Country Joe's Place

Preparing for Woodstock's 50th


The original.

Sorry, folks -- it's a fake.


o The Museum at Bethel Woods has announced the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival to be held August 16-18.
o Meanwhile original organizer Michael Lang is planning a competing festival at a different site. #woodstockfest

o The Museum at Bethel Woods.
o Listen to my Woodstock song "Bring Back the Sixties, Man."
o Listen to "Three Days," a Woodstock song written by Joe Defilippi
and performed by the R. J. Phillips Band.
o The archaeology of Woodstock.
o The Bethel Woods Center's blog about my performance at Woodstock.
o The Bethel Woods online photo archive.
o Look at our old Woodstock 40th Anniversary page.

Excavating Woodstock.

"Hello Country Joe McDonald, this is my picture-tribute for 50th years of Woodstock, i think and believe that the values of Peace, collaboration, no competition, no war are still most IMPORTANT and i teach this to young people of new generation ... goodbye, Paolo, from Italy." See the picture.


H  O  M  E