
5-2-98 Perf. Detroit, Michigan music and spoken word with me, Detroit poet M.L. Liebler, Vietnam Veteran poet W.D. Erhart, and others.
5-6-98 Perf. Asheville, North Carolina, Diana Wortham Theater
5-8-98 Perf. Akron, Ohio, Highland Theater
5-13-98 Perf. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England, with Bevis Frond
5-17-98 Perf. Berkeley's Freight and Salvage Coffee House, benefit for the Berkeley Historical Society. Panel in the afternoon with a concert in the evening, with Alice Stuart, Barry Melton, Steve Seskin, and Mary Schmary
6-12-98 Perf. Fillmore Aud., SF
6-13-98 Perf. Linnemans Club, Locust St., Milwaukee, Wis.
6-14-98 Perf. Locust Street Beer Festival, Milwaukee, Wis.
6-26-98 Perf. Skagen Festival Open-Air, Denmark.
7-17-98 Perf. Burg Herzberg Open-Air Festival, 100 km from Frankfurt, Germany.
7-18-98 Perf. Soest Open-Air Festival.
7-25-98 Perf. 7th House, Pontiac, Michigan with M. L. Liebler and Magic Poetry Band, Howling Mad Coyote Brothers, and Poignant Plecostemus.
8-1-98 Perf. The Iowa Vietnam Veterans' Reunion at the Sheraton Fourpoints Inn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
8-16-98 Perf. Black Oak Books, Berkeley, CA, with M. L. Liebler, Detroit poet.
10-3-98 Perf. Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival, Martin Luther King, Jr Park, Berkeley. With Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Hass, Michael McClure, Diane De Prima, Jane Hirshfield.
10-4-98 Perf. Tribute to David Gypsy Chain, Mateel Community Center, Garberville, Humboldt County. With Barry "the Fish" Melton and others. Benefit for Earth First!
10-12-98 Interview, National Radio 2FM, Dublin: Moloney After Midnight show
10-13-98 Perf. Roisin Dubh, Galway
10-14-98 Perf. Front Page, Belfast
10-15-98 Perf. Whelan's, Dublin
10-16-98 Perf. Lobby, Cork
10-17-98 Perf. Roscrea Rugby Club, Roscrea
10-21-98 Perf. with The Bevis Frond, Aberdeen Alternative Festival, His Majesty's Theater, Aberdeen, Scotland.
11-11-98 Swords to Plowshares Veterans Day Dinner, Golden Gate Club, Presidio of San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi and CJM honored for "service" to the veteran's community.
11-13-98 Perf. Oxford School Cafetorium, Berkeley. Benefit for 5th grade classes.


1-9-99 Perf. anniversary celebration for LA's Whiskey AGoGo.
6-1-99 Release Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies with the Bevis Frond
6-12-99 Perf. Bodles Opera House, Chester, New York
6-13-99 Perf. Beacon, NY, Strawberry Festival with Pete Seeger
6-15-99 Perf. The Iota Club and Cafe, Washington, DC
6-16-99 Perf. the Ram's Head, Annapolis, MA
6-19/20-99 Perf. Clearwater Festival, Croton, NY
6-22-99 Perf. Big Ed's Restaurant and Club, Reno, Nevada
6-25-99 Perf. Grizzly Rose, Denver, CO with Canned Heat
6-27-99 Perf. Rockin' the Hills Festival, Bottineau, North Dakota, with Steve Sills
7-14/18-99 Perf. The 2nd Annual Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival,Okemah, OK. With Arlo Guthrie, Billy Bragg, the Kingston Trio, Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
8-15-99 Perf. "A Day in the Garden" at Max Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, New York, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Woodstock.
9-3-99 Perf. Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, NY. Opening for Ritchie Havens and Melanie. David Cohen of Country Joe and the Fish sat in.
9-30/10-3-99 Perf. The Diablo Valley Vietnam Vets' "East Bay Stand Down 1999" at Camp Parks, Dublin, California.
10-6-99 Perf. with Bevis Frond at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. (Sat in for 3 numbers.)
10-21-99 Panel discussion at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, "Word & Music Part 1" with M. L. Liebler & The Magic Poetry Band. Moderated by Gary Graff.
10-22-99 Perf. Bernie Firestone (slain Detroit labor leader) Labor Tribute with Beat writers John Sinclair, Janine Pommey Vega, Andy Claussen & others at the Old Miami located on Wayne State University Campus. 2700 people listened in via a live webcast.
10-23-99 Perf. Live In Old Town Saginaw (Michigan) with John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars, M.L. Liebler & Magic Poetry, Janine Pommey Vega, Andy Claussen, Al Hellus & NYC's Rick Pernod at Zingger's Saloon.
11-4-99 Participated in the opening ceremony of "The Wall That Heals Lecture Series" at West Chester University, West Chester, PA.
12-10-99 Perf. Blue Heron Restaurant and Tavern in Duncan Mills, CA.


5-5-00 Perf. 30th annual commemoration of the Kent State University (Ohio) shootings on the Kent State campus.
7-1-00 Perf. the Brookdale Lodge, 11570 Highway 9, Brookdale, California.
7-2-00 Live webcast on Radio KPIG between 10 am and 12 noon.
7-3-00 Perf. Morgan's Coffee and Tea, 498 Washington St. in Monterey, California.
8-12-00 The 2nd Annual Pocono Biker's Music Rally at Big Boulder Ski Area in the Pocono mountains of Pensylvania, with David Cohen of Country Joe and the Fish on guitar and keyboard.
8-12-00 Perf. later that evening with David Cohen at Greenstock at Yasgur's Farm.
8-13-00 Perf. Beacon NY Corn Festival, with David Cohen.
8-16-00 Perf. The Turning Point in Piermont (near Nyack) New York, with David Cohen
8-18-00 Perf. Spumoni Gardens, Red Hook, NY, with David Cohen.
8-19-00 Perf. Bodles Opera House, Chester, NY, with David Cohen.
9-24-00 Perf. The Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club of San Fernando Valley 9th Annual "Poker Run". A benefit for their Legal Defense Fund and Disabled American Veterans at the Disabled American Veterans Hall in Woodland Hills, California.
10-6/7-00 "California and the Vietnam Conflict," a conference in preparation for the exhibition "Next Stop is Vietnam." at the Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, California.
10-15-00 Perf. Musicians for Medical Marijuana benefit concert at the Ashkenaz in Berkeley With The Cannabis Healers -- Barney Doyle (Mickey Hart Band), Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlin), Martin Fierro (Legion of Mary, Zero), Alan Hertz (KVHW, SKB). Janet Smith appeared with me playing the piano on our newly scored version of my instrumental "Trilogy," which has been submitted to the Berkeley and San Francisco Symphonies for consideration.
10-26/27-00 Perf. Oklahoma Nurses Association Annual Convention 2000, "Celebrating The Images of Nursing: Where We've Been and Where We're Going," in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
11-1/4-00 Wayne State University in Detroit with M. L. Liebler. Wednesday, Nov. 1: Vietnam Vet / UAW Writers and Nurses read, with brief set by CJM and Country Joe's film "The Vietnam Experience." Detroit Public Library, Main Branch.Thursday, Nov. 2: Film: "Ten for Two" (featuring John Lennon, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seales, Stevie Wonder and more), followed by a reading/performance by White Panther/ Rainbow Peoples Party Founder John Sinclair w/ Asian-American poet Aurora Harris & others at the Scarab Artist Club. Friday, Nov 3: Literary readings by Vietnam Veteran writers/poets W.D. Ehrhart & David Connolly, fiction writer Wayne Karlin & writer Lynda Van Devanter at the Scarab Artist Club. Saturday, Nov.4: Panel Discussion on All Aspects of The Vietnam War w/ Country Joe McDonald, W.D. Ehrhart, John Sinclair, Lynda Van Devanter, Wayne Karlin, David Connolly, Dr. Melvin Small, Dr. Jeff Hale and others; perf. with Motown recording artists The Capitals ("Cool Jerk"), Vietnam Veterans Chapter Nine Blues Band & M.L. Liebler & The Magic Poetry Band at The Old Miami Bar.
11-5-00 Perf. Terrastock 4 fest in Seattle on November 5 with Bevis Frond members Nick Saloman on guitar and vocals, Adrian Shaw on bass, and Andy Ward on drums, and Country Joe & the Fish member David Cohen on guitar and organ, and Joe on vocals and harmonica with occasional guitar.
11-6-00 Perf. with David Bennett Cohen at a "Election Night Get-out-the-Vote Rally and Celebration" at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts in Langley, Washington.
11-15-00 Perf. the Blue Heron, Duncans Mills, CA.


