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Berkeley World War II Plaque

The City of Berkeley plans to install a bronze plaque honoring all those citizens from Berkeley who died fighting in World War 2 on the Berkeley Veterans Memorial Building. In keeping with the project's goal we are compiling a list of casualties from various sources. If you know of someone who died in WW2 from Berkeley and they are not on this list please e-mail me the information and I will forward it to the committee making the plaque.


Updated November 10, 2006
Compiled by Berkeley Post No. 7, Department of California (January 4, 1944)
Berkeley Daily Gazette sidebar, May 30, 1944
Updated by Linda Rosen, Mark Peters, Joe McDonald, Louis Capolino for the Berkeley Historical society
(in process,10 listed)

Allegre, Joseph M., Sgt.
Allen, Robert W., Lt.
Aro, Arthur A.
Biagi, Roy
Bickmore, Floyd W., Sgt.
Biles, John Robert, Army Air Corps 1st Lt. (UC Class of 42, from Alameda County)
Bither, Tom S.
Bishop, Charles
Bley, Charles W.
Brill, Wilbur Dick, Jr.
Buckland, Donald E., Staff Sgt.
Butts, James Albert
Cameron, George A., Seaman
Carter, Douglas
Casebolt, Luther
Clark, Granville, Lt.
Cunha, Milton Thomas (UC ROTC, Class of 1942)
Dawson, Joseph
Day, Charles C.
DeBaby, Ralph Charles, Army1st Lt.
Dechant, Leonard L., Lt.
Delano, John S.
DeSoto, Kenneth H., Army Sgt.
Dittman, Frederick
Eby, Wesley P.
Ellerson, Roef
Emerson, Francis
Ensign, Donald
Farris, John P.
Foreman, Andrew Lee, Ensign (UC ROTC, Class of 1942)
Froward, Jack D.
Gaffney, George B.
Ganas, Nickolas Steve, Seaman 2nd class
Gomez, Richard Army Calvary Private
Gove, Bert
Hale, Robert Baldwin (UC ROTC, Class of 1942)
Hamlin, Francis Lee, Lt.
Harris, Willard E., Ensign
Hay, Sherman N.
Hickman, C.D.
Howard, Raymond
Hughling, Wallace
Hunt, Daniel
Iventosch, Herman
Johnson, Arthur Womersley, Ensign
Kangarice, Harold Lee
Kellogg, Frederick W.
Kretsinger, Kenneth F.
Levy, Solomon Sanford
Loustalet, Pierre
Lowndes, William Rawlins
McKay, Donald S. Marine, George
Masters, Thomas F.
Meaker, John Robert, Lt.
Misch, George Arthur, Navy Lt., Jr. Grade (UC ROTC, Class of 1942, enlisted in Cleveland)
Montmorency, John D.
Munro, Keith B., Capt. Chaplain
Newman, Edgar T.
Nippress, Elton Raymond, Lt.
Nye, Frank Erskine
Nichoson, James W.
Olmstead, James T.
Overman, Norman C.
Pastre, Raymond H.
Parks, Alvin
Peck, Jas. E.
Peterson, Roy
Perez, Joseph
Price, John F.
Reinecke, William A.
Rentz, George, Commander Chaplain
Richardson, Robert Edward, Marine Pfc.
Rogers, Jess D.
Rooney, R.S.
Roth, Alvin C., Pfc.
Rothlin, William T., Capt.
James W. Routh Jr, Army 1st Lt. (UC Class of 1941, from San Diego, enlisted in San Francisco)
Royse, Chas. R., Sgt.
Scott, Donald F., Pfc.
Selsted, John H.
Simm, Alec M., Lt.
Stamper, Forrest S.
Strickler, Chester
Strong, Kenneth F., Lt.
Sullivan, John F., Capt.
Sutherland, Kenneth
Sweetland, Theodore R., Capt.
Tackle, Edmund, Army 2nd Lt. (UC Class of 41, from Marin; enlisted in San Francisco)
Taylor, Glenn Jr., Ensign
Temple, John A., Capt.
Thomas, William D.
Thompson, George Francis (UC ROTC, Class of 1942, probably born in Los Angeles)
Walker, John K.
Walton, Phillip R.
Ward, William A., Capt.
Weller, Burton M.
Wentzel, George R., Capt.
White, Gerald S.
Winfield, Starring Brooks
Witter, Jean Carter, USNR Ensign, (UC ROTC, Class of 1942) (see Piedmont W.W. II deaths)
Wittschen, Theodore Peter (UC ROTC, Class of 1942)

Class Club Members University of California who lost their lives in World War II
WM. H. Merriam, UC Class of 39, Army Lt. Col (enlisted in Ft. Douglas, Utah)
Clark Hawthorne Grant, UC Class of 43, Navy Lt. Jr. Grade (widow in Boston)
Nathaniel Clifford Wolf, UC Class of 44, USNR Ensign (born 1924, Shanghai, China, went to CA)


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