1-27-01 Perf. Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco.
2-7-01 Talk, California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. Perf. Cal Poly's Downtown Center.
2-10-01 Perf. Back Lot Theater in Thousand Oaks, CA.
2-24-01 Perf. an acoustic set of labor-oriented and Woody Guthrie songs for the Detroit Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) -- the Wobblies -- in an exhibit and celebration of the artwork and poetry of Carlos Cortez.
3-3/4-01 Perf. the National Steinbeck Center's "This Land Is Your Land: The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie" in connection with a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution.
3-9/10-01 Perf. solo in "An Evening with Country Joe McDonald", Live Oak Theater in Berkeley. Ron Cabral read from his forthcoming book about the two of us. Hugh Thompson, the hero of My Lai, was there on the 9th.
3-15-01 Perf. for the Glenbrook Middle School Coffee House, held at Serendipity Restaurant, Concord,CA, with Creekside.
3-30-01 Perf. benefit for the Buffalo Field Campaign working to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone's wild buffalo. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall, Berkeley.
3-31-01 Perf. San Francisco Civic Center Park next to city hall for the César Chávez birthday celebration. There was a march down Market Street and a six-hour program of many diverse forms -- music, talks, poems, etc., plus booths and a gala -- for the first year California acknowledged his name day with a state-wide holiday.
4-5-01 Perf. Newman Auditorium on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus, with poet Steve Hassna.
4-25-01 Perf. the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA with David Bennett Cohen, formerly of Country Joe and the Fish and Philadelphia resident and nationally known harmonica player Saul Broudy.
4-27-01 Perf. in Saratoga Springs, NY, at Cafe Lena -- the oldest coffee house in the U.S. of A. -- with David Bennett Cohen, formerly of Country Joe and the Fish.
4-27-01 Perf. 12 Corners Coffee House at the 12 Corners Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY, David Bennett Cohen, formerly of Country Joe and the Fish. Also on the bill were Garnet Rogers and Sloan Wainwright (Loudon's sister).
4-29-01 Perf. the Towne Crier in Pawling, NY, again with David Bennett Cohen.
5-9-01 Perf. the Robin Hood Inn in Kent, OH.
5-10-01 Perf. the Thirsty Ear Tavern in Columbus, OH.
5-11-01 Perf. Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch in Pommery, Ohio -- a private performance at the YMCA National Writer's Voice 20th Anniversary Midwest Retreat and Program.
5-12-01 Perf. JJ's Aqua Lounge in Toledo, OH.
5-15-01 Perf. Nite Town in Cleveland, OH.
5-17-01 Perf. the Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta, OH.
5-22-01 Perf. the Wetlands Preserve in New York City.
5-23-01 Perf. The Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
5-24-01 Perf. the Roxie Theater in Allentown, PA.
5-25-01 Perf. Deerfield, Ohio.
5-26-01 Perf. the BarnYard Folks Festival at the Red Barn in Deposit, NY.
5-28-01 Guest at the Memorial Day (May 28) dedication of the San Francisco Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco.
6-9-01 Perf. McCabe's in LA.
6-15-01 Participated in a symposium at Monterey Pop Revisited at the Maritime Museum of Monterey.
6-16-01 Perf. Starlight Amphitheater, Balboa Park, San Diego.
6-17-01 Monterey Pop Revisited again.
7-7-01 Perf. the Britt Festival, Medford, Oregon.
7-20-01 Perf. Trowbridge Festival, UK, with the English skiffle band Reet Petite and Gone.
7-21-01 Perf. The Boardwalk, Sheffield, UK, with Reet Petite and Gone.
7-22-01 Perf. The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne, UK, with Reet Petite and Gone.
7-23-01 Perf. The Waterfront, Norwich, UK, with Reet Petite and Gone.
7-25-01 Perf. The Borderline, London, UK, with Reet Petite and Gone.
7-26-01 Perf. The New Roscoe, Leeds, UK, with Reet Petite and Gone.
7-29-01 Perf. Southsea Common, UK, free concert, with Reet Petite and Gone.
8-5-01 Perf. Deception Pass Music Festival at Whidbey Island's Oak Harbor, Washington State.
8-12-01 Perf. Garlic and Music Festival at the Love Family Village in Arlington, Washington.
8-13-01 Perf. the Fox & Firkin, Corvalis, Oregon.
10-11-01 Perf. Biscuits and Blues, San Francisco.
10-12-01 Perf. Blue Heron, Duncans Mills, California.
12-5-01 Memorial for Ken Kesey in San Francisco at the Koret Auditorium.


1-9-02 Perf. The Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA.
2-1-02 Release Crossing Borders.
2-20-02 Perf. a tribute to nurses and Florence Nightingale with Ohio poet/nurse Jeanne Bryner and Ohio poet John R. Reed on the Wayne State University campus and again for the general public at the YMCA Writer's Voice in the Scarab Club, Detroit.
2-21-02 Perf. Artworks Gallery & Performance Space, Big Rapids, Michigan, with M.L. Liebler.
2-22-02 Appearance with M.L. Liebler on Willie Wilson's public radio show on WDET.
2-23-02 Perf. with M.L. Liebler at a benefit for the Writer's Voice of the Detroit YMCA at Audrey Loves Coffee in St. Clair Shores, MI.
2-24-02 Perf. with M. L. Liebler at White's Bar in downtown Saginaw. MI.
3-9-02 Perf. benefit for the Downtown Cal Poly University Auditorium, LA.
3-11-02 Perf. Charles Leinenweber's "Social Movements of the Sixties" class at Cal State University in LA.
3-23-02 Perf. the Steinbeck Center in Salinas to close the Dorothea Lange exposition there.
3/27/02 Release mini-CD Thank the Nurse.
3-30-02 Appearance at the Rock Poster Society's Swap Meet, Masonic Hall in San Rafael, California.
4-1-02 Perf. hootenanny celebrating Woody Guthrie's 90th birthday. Elizabeth Partridge, author of This Land Belongs to You and Me: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie gave a slide-illustrated talk on Woody's California years. San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum.
4-3-02 Perf. opening ceremony for the National Student Nurses Association 50th Anniversary Convention, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia.
4-6-02 Perf. Stoudt's Black Angus, Adamstown, Pennsylvania.
4-20-02 Perf. the Brookdale Lodge (a river runs through it) in Brookdale, California.
4-23-02 Perf. Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco.
4-26-02 Perf. Carson City, Nevada.
4-27-02 Perf. Memorial Day ceremony sponsored by Swords to Plowshares in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza at the site of the San Francisco Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Plaque.
6-2-02 Perf. Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Vernon, N.J., with Canned Heat.
6-4-02 Perf. B. B. King's Blues Club in Manhattan, with Canned Heat.
6-21/22-02 Perf. 35th anniversary celebrations of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
6-23-02 Perf., benefit for Woodland Pattern Literary Arts Center, Milwaukee,Wisconsin, with M.L.Liebler.
6-23-02 Perf. Linneman's River West Inn in Milwaukee, with M.L.Liebler.
6-26-02 Perf. Bill's Place in Austintown, Ohio.
7-6-02 Perf. Poets in the Park Festival at Aims Community College in Loveland, Colorado, with M.L.Liebler.
7-8-02 Perf. the Cheyenne Wyoming Family YMCA with M.L.Liebler.
7-10-02 Perf. Sheridan, Wyoming, YMCA, with M.L.Liebler.
7-11-02 Perf. Teton County Library, with M.L.Liebler.
7-13-02 Perf. YMCA/SIDS WALK Concert in the Park in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming, with M.L.Liebler.
7-14-02 Perf. Cody's Books in Berkeley, with M.L.Liebler.
7-16-02 Perf. Redding Family YMVA in Redding, CA, with M.L.Liebler.
8-18-02 The "Bacon, Electricity and the New World Order" Festival, Red Barn Flea Market in Batavia, Ohio, hosted by Wavy Gravy.
10-11/12/13/14-02 Song writing workshops and perf. at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch in Pommery, Ohio.


3-13-03 Perf. Pioneer Town Palace, Pioneer Town, California (near Palm Springs).
3-15-03 Perf. McCabe's, Santa Monica.
4-26-03 Perf. Bolinas Community Center, Bolinas, California.
4-27-03 People's Park 34th Anniversary Peace Party and Concert, People's Park, Berkeley. Hosted by Wavy Gravy.
  P R O G R A M
12:00 – All Nations Singers
12:30 – Welcome to The Park – Terri Compost and introduction of our MC, Wavy Gravy
12:35 – Carol Denney, (speaker/folksinger)
12:45 - 1st Free Speech Section, hosted by Michael Delacour
12:55– Anima (poet)
1:02– US Rep. Barbara Lee
1:10 – David Hilliard (speaker) & F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.S. (hip hop/rap)
1:40– California Peace Action (speaker)
1:48 – Julia Vinograd (poet)
1:55 – Earth First! (speaker)
2:03 – American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (speaker)
2:13 - David Rovics (singer/songwriter)
2:43 – Xplicit Players
2:58- Emma Goldman Papers Project (speaker)
3:08 – 2nd Free Speech Section, hosted by Michael Delacour
3:18 - Country Joe McDonald (singer/songwriter)
3:38– Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation (speaker)
3:46 – Fat Chance Belly Dance
4:03 – Bio-diesel Collective (speaker)
4:11 - International Workers of the World/IWW (speaker)
4:20 - Ed Rosenthal, marijuana activist (speaker)
4:28 –Big Brutha Soul {urban hippie(herb 'n hippie) soul music}
5:08 – 3rd Free Speech Section, hosted by Michael Delacour
5:18 - Clan Dyken (rock band)
5-3-03 Perf. Berkeley Free Folk Festival.
5-11-03 Perf. Mother's Day Concert for Peace with Ronnie Gilbert, Terry Garthwaite, Laurie Lewis, Nina Gerber, Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin, and Jennifer Berezan, Sebastopol Community Center, Sebastopol, California. A benefit for the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County.
6-15-03 Perf. the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, with guitarist Nina Gerber.
6-16/17/18/19/20/21-03 Songwriting class, Wavy Gravy's Camp Winnarainbow adult camp.
7-25-03 Perf. the Pioneer Theatre in Milford, Iowa on. Two 60 minute shows, one at 6 pm and one at 9 pm.
8-8-03 Perf. the Great American Music Hall, with the Box Set Duo, Flying Other Brothers, and Jemimah Puddleduck.
8-9-03 Perf. the Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, before the keynote address by Maxine Hong Kingston at the Veterans for Peace Conference.
8-10-03 Perf. the Old Avalon, at an art show featuring the works of Stanley Mouse.


1-28-04 Perf. at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House along with Carol Denney on January 28, a benefit concert for Berkeley Homeless Union, Disabled People Outside Project, Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless, and Community Defense, Inc.
1-31-04 Perf. the Sonoma, California Veteran's Memorial Hall, 126 First Street West, with the "60s Allstar Band" -- Peter Albin (Big Brother), Banana (Youngbloods, Zero), Roy Blumenfeld (Blues Project), Greg Elmore (Quicksilver) and Kathi McDonald (Long John Baudry, Ike & Tina Turner, Leon Russel, Sly Stone, etc., etc.). A symposium featuring Angela Alioto, Ralph Metzner and others at 7:00 p.m., music (with Country Joe McDonald, opening solo) at 9:00 p.m.
3-11-04 Perf. the opening night party of the Tiburon International Film Festival at Servino's Restaurant in Tiburon.
4-9/10-04 Debut performance of the "Country Joe Band" -- Joe with Bruce Barthol, David Bennett Cohen, and Gary "Chicken" Hirsh. Theater on High Street, 45 High Street, Moor Park, Southern California.
4-14-04 Perf. Bruce Latimer TV show, Pacifica , California public access channel 26. With the Country Joe Band.
4-15-04 Perf. Brookdale Lodge, 11570 Hwy 9, Brookdale, California. With the Country Joe Band.
4-16-04 Perf. Bolinas Community Center, downtown Bolinas, California. With the Country Joe Band.
4-17-04 Perf. Sebastapol Community Center, 390 Morris St., Sebastopol, CA, 8 pm. With the Country Joe Band.
4-18-04 Perf., benefit for Options Recovery Services, Jewish Community Center, Berkeley. With the Country Joe Band.
4-20-04 Perf. WOW Hall, Eugene, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
4-22-04 Perf. Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
4-23-04 Perf. Experience Museum, Seattle, Washington, 8 pm. With the Country Joe Band.
4-24-04 Perf. Rogue Theatre, Grants Pass, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
5-13-04 Interview on the Meria Heller Show internet radio show.
6-3-04 Perf. Acorn Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall. With the Country Joe Band.
6-4-04 Perf. Bath Fringe Festival. With the Country Joe Band.
6-6-04 Appearance, Ryde Castle Hotel, Ryde, Isle Of Wight. "An Hour or So's Informal Conversation with the Country Joe Band."
6-6-04 Perf. The Venue@Ryde, Ryde, Isle Of Wight. With the Country Joe Band. With Ferris Wheel and Magick Khat.
6-8-04 Perf. The Robin 2, Wolverhampton. With the Country Joe Band.
6-9-04 Perf. The Farm, Anderby Rd. Chapel St. Leonards, near Skegness, Lincolnshire. With the Country Joe Band. With King Rollo's Upfoot Blues Band.
6-10-04 Perf. The Boardwalk, Sheffield. With the Country Joe Band.
6-11-04 Perf. Manchester Academy. With the Country Joe Band.
6-12-04 Perf. Borderline, London. With the Country Joe Band.
6-13-04 Perf. South Parade Pier, Southsea -- "Grand Finale". With the Country Joe Band.
6-19-04 Perf. 15th Anniversary of the Berkeley Farmer's Market, Martin Luther King Park.
7-23-04 Perf. the Little Fox Theater, Redwood City, California. With the Country Joe Band.
7-27-04 Perf. the Arena Theater, Point Arena, California. With the Country Joe Band.
7-29-04 Perf. Freight and Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley. With the Country Joe Band.
7-30-04 Perf. The Palms, Winters, California. With the Country Joe Band.
7-31-04 Perf. the 19 Broadway Club, Fairfax, California. With the Country Joe Band.
8-17-04 Perf. 10th Annual WOMR Music Food and Wine Festival at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, Massachusetts. With the Country Joe Band.
8-20/21/22-04 Perf. 2004 Woodstock reunion. With the Country Joe Band.
8-27-04 Perf. the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, NY. With the Country Joe Band.
8-28-04 Perf. New York State Museum in Albany, NY. With the Country Joe Band.
9-25-04 Perf. World Peace Music Awards, Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, with many other artists. Joe received a "Life of Peace" award. With the Country Joe Band.
10-1-04 Perf. Oakland Museum of California on October 1 with Shana Morrison, in connection with the Museum's exhibit "What’s Going On?—California and the Vietnam Era." With the Country Joe Band.
10-3-04 Perf. Rancho Nicasio in Nicasio, California. With the Country Joe Band.
10-23-04 Perf. Mississippi Studios, Portland, Oregon. With Box Set and the Gypsy Moths.
11-7-04 Perf. Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. With Cindy Sheehan of Military Families Speak Out.
11-12-04 Perf. Convocation Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton.
11-24-04 Perf. Club Congress, Tucson, Arizona. Thanksgiving benefit for the Casa Maria, with Billie Sedlmayr and the Luminarios.
11-27-04 Perf. Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California. Opening for Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo.


1-16-05 Perf. Raven Theater, Healdsburg, California. With John Stewart.
2-18-05 Perf. Fellowship Café & Open Mike, sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Berkeley.
2-25-05 Perf. in honor of California Senator Barbara Boxer at Slim's in San Francisco. With Boz Scaggs, Bob Weir, G.E. Smith, and David Nelson.
3-18-05 Press conference kicking off my tour of Italy, Milan.
3-19-05 Perf. D. Bosco Theater, Varazze, Italy.
3-22-05 Perf. Verdi Theater, Milan, Italy.
3-27-05 Perf. Gosport & Fareham Easter Festival (UK). Afternoon concert at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, Hants; evening at the Lysses House Hotel, High St., Fareham.
3-28-05 Perf. The Greys, Brighton, Sussex.
3-29-05 Perf. Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxfordshire.
3-30-05 Perf. The Borderline, London.
4-1-05 Perf. Naples Auditorium, Naples, Italy.
4-2-05 Perf. Naima Club, Forlì, Italy.
4-15-05 Perf. Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, California. With the Country Joe Band.
4-16-05 Perf. Crystal Bay Club Casino, Lake Tahoe. With the Country Joe Band.
4-17-05 Perf. The Palms, Winters, California. With the Country Joe Band.
4-18-05 Perf. Sengthong's Blue Sky Room, Dunsmuir, California. With the Country Joe Band.
4-19-05 Perf. Roger's Zoo, North Bend, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
4-20-05 Perf. WOW Hall, Eugene, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
4-21-05 Perf. Mac's Place, Silverton, Oregon. With the Country Joe Band.
4-22-05 Perf. Triple Door Club, Seattle, Washington. With the Country Joe Band.
4-23-05 Perf. The Red Room, Vancouver BC, benefit for the Sunshine Wheels Foundation. With the Country Joe Band.
4-24-05 Perf. Legends, Victoria BC, benefit for the Sunshine Wheels Foundation. With the Country Joe Band.
5-12-05 Perf. of Woody Guthrie union songs and my own nurse songs at a California Nurses Association rally in front of Johnson & Johnson in San Francisco.
5-29-05 Perf. Motherlode Saloon, 400 East Main Street, Red River, New Mexico.
6-10-05 Lanigan & Malone radio show on WMJI (Majic 105.7), Cleveland.
6-11-05 Perf. the Winchester Tavern and Music Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.
6-17-05 Perf. 3 Days of Peace & Love Festival, Loreley, Germany (St. Goarshausen), with Manfred Mann, Jefferson Starship, Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Big Brother, Iron Butterfly, Nazareth. I opened the show at 5:00.
6-17-05 Perf. The Galaxy, Alzey, Germany, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-18-05 Perf. Würth Gelände Festival, Künzelsau, Germany, with Jefferson Starship, Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-19-05 Perf. The Live Club, Wuppertal, Germany, with Manfred Mann, Canned Heat.
6-22-05 Perf. Tennishalle, Baumholder, Germany, with Canned Heat.
6-23-05 Perf. Messehalle, Offenburg, Germany, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-24-05 Perf. Thuringhalle, Erfurt, Germany, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-25-05 Perf. Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany, with Canned Heat.
6-26-05 Perf. Hutbergbuhne, Kamenz, Germany, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-29-05 Perf. Huxley's, Berlin, Germany, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
6-30-05 Perf. Cultural Centre, Rudolstadt, Gemany, solo.
7-1-05 Perf. Haberkasten, Mühldorf/Ahlen, Germany, outdoor show with Canned Heat, Ten Years After.
7-2-05 Perf. Open-Air Festival, Burg Clam, Austria, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
7-3-05 Perf. Legends of Rock, Orpheum, Graz, Austria, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
7-4-05 Perf. Ice Hockey Stadium Salata, Zagreb, Croatia, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
7-5-05 Perf. Sport Hall Hala Tivoli 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly.
7-7-05 Perf. Arena del Mare, Salerno, Italy.
7-8-05 Perf. Ex Stadio Orfeo Sarafini, Porto Sant' Elpidio, Italy.
7-10-05 Perf. Pistoia Blues Festival, Pistoia, Italy.
7-11-05 Perf. "Janis Joplin Tribute Night," Genoa, Italy.
7-12-05 Perf. Folkfest, Arena del Mare, Genoa, Italy.
7-14-05 Perf. Folkfest, Udine, Italy.
7-15-05 Perf. Salò, (Brescia), Italy.
7-29-05 Perf. a celebration of the life of Chet Helms at the Great American Music Hall, along with Grateful Dead members, Big Brother, and a host of others.
8-5-05 Perf. Eastleigh Summer Festival, near Southampton. With the Country Joe Band.
8-6-05 Perf. The Frog On The Front, The Pyramids Centre, Seafront, Southsea. With the Country Joe Band plus Nick Evans & Greg Buchanan.
8-7-05 Perf. Princess Pavilion, Falmouth. With the Country Joe Band plus Arthur Brown, the Muffin Men .
8-8-05 Perf. The Limelight, Crewe, Cheshire. With the Country Joe Band plus Arthur Brown, the Muffin Men.
8-9-05 Perf. Borderline, London. With the Country Joe Band.
8-10-05 Perf. The Musician, Leicester. With the Country Joe Band.
8-11-05 Perf. Cropredy Festival, near Banbury. With the Country Joe Band.
8-12-05 Perf. The Archer, Newcastle. With the Country Joe Band.
8-13-05 Perf. Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness-Shire. With the Country Joe Band.
8-14-05 Perf. Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow. With the Country Joe Band.
8-15-05 Perf. Robin 2, Wolverhampton. With the Country Joe Band.
8-16-05 Perf. The Komedia, Brighton. With the Country Joe Band.
9-4-05 Perf.Sausalito Art Festival.
9-24-05 Perf. the Sixties Museum of Chicago. Hall of Fame awards, featuring the Country Joe Band, at the New Kinetic Playgound. l received an award for my music and my work with Vietnam veterans.
9-30-05 Perf. the Livingston Depot Center, Livingston, Montana.
10-8-05 Berkeley, a feature film about music and protest in the 60s, written and directed by Bobby Roth, with ten songs by Country Joe and the Fish, had its US premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I sang "Fixin' to Die." At the same venue I sang my song about the military, "Kiss My Ass," at a showing of Sir! No Sir!, a film about the anti-Vietnam War movement in the military. After the showing, there was a fundraiser for the film at the Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley at 9pm, featuring the director, me, Holly Near, and others.
10-21-05 Perf. Acoustic Music in San Diego, California.
10-22-05 Perf.the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, California.
10-23-05 Perf. McCabe's in Santa Monica.
10-26-05 Interview and perf. on KFOG radio (104.5) in connection with Sunday's Chet Helms tribute.
10-30-05 Perf. a tribute to the late Chet Helms. The "Chet Helms Tribal Stomp" happened at Speedway Meadows in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I played with "Country Joe & Friends" -- Michael Borbridge (drums), Michael Warren (bass), Michael Hinton (guitar), Freddie Roulette (lap steel guitar), Raymond Victor (keyboards), Jay Russio (background vocals), Pete Sears (accordian), Stacy (banjo), and David Freiberg, Linda Imperial and Diana Mangano (additional background vocals).

Drum Circle starts, bagpipe player walks the stage and around the meadow, flag people wave flags. When the bagpipe player reaches the stage, the horn people blow their horns and horn ceremony begins. Then Americans do their prayer and dance, then the South American Indian does a prayer and song.

9:00 - 9:30 Drum Circle ,
9:30 – 9:40 Bag Pipes and flags ,
9:40 - 9:45 Horn Ceremon ,
9:45 – 9:52 American Indian Prayer ,
9:52 – 10:00 South America Indian ,

Show begins:

Boots introduction

10:00 – 10:20 Jeff Blackburn ,
10:20 – 10:40 James Gurely ,
10:40 – 11:00 Roy Rogers/Jack Elliot ,

11:00 - 11:05 Stephen Gaskin, Announcer

11:05 – 11:25 Dan Hicks/Hot Licks ,
11:25 – 11:45 Rowan Brothers ,
11:45 – 12:05 Charlatans ,

12:05 – 12:10 Michael McClure Announcer

12:10 – 12:30 Country Joe Mc Donald ,
12:30 – 12:50 Barry Melton ,
12:50 – 1:10 Sons of the Highway ,
Richi Ray, Singer Freedom Highway),
James Preston Drums (Sons of Champlin),
Judge Murphy, Singer
Terry Haggerty Guitar
David Schallach Base


1:15 – 1:35 Natural Act ,
Mitchel Holma
Hal Wagenet
Tim Dawe
Ralph Benkus
1:35 – 1:55 Blue Cheer ,
2:00 – 2:20 Paul Kantner ,
David Freiberg Singer/Guitar (Quicksilver and Starship)
Pete Sears Keys (Rod Stewart, Hot Tuna)
Vince Welnick, Keys (TheTubes, Grateful Dead),
Prairie Prince Drums Tubes
Peter Kaukonen, Guitar
Tim Gorman?
2:20 – 2:40 Jerry Miller 253 535-0921 ,
Fuzzy John Oxendine Drum
Tiran Porter Bass
Dale Ockerman Keys

2:40 – 2:45 Wavy Gravy Announcer/Fish

2:45 – 3:05 David LaFlamme ,
Val Fuentes Drumes
Toby Gray Bass
Rob Espinosa Gutiar
Mikel Pritchard Congos
Linda LaFlamme Singer
3:10 – 3:30 Quicksilver Gold

3:30 – 3:35 Lobster Announcer

3:35 – 3:55 Canned Heat ,

3:55 – 4:00 Howard Hesseman Announcer (Schedule Permitting),

4:00 – 4:20 Lee Michaels ,
4:20– 4:40 Squid B. Viscous ,
Jorge Santana
Howard Wales, Orgen
Harvey Mandel, Guitar
Herman Eberitzsch Keys (Lee Oskar ,War),
Greg Errico Drums (Sly and the Family Stone),
David Denny Guitar (Steve Miller),
Rock Hendricks Sax
4:40 – 5:00 Lydia Pense Singer,
Annie Samson Singer Stone Ground,
Nick Gravenites
5:05 – 5:25 Zero ,
Greg Anton
Liam Hanrahan Base
Vince Welnick Keys
Martin Fierro
Futoshi Morioka Guita
Judge Murphy Singer
Miss Loretta Singer

5:25 – 5:30 Doug Green Announcer

5:30 – 5:50 Michael narda Walden ,

5:50 – 5:55 Close Boots Hughston Announcer

Fire guy with torches starts at stage, Dixie land band follows him, they walk through the audience and lead people to their cars.

11-2-2005 Benefit for displaced gulf coast musicians at Slim's in San Francisco. Solo, with Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite.
11-6-2005 Hurricane relief concert and dinner at the Mill Valley Community Center.
11-11-2005 Katrina Relief Concert, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists' Hall in Berkeley.


1-18-2006 Perf. the Freight and Salvage, Berkeley. A solo set and then one with Country Joe and Friends: Michael Borbridge on drums, Freddie Roulette on slide electric guitar, and Michael Warren on electric bass. Annie and The Vets opened.
1-19-2006 Perf. the Cafe du Nord, San Francisco. A solo set, then one with Country Joe and Friends. Annie and The Vets opened.
1-21-2006 Perf. Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, California. A solo set, then one with Country Joe and Friends. Annie and The Vets opened.
2-9-2006 Perf. the State Theatre, Falls Church, Virginia, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-10-2006 Perf. the Music Fair, Westbury, New York, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-11-2006 Perf. The Van Dyck, Schenectady, New York.
2-12-2006 Perf. the Rain Desert, Danielson, Connecticut, with the duo B&E.
2-14-2006 Perf. the House of Blues, Atlantic City, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-15-2006 Perf. the Strand, Providence, Rhode Island, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-17-2006 Perf. B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill, New York, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion. With Darby Gould.
2-18-2006 Perf. Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion. With Darby Gould.
2-19-2006 Perf. the Palace Theatre, Greensburgh, Pennsylvania, opening for the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-21-2006 Perf. the House of Blues, Chicago. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-22-2006 Perf. the House of Blues, Cleveland. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-23-2006 Perf. Majestic Theatre, Detroit. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-24/25-2006 Perf. Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara, NY. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-27-2006 Perf. Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
2-28-2006 Perf. the Vogue Nightclub, Indianapolis, Indiana. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
3-1-2006 Perf. the Regent Theatre, Peoria, Illinois. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
3-3-2006 Perf. the Fitzgerald Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
3-4-2006 Perf. the Meyer Theatre, Green Bay, Wisconsin. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
4-18-2006 Perf. anti-war rally in Walnut Creek, the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, with Congressman George Miller, former Congressman Pete McCloskey, and many others.
4-18-2006 (evening) Perf. the Cache Creek Casino with the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
4-19-2006 Celebration of the life of the late jazz critic Phil Elwood at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
4-19-2006 (evening) Paul Kantner's birthday and roast at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley.
4-11-2006 Perf. the Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton.
4-13-2006 Perf. Honiton Motel, Honiton, Devon.
4-14-2006 Perf. The Unicorn, Somerton, near Glastonbury. With Chris Jagger.
4-15-2006 Perf. The Musician, Leicester. With Ian Wills & the Willing.
4-16-2006 Perf. The Flowerpot, Derby.
4-17-2006 Perf. The Farm, Skegness.
4-18-2006 Perf. The Borderline, London.
4-21-2006 Perf. GabiOne Festival, Club Novenove, Gradara (PU), with La Galimana.
4-25-2006 Perf. "Peace & Love Show," Rome.
4-26-2006 Perf. "Peace & Love Show," Milan.
4-27-2006 Press conference, Savona.
4-28-2006 Perf. Naima Club, Forlì.
4-29-2006 Perf. Theater Chiabrera, Savona.
5-5-2006 Perf. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-6-2006 Perf. City Fest, Colorado Springs, Colorado. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-7-2006 Perf. Granada Theater, Dallas, Texas. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-9-2006 Perf. for "Volunteer Day" in Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-10-2006 Perf. House of Blues, New Orleans, a benefit for Common Ground. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-11-2006 Perf. for "Volunteer Day" in the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans again. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-12-2006 Perf. Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, Florida. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
5-13-2006 Perf. Sunrise Theater, Vero Beach, Florida. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
6-9-2006 Perf. Levi Commons, Perrysburg, Ohio. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion and Tom Constanten.
7-1-2006 Perf. Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion and Tom Constanten.
7-2-2006 Perf. House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion and Tom Constanten.
7-7-2006 Perf. Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion, a tribute to the Americans who came to Canada during the Vietnam War, Castlegar, British Columbia.
7-15-2006 Perf. Winterpark Festival in Winterpark, Colorado. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion and Tom Constanten.
7-21-2006 Perf. the "Lovely Days Festival," St. Pölten, Austria. With The Who, Roxy Music, Robert Plant, and the "Legends of Woodstock" with Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Jefferson Starship and Iron Butterfly.
7-23-2006 Perf. Ingolstadt, Germany. With Canned Heat.
7-25-2006 Perf. Opatja, Croatia. With Canned Heat.
7-29-2006 Perf. Graz, Austria. With Canned Heat.
8-3-2006 Perf. Asser Levy Seaside Park in Brooklyn, New York. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest: Mitch Ryder, Rare Earth, Country Joe McDonald, Felix Cavaliere's Rascals, The Lovin' Spoonful, Mountain with Leslie West and Corky Laing, Badfinger with Joey Molland, Melanie, Canned Heat, Denny Laine, and Master of Ceremonies Wavy Gravy.
8-4-2006 Perf. Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center in Gilford, New Hampshire. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-9-2006 Perf. Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. With the Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion.
8-10-2006 Perf. Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, New York. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-11-2006 Perf. Mountain Laurel Center, Bushkill, Pennsylvania. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-12-2006 Perf. Seven Springs Resort in Champion, Pennsylvania. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-13-2006 Perf. Brookhaven Amphitheater in Farmingville, New York. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-25-2006 Perf. New England Dodge Music Center in Hartford, Connecticut. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
8-27-2006 Perf. DTE Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan. As part of the First Annual Hippiefest.
9-23-2006 Perf. at a peace celebration at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on behalf of the Declaration of Peace, September 21-28. With members of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War.
9-26-2006 Appearance by Wavy Gravy and myself for a talkback after a performance of Love, Janis the musical at the Marines Memorial Theatre in San Francisco, part of their "Tie-Dye Tuesdays' series.
9-28/29/30-2006 Perf.Wildwood Springs Lodge, Steelville, Missouri, opening for Melanie one night, Iron Butterfly one night, and Canned Heat one night.
10-6-2006 Perf. McCabe's in Santa Monica.
10-7-2006 Perf. AcousticMusicSanDiego.
10-8-2006 Perf. the Spotlight Theater in Bakersfield.
10-9-2006 Appearance, Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley's Live Oak Park for a showing of Bobby Roth's film Berkeley featuring a Country Joe and the Fish score. Bobby and I took questions afterward. In connection with a show called "The Whole World's Watching," about the political movements of the 60s and 70s.
10-23/24-2006 Appearance, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tribute to the film Woodstock, part of its "Oscar's Docs" series at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater. On October 23 the film was screened in its entirety, and I joined a cast and crew reunion and panel discussion the next night.
10-27-2006 Perf. Berkeley Art Center along with Pat and Stu from Grapefruit Ed and Jerry Abrams Headlights. In connection with a show called "The Whole World's Watching," about the political movements of the 60s and 70s.
11-8-2006 Appearance, Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley's Live Oak. I presented a screening of "How We Stopped the War," a 1967 documentary by famed screenwriter David Peoples. In connection with a show called "The Whole World's Watching," about the political movements of the 60s and 70s.
11-9-2006 Perf the "Take Me Home Peace Party 2," a benefit for Veterans for Peace, at Don Quixote's Music Hall in Felton, California. On the bill were Joe Craven, Keith Greeninger, the Atkinson-Kincheloe Band, Sherry Austin, and Geoffrey Rutledge from the Take Me Home CD compilation.
11-11-2006 Perf. "A Veterans Day Concert & Reading" with Joe Paquin, James Janko, and others at the Sanchez Concert Hall in Pacifica. Sponsored by the Veterans for Peace and the Pacifica Peace People.
11-25-2006 Perf. McNear's Mystic Theater in Petaluma opening for Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers.
12-9-2006 Perf. 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley with John Stewart.
12-16-2006 Perf. Mystic Theatre in Petaluma with the Christmas Jug Band.
12-19-2006 Perf. Berkeley's Freight and Salvage with the Christmas Jug Band.
12-31-2006 Perf. Code Pink's New Year's Eve Peace Party at the Zeum in San Francisco with Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Ellsberg, Lynn Woolsey, and a host of other luminaries.


1-14-2007 Perf. Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut opening for Mountain.
1-26/28-2007 Perf. Berkeley's Cafe de la Paz. The world premiere of my one-man spoken word and music "Tribute to Woody Guthrie." Sold-out shows.
1-30-2007 Appearance, Daniel Keller and my video "Vietnam Experience" opens the Venice Beach Free World Film Festival.
2-3-2007 Perf. "Tribute to Woody Guthrie" solo show at the Grass Valley Center For The Arts.
2-9-2007 Perf. The Crossroads, Fresno, solo.
2-18-2007 Perf. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, Florida with the Hippiefest. The Hippiefest lineup is Denny Laine, former lead singer of the Moody Blues; Terry Sylvester, formerly of the Hollies; Badfinger featuring Joey Molland; me; Melanie; Felix Cavalier's Rascals; Iron Butterfly; and Eric Burdon and the Animals.
2-24-2007 Perf. Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia with the Hippiefest.
3-2/3/4-2007 Perf. Cafe de la Paz in Berkeley. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-9-2007 Perf. the Triple Door in Seattle. With John Stewart.
3-10-2007 Perf. Lefty's in Salem, Oregon. With John Stewart.
3-11-2007 Perf. the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon. With John Stewart.
4-22-2007 Perf., 38th anniversary of People's Park.
4-28-2007 Perf. Anna’s Jazz Island in Berkeley, as part of the “Crisis of the California Commons” conference. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-12-2007 Perf. Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-17-2007 Perf. the Attic in Santa Cruz. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-18-2007 Perf. the Fernwood in Big Sur. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-20-2007 Perf., a half-hour set prior to Hair for the "Mountain Play" on Mt. Tamalpais.
5-25-2007 Perf. Norwegian Church Cultural And Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
5-28-2007 Perf. Roisin Dubh, Galway, Co Galway, Ireland. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
5-29-2007 Perf. Glor, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
5-30-2007 Perf. The Markethouse, Monaghan, Ireland. With Boo Boo Davis. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
5-31-2007 Perf. Music Factory, Carlow, Ireland. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-1-2007 Perf. Whelan's, Dublin, Ireland. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-2-2007 Perf. The 12 Bar, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-3-2007 Perf. Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-4-2007 Perf. Robin 2, Bilston, near Wolverhampton, west Midlands, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-5-2007 Perf. Borderline, London, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-6-2007 Perf. The Musician, Leicester, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-7-2007 Perf. Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-8-2007 Perf. Anchor Inn, Barcome Mills, near Lewes, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-9-2007 Perf. Havant Arts Centre, Havant, Hampshire, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-10-2007 Perf. Isle of Wight Festival, Newport, UK. "The Man from Athabaska Tour."
6-22-2007 Perf. Unitarian Fellowship at Cedar & Bonita in Berkeley, benefit concert for Save the Oaks. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
6-23-2007 Perf. New Palms Playhouse, Winters, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
7-7-2007 Perf. 2nd annual Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion, honoring US Vietnam war resisters and others in Canada, Castlegar, British Columbia.
7-25-2007 Perf. Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, ON. With the Hippiefest, featuring the Turtles with Flo and Eddie, Felix Cavalarie and the Rascals, the Zombies, Mountain with Leslie West, Mitch Rider, Joey Molland, and me singing and acting as MC.
7-26-2007 Perf. Seaside Park, Brooklyn, NY. With the Hippiefest.
7-27-2007 Perf. Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT (near Hartford). With the Hippiefest.
7-28-2007 Perf. Vernon Downs, Vernon, NY. With the Hippiefest.
7-29-2007 Perf. Brookhaven Amphitheater, Farmingville, NY (Long Island). With the Hippiefest.
7-30-2007 Perf. Wolftrap, Vienna,VA (near Washington D.C.). With the Hippiefest.
8-2-2007 Perf. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, FL. With the Hippiefest.
8-3-2007 Perf. Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA. With the Hippiefest.
8-4-2007 Perf. Cessna Stadium, Wichita, KS. With the Hippiefest.
8-5-2007 Perf. Nokia Live, Grand Prairie, TX. With the Hippiefest.
8-7-2007 Perf. Melody Tent, Cape Cod, MA . With the Hippiefest.
8-8-2007 Perf. South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA. With the Hippiefest.
8-9-2007 Perf. Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA. With the Hippiefest.
8-10-2007 Perf. Seven Springs Resort, Champion, PA (near Pittsburgh). With the Hippiefest.
8-11-2007 Perf. Bethel Woods Amphitheater, Bethel, NY. With the Hippiefest.
8-12-2007 Perf. Meadowbrook Farms Amphitheater, Gilford, NH. With the Hippiefest.
8-16-2007 Perf. Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA. With the Hippiefest.
8-17-2007 Perf. Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino, Lemoore, CA. With the Hippiefest.
8-18-2007 Perf. Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ. With the Hippiefest.
8-20-2007 Perf. The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (near San Francisco). With the Hippiefest.
8-21-2007 Perf. Humphrey's By The Sea, San Diego, CA. With the Hippiefest.
8-24-2007 Appearance, "Witness to the Human Be-in," a party/forum featuring people who were actually there in 1967. San Francisco.
8-26-2007 Perf. "Oak Grove Music Festival" at the Memorial Grove in Berkeley sponsored by Save the Oaks.
9-2-2007 Perf. Summer of Love 40th anniversary, Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park.
With Country Joe McDonald, Taj Mahal, Lester Chambers (from Chambers Brothers), Canned Heat, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jesse Colin Young (from the Youngbloods), Jerry Miller Band (from Moby Grape) featuring Tyran Porter and Dale Okerman (from the Doobie Brothers) and Fuzzy John Oxendine (from the Sons of Champlin), Banana (from the Youngbloods), Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek (from the Doors), San Francisco's First Family of Rock (TBA), Brian Auger, Nick Gravenites Band with David Laflamme, Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer, Chris and Lorin of the Rowan Brothers, The Alameda All Stars (from Gregg Allman band), Brad Jenkins, Terry Haggerty (from the Sons of Champlin), Tony Lindsay (Santana), Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, George Michalski - Pete Sears “Dueling Keys,” Freddie Roulette, Ron Thompson, The Charlatans, Liegh Stephens (Blue Cheer), Greg Douglas (from Steve Miller), Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship), Essra Mohawk (from Mothers of Invention), Barry “The Fish” Melton, All Night Flight featuring David Denny and Steve McCarty (from Steve Miller), Jack King (from Cold Blood) and Dale Ockerman (from Doobie Brothers), Merl Saunders (supporting the event), Squid B. Vicious with Buddy Miles, Jim Post (Friend and Lover, Siegel Schwall Blues Band), Fayette Hauser and the Cocketts, Terrance Hallinan (former SF DA) Ruth Weiss (Beat Poet), Richard Eastman (marijuana initiative), Lenore Kandel (Beat Poet), Paul “Lobster” Wells, Dr Hip (Eugene Schoenfeld), Artie Kornfeild (Producer of Woodstock), Wavy Gravy, Mouse man (Bagpipes), Leigh Davidson (Height Ashbery Medical Clinic), Bruce Latimer (Bruce Latimer show), Rabbi Joseph Langer, Bruce Barthol (Mine Troup), Doug Green, Howard Hesseman (schedule permitting), Benjamin Hernandez (Harts hands and Elders), American Indigenous people's, Agnes Pilgrim and 13 Grandmas (schedule permitting), Lakota War Pony's, Merle Tendoy (6th generation of Sacagawea) Shonie, Harry Riverbottom (Chippewa), Chief Sunne Reyna, Iroquois Tribe, Dakota Tribe, Seminole Tribe, Emit Powell and the Gospel Elites.
9-14-2007 Perf. Red Onion, Calgary, Alberta. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-15-2007 Perf. Festival Place, Sherwood Park (near Edmonton), Alberta. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-18-2007 Perf., memorial ceremony for the Californians who died in WWI held at the Memorial Oak Grove on the University of California campus. Names of the 1,800 California dead were read. The oak grove was the site of a 9-month tree sit protesting the University's plan to chop it down to build a sports facility.
9-28-2007 Perf. Ol'Factory Cafe, Sand City, California (near Monterey). "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-3-2007 Perf. Joe's Pub, NYC. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-4-2007 Perf. Club Passim, Cambridge, Massachusetts. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-5-2007 Perf. WAMC Performing Arts Studio's Linda Norris Auditorium, Albany, New York. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-6-2007 Perf. Tin Angel, Philadelphia. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-10-2007 Perf. Joe's Pub, NYC. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-23-2007 Perf. Mukilteo Coffee House, Whidbey Island, Washington. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-24-2007 Perf. Ballard Jam House, Seattle, Washington. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-25-2007 Perf. John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, Eugene, Oregon. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-27-2007 Perf. Unitarian Center, Ashland, Oregon . "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
11-3-2007 Perf. the Raven Theater in Healdsburg, California, opening for Ray Manzarec and Roy Rogers.
11-10-2007 Perf. the Arena Theatre, Point Arena, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."


1-12-2008 Perf. Don Quixote's International Music Hall, Santa Cruz. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-26-2008 Perf. West Side Theatre, Newman, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-1-2008 Perf. "Rock Legends of the 60s and 70s," Prudential Hall, Newark, New Jersey. With the Turtles (featuring Flo and Eddie), Felix Cavaliere's Rascals, Terry Sylvester, and Denny Laine.
2-22-2008 Perf. Freight and Salvage. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-27-2008 Perf. 24th Street Theater, Sacramento. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
4-2-2008 Perf. first annual "Funniest Celebrity in the Bay Area Contest," Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. A benefit for Central City Hospitality House, a Tenderloin neighborhood center providing peer-based services and cultural activities.
4-9-2008 Perf. Maverick Saloon, Santa Ynez, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
4-18-2008 Perf. Mikilteo Coffee Roasters, Langley, Washington.
4-19-2008 Perf. 2nd annual North Coast Folk Festival, Ocean Shores, Washington.
4-24-2008 Perf. Marilyn's on K in Sacramento. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
4-25-2008 Perf. Cafe de la Paz in Berkeley. With Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
5-17-2008 Perf. Berkeley Conscientious Objector and War Resisters Day, Civic Center Park. With Annie and the Vets and various dignitaries.
5-29-2008 Host, "Open Mic Night," Cafe de la Paz, Berkeley.
6-13-2008 Perf. Palms Playhouse, Winters, California.
6-26-2008 Host, "Open Mic Night," Cafe de la Paz, Berkeley.
7-1-2008 Perf. 20th annual Concord, California Summer Music Series. Led 2052 guitarists in Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land," breaking the previous world record set by 1802 Germans strumming "Smoke on the Water."
7-9-2008 Perf. the WoodyFest, Okemah, Oklahoma. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
7-11-2008 Perf. 3nd annual Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion, honoring US Vietnam war resisters and others in Canada, Castlegar, British Columbia. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
8-1-2008 Perf. Knucklehead's, Kansas City.
8-10-2008 Perf. Festival of Friends, Gage Park, Hamilton, Ontario. Played the main stage on Sunday night and did workshops during the day.
8-14-2008 Perf. Havelock Country Jamboree, Blakely's Camp Ground, Havelock, Ontario.
8-16/17-2008 Perf. Ottawa Folk Festival, Britannia Park, Ottawa, Ontario. I did a set on the Festival Main Stage on Saturday evening the 16th, participated in "song circle" with other artists on Sunday afternoon, and played on the Rogers Stage Sunday evening.
8-18-2008 Perf. Hugh's Room, Toronto. Coco Love Alcorn opened.
8-24-2008 Perf. Concert for Big Red, Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Astoria, Oregon. The three-day benefit featured a Jefferson Airplane reunion, Cold Blood, and many others.
8-29-2008 Perf. Piggy Bank Restaurant, Beacon, NY. A benefit for the Beacon Sloop Club's sloop Woody Guthrie that was in need of repairs. The Beacon Sloop Club was started by Pete Seeger with the first sloop the Clearwater in his campaign to clean up the Hudson River. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
8-30/31-2008 Perf. Guthrie Center at the old Trinity Church (of "Alice's Restaurant" fame), Great Barrington, Massachusetts. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-13-2008 Gave a 15-minute talk about Florence Nightingale and sang a few nurse songs at the San Francisco Hilton Hotel for a Neonatal Intensive Care nurses' convention.
9-26-2008 Perf. McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-27-2008 Perf. San Dieguito United Methodist Church, Encinitas, California, sponsored by San Diego Folk Hertitage. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-11-2008 Perf. the 5th annual benefit concert for the Upper Valley Haven at the Lebanon Opera House in Lebanon, New Hampshire. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-16-2008 Country Joe's Cafe grand opening at the Cafe de la Paz in Berkeley. Exclusive, invitation-only VIP gala opening and ribbon cutting.
10-17-2008 Perf. Country Joe's Cafe. "An Evening With Country Joe McDonald."
10-19-2008 Host, "Open Mic" stage at Cedar and Shattuck as part of this year's Spice of Life Festival in Berkeley.
10-26-2008 Perf. B.B.King's Blues Club and Grill in New York City. With the Jefferson Starship acoustic.
11-13-2008 Perf. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. "An Evening with Country Joe."
11-22-2008 Perf. Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
12-31-2008 Perf. Café de la Paz, a New Year's celebration. With Pete Olson and the Pete Olson (dance) Band, Annie and The Vets, and Berkeley poet Kirk Lumpkin.


1-3-2009 Perf. Country Joe's Café at the Café De La Paz. A benefit for the Employee Transition Fund at the Café, which was sadly forced to close. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-9-2009 Perf. the 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-28-2009 Perf. Foreign Cinema restaurant in San Francisco. A benefit for Farms Not Arms.
2-23-2009 Perf. Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California, opening for Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo.
1-28-2009 Perf. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-28-2009 Perf. Freight and Salvage, Berkeley. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-6-2009 Perf. Berkeley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall. World premiere of "Country Joe McDonald's Tribute to Florence Nightingale and Nursing."
4-4-2009 Perf. "Fortieth Anniversary of Woodstock Show," Don Quixote's International Music Hall, Felton, California.
4-9-2009 Perf. Nevada Theatre, Nevada City, a fundraiser for the Foothill Theatre Company. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
4-16-2009 Perf. Yoshi's, San Francisco. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
4-18-2009 Perf. "An Evening of Free Jazz, Folk, and Experimental Music" at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Hall. A set by The Deconstruction of What You Know Trio featuring Henry Kaiser, a set by me, and a set by The Three Mohammeds.
4-26-2009 Perf. 40th anniversary of People's Park. With Carol Denney, Terry Garthwaite, Frank Moore and many others.
5-30-2009 Perf. Abbey Theatre in Durango, Colorado. 40th Anniversary of Woodstock show.
6-4-2009 Perf. Concord (California) Music and Market Concert Series.
6-6-2009 Perf. KTAO Solar Center, Taos, New Mexico. 40th Anniversary of Woodstock show.
6-12-2009 Perf. San Diego County Fair. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
6-28-2009 Perf. Baby Boomer Festival, Sacramento (California) Convention Center.
6-28-2009 Perf. Ashkenaz, Berkeley. I did a solo set and the Wild Buds did two dance sets. A benefit dance/concert for the Ecology Center.
7-11-2009 Perf. "Relay for Life," Concord, California. A benefit for the American Cancer Society.
7-29-2009 Appearance, Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City, Michigan. A screening of Woodstock and a panel discussion with Michael Moore, Wavy Gravy, and myself.
7-31-2009 Perf. Genesee Theater in Waukegan, Illinois. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-1-2009 Perf. Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-2-2009 Perf. Fraze Pavilion, Kettering, Ohio. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-9-2009 Perf. Barnyard All Terrain Racetrack, Livermore, Maine. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-12-2009 Perf. Nokia Theater, Times Square. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-13-2009 Perf. Music Fair Theater, Westbury, NY. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-14-2009 Perf. Foxwoods MGM Grand Arena, Mashantucket, Connecticut. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-15-2009 Perf. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, NY. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-16-2009 Perf. Tsongas Arena, Lowell, Massachusetts. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-18-2009 Perf. Mann Center, Philadelphia. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-20-2009 Perf. Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, Texas. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-22-2009 Perf. The Blues Ranch, Winthrop, Washington. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-23-2009 Perf. Greek Theater, Los Angeles. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
8-26-2009 Perf. The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, California. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
9-7-2009 Perf. Sausalito Art Festival. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
9-26-2009 Perf. West Side Theatre, Newman, California. "40th Anniversary of Woodstock" show.
10-10-2009 Perf. Spotlight 29 Casino, Coachella, California. The "Heroes of Woodstock" tour.
10-11-2009 Perf. 24th Annual Musicians Picnic, Topanga Canyon.
10-17-2009 Perf. Soper-Reese Theatre, Lakeport, California. "40th Anniversary of Woodstock" show.
10-25-2009 Perf. West Fest, a free Woodstock 40th anniversary commemoration in Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadows.
10-31-2009 Perf. "Hippie Halloween" with five 60s tribute bands, Art House Gallery & Cultural Center, Berkeley.
11-13-2009 Perf. Water Street Tavern, Kent, Ohio. "40th Anniversary of Woodstock" show.
11-14-2009 Appearance, 2009 American Music Masters' tribute to Janis Joplin, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland.
11-15-2009 Attended final performance of Woodstock the Musical, Shadowbox Playhouse, Columbus, Ohio.
11-21-2009 Perf. Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Berkeley. A benefit for the California Coalition for Women Prisoners and the Berkeley Fellowship's Social Justice Committee. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
12-31-2009 Perf. Route 66 Casino, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.


1-29-2010 Perf. Mississippi Studios, Portland, Oregon. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-30-2010 Perf. the Triple Door, Seattle, Washington. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-6-2010 Perf. the Northlands Expo Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
2-20-2010 Perf. Don Quixote's International Music Hall, Felton, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-18-2010 Panel discussion with Wayne Kramer and Bill Ayers titled "Music and the Revolution," South By SouthWest Music Conference," Austin, Texas.
3-20-2010 Perf. Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California, opening for Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers.
3-26-2010 Perf. The Winchester, Cleveland, Ohio.
3-28-2010 Appearance with the Columbus, Ohio, Shadowbox cast of Back to the Garden, the second run of their musical about the Woodstock Music Festival.
4-25-2010 Perf. College of New Jersey, Ewing. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
4-29-2010 Perf. Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, California. Opening for Jefferson Starship, Quickslver Messenger Service, and Tom Constanten.
4-30-2010 Perf. Oreana Winery, Santa Barbara. Opening for Jefferson Starship, Quickslver Messenger Service, and Tom Constanten.
5-2/4-2010 Panel discussion and perf. at Kent State University, Ohio, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Kent State killings.
5-8-2010 Perf. Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, launching a book by minister and activist Rev. Paul Sawyer. Also appearing were Wavy Gravy, the UnReal Band, and Jack Hirschman.
5-27-2010 Perf. Upstage Restaurant and Theater, Port Townsend, Washington.
5-28-2010 Celebration of Patch Adams' birthday at Fremont Studios, Seattle. With Shanna Morrison and band.
6-19-2010 Perf. Guthrie Center, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
6-25-2010 Perf. Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. Opened for the Jefferson Airplane.
6-26-2010 Perf. Whitewater Amphitheater' New Braunfels, Texas. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
8-7-2010 Perf. Sunset Center, Carmel, California, opening for Big Brother and the Holding Company.
8-11-2010 Perf. Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, Berkeley, with Michael McClure, Risa Kaparo bassist Sascha Jacobsen, Detroit poet M.L. Liebler, and Moby Grape's Peter Lewis. A benefit for Poetry Flash.
8-12-2010 Perf. Silo's, Napa, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
8-15-2010 Perf. Summer in the City Music Festival, Salem, Oregon.
10-15-2010 Perf. Don Quixote's International Music Hall, Felton, California.
10-16-2010 Perf. Flor y Canto 2010, "Vinyl Verses," at the Centro Ollin, Hollister, California.
10-23-2010 Perf. Freight and Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-29-2010 Perf. Palms Playhouse, Winters, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
11-12-2010 Perf. Nevada Theatre, Nevada City, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
11-13-2010 Perf. George's, San Rafael, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."


2-6-2011 Perf. Arhoolie Records 50th Anniversary celebration at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley.
2-17-2011 Perf. Aubergine After Dark, Petaluma, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-25-2011 Perf. McCabe's Guitar Shop, L.A. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-26-2011 Perf. the Cal Tech Folk Music Society at the Beckman Institute Auditorium on the campus in Pasadena. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-2-2011 Perf. Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. "A Tribute to Florence Nightingale."
4-27-2011 Discussion on 60s activism with Tom Rush, Auer Performance Hall, Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
5-26-2011 Perf. "Doing Dylan," a salute to Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, Ashkenaz, Berkeley. A night of Zimmerman covers by me and a plethora of Berkeley's finest local roots and rock performers.
6-11-2011 Perf. "Country Joe McDonald and Ramblin' Jack Elliot: Homage to Woody Guthrie," Open Borders Summer of Music and Art, Thousand Oaks, California.
7-2-2011 Perf. Lakeville Folk and Blues Festival, Lakeville, Indiana. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
7-4-2011 Perf. the Naperville Ribfest, Knoch Park, Naperville, Illinois. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
7-22-2011 Perf. the River Spirit Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The "Heroes of Woodstock" show.
8-12-2011 Perf. the Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Part of the "Botanical Roots Concert Series," I played a set of Woodstock and Woody Guthrie selections.
8-13-2011 Perf. the Edmonton Rocks Music Festival, at the Heritage Amphitheatre, Edmonton, Canada. With Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Canned Heat, and others.
8-14-2011 Perf. "Woodland Hills Stock" at Concerts On The Green / Warner Center Park, Woodland Hills, California. With Canned Heat
9-17-2011 Perf. Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
12-14-2011 Perf. with the Christmas Jug Band, Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, California.


1-7-2012 Perf. 24th Street Theatre, Sacramento, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-8-2012 Perf. Eastside Arts Alliance in Oakland, California. A benefit for "Save the Children from Radiation" and a Capricorn Birthday Celebration.
1-22-2012 Perf. Ashkenaz, Berkeley, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
1-28-2012 Perf. Don Qixote's International Music Hall, Felton, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
2-26-2012 Perf. Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-2-2012 Perf. Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
3-4-2012 Perf. Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-4-2012 Perf. Infinity Hall, Norfolk, Connecticut. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-5-2012 Perf. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, New York. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-7-2012 Perf. B.B.King Blues Club and Grill, New York City. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-9-2012 Perf. Johnny D's Uptown Club, Somerville, Massachusetts. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-19-2012 Perf. Studio Live, Sedona, Arizona. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
5-27-2012 Outdoor performance of the Shadowbox Theater Company's musical tribute to the Woodstock Festival Back to the Garden, with a set of my music both solo and with the Shadowbox band, in the city park in Columbus, Ohio.
5-31-2012 Perf. Ashkenaz's community benefit night, "A Tribute to Bob Dylan and The Band," Berkeley, with lots of other folks.
6-14-2012 Perf. Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, Ohio. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
6-16-2012 Perf. Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, Ohio. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
6-22-2012 Perf. "Voices for Peace," Oakland, California. With Maria Muldaur and others.
7-14-2012 Perf. New Bo Beach in the New Bohemian District of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
7-23/24-2012 Perf. Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie" on the first night and a show of my own songs on the second.
8-3-2012 Perf. Palms Playhouse, Winters, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
8-4-2012 Perf. State Theatre, Red Bluff, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-8-2012 Perf. Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
9-22-2012 Perf. Firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
10-7-2012 Host, Litquake's "Reckless Rambling Hobo: A Woody Guthrie Tribute," Z Space, San Francisco.
10-20-2012 Perf. Oktoberfest celebration, Ruth Bancroft Garden,Walnut Creek, California. Beer and sausages.
10-27-2012 Perf. Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, California. "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie."
11-2-2012 Perf. debut of "Country Joe McDonald's Tribute to Country Joe McDonald," Freight and Salvage, Berkeley.


2-24-2013 Perf. and emcee at a benefit for The Slick Aguilar Wellness Fund at the Great American Music Hall With David Crosby, Marty Balin, Big Brother (acoustic), and others.
2-27-2013 Perf. and emcee at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. A benefit for the documentary film A Ride With Matt about Huntington's Disease. The theme of the night was Woody Guthrie. Eric and Suzy Thompson played together and with me, Marc Silber performed, Joady Guthrie talked a little about his father, and Alan Kaufman read some Woody stuff from one of his books.
4-25-2013 "Retired."
7-27-2013 Perf. of the National Anthem at the A's vs Angels game, Oakland Coliseum -- "1969 Turn-Back-the-Clock Day."


1-1-2014 "Un-retired a little bit."
2-2-2014 Perf. "Goodnight, Pete," a memorial for Pete Seeger, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse. With Holly Near (emcee), Ronnie Gilbert, Barbara Dane, Johnny Harper, Wavy Gravy, and many others.
4-8-2014 Perf. live streaming show from my house via Concert Window.
4-9-2014 Perf. City Winery Napa's Downtown Seder. I sang a song.
4-19-2014 Perf. at the entrance to the Oakland Zoo in support of a movement to stop the zoo from a huge expansion into Knowland Park.
4-22-2014 Perf. Experience Music Project's Sky Church, Seattle. Earth Day Orca Freedom Concert, a benefit for the cause of freeing orcas imprisoned in amusement parks all over America and the world. With Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Arielle, Andrew Morse, and others.
5-10-2014 Perf. BFUU Fellowship Hall, Berkeley. A benefit for the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. Hali Hammer opened.
5-31-2014 Perf. Ralston Ballroom of the Palace Hotel. As part of UCSF's All Alumni Weekend, I performed my "Tribute to Florence Nightingale" at the Nursing Alumni Reunion Dinner.
6-4/5-2014 Perf. Yoshi's, San Francisco on the 4th. KSAN Reunion Concert, a benefit for the California Historical Radio Society (CHRS) and the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame (BARHOF). Luncheon at Spenger’s in Berkeley on the 5th where KSAN Jive 95 got the CHRS/BARHOF “Legendary Radio Station of the Year” award. KSAN panel discussion lead by Ben Fong-Torres with KSAN alumni Bonnie Simmons, Richard Gossett, Terry McGovern, Scoop Nisker and others on the panel.
6-7-2014 Perf. nursing honor society Sigma Theta Tau, San Francisco. "A Tribute to Florence Nightingale."
6-22-2014 Perf. Empress Theatre, Vallejo. "Country Joe's Tribute to Country Joe."
7-30-2014 Perf. Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa, California.
8-16-2014 Perf. Hoberg's Club Resort, Cobb, California. The "Heroes of Woodstock" (Jefferson Starship, Canned Heat, Big Brother & the Holding Company, and me).
8-22-2014 Perf. David Brower Center, Berkeley. A benefit for Earth Island Institute with local singer songwriter Bob Reid.
9-27-2014 Perf. a hootenanny at Ashkenaz for the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement along with a host of other folks.
9-28-2014 Perf. "Whistlestock," a benefit for the Whistlestop senior center, Rancho Nicasio, California. An afternoon of games on the lawn, mesquite BBQ cooked on an outdoor grill, and a groovy lineup of musicians, including: me, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Peter Kaukonen from Jefferson Airplane, It’s a Beautiful Day Band, Sopwith Camel, and Ace of Cups.
11-7-2014 Perf. Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley with my special guest Bob Reid. Toulouse Engelhardt opened.


3-24-2015 Perf. Pegasus Books on Solano Avenue, Berkeley. A presentation of spoken word and song about the cost of war upon war nurses, with excepts and poems from nurses from the Crimean War, World War I and the Vietnam War.
4-19/5-3-2015 Panelist, David Kleinberg's "Hey, Hey, LBJ!", a powerful solo theater work on his year as an army combat correspondent in Vietnam, Marsh Theater in San Francisco. Two post-show panels dealing with the war's legacy.
4-18-2015 Perf. David Brower Center, Berkeley, to close out Earth Day events. With Bob Reid.
6-20-2015 Perf. State Theatre, Red Bluff, California, with my "Country Joe's Tribute to Country Joe."
8-8-2015 Perf. at demonstration at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. The 70th anniversary of Hiroshima. With Daniel Ellsberg and Taiko drummers.
8-12-2015 Perf. at a party with music for the Berkeley Barb's 50th anniversary at the Freight and Salvage.
8-15-2015 Perf. Berkeley Protest Festival at the Fellowship Hall of Unitarian Church in Berkeley. I was one of 50 performers who did 10 minutes each, from 10am to 10pm.
8-16-2015 Perf. at a "Concert for Corky," dedicated to the longest-held orca in captivity, at Ashkenaz in Berkeley.


4-2/3-2016 Panel discussion at the Cleveland International Film Festival after a film I am in titled "What is Classic Rock?"
4-26/27/28-2016 The Vietnam War Summit, at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, with such notables as Henry Kissinger and John Kerry. Performed "Fixin'-to-Die" and discussed music and the war with Peter Yarrow.
6-3-2016 Perf. at the 24th Street Theater of the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts and Community, Sacramento. A Tribute to Woody Guthrie.


4-29-2017 Perf. with the Electric Music Band on Telegraph Avenue. A big block party for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Moe's Books had a be-in. The event was connected to BAMPFA, SFMOMA, and the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design. The Electric Music Band are Alec Palao, bass, Matt Piucci and Derek See, guitars, Andrea Hensler, keyboards, and Jozef Becker, drums.
5-2-2017 Participated in UC Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive Annual Gala at their new building in downtown Berkeley and the UC Theater in celebration of their Summer of Love tribute exposition “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia.”
6-9-2017 Perf. Great American Music Hall in San Francisco with the Electric Music Band. We played the album Electric Music for the Mind and Body in its entirety plus some other stuff and I did some solo stuff.
7-27-2017 Perf. Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. With the Electric Music Band.
7-28-2017 Perf. Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley. With the Electric Music Band.
10-5-2017 Perf. Larry Kelp’s KPFA show "Sing Out,” doing a special program on music by Vietnam soldiers and Veterans..
10-5-2017 Perf. at the opening of the Berkeley Historical Society's exhibit, "Soundtrack to the 60s: The Berkeley Music Scene." I played, along with members of the Joy of Cooking and Oona Garthwaite..
12-17-2017 Perf. Sweetwater in Mill Valley with the Electric Music Band doing the Electric Music For The Mind And Body 50th Anniversary show..
12-21-2017 Perf. Freight and Salvage in Berkeley with the Electric Music Band.
12-22-2017 Perf. The Chapel in San Francisco. Last performance of the 50th anniversary tribute to Electric Music for the Mind and Body with Country Joe and the Electric Music Band.


1-27-2018 Guest at Pacific Film Archive for a showing of Woodstock. Also on the bill was a film about Country Joe and the Fish circa 1966, with director Robert Zagone in attendance.
2-4-2018 Panel discussion at the Berkeley Historical Society on the topic of 60s rock posters. I joined rock critic/bassist Alec Palao, poster expert Dennis King, and long-time Country Joe artist/webmaster Tom Weller.
10-14-2018 Perf. The Presidio in San Francisco, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "Presidio 27" mutiny.
11-29-2018 Perf. a benefit concert for Pike Kaksonen, the late Lazy Lester's spouse, to help pay bills & defray medical expenses. It was at the River Theater in Guerneville, and featured Taj Mahal, Rick Estrin, and many others..


H  O  M  E