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A Letter from Steve


Subject: Fixin' To Die Rag


Remember, me? I'm the kid who asked to use your Fixin' To Die Rag for english class, in Winnipeg. Well, upon showing my selection to my teacher, he left the class, and came back a while later with a record player and his Woodstock records. I guess he never really paid to much attention to the songs before because he played it in class, thinking the infamous chant spelled FISH. The students all had a good laugh when he realized it at your prompting the crowd to call out "C" and shut it off. But turned it back up when he thought the profanity was over, we had just finished laughing in time to hear "over 300,000 of you fuckers" and he listened to the rest of the song with his hand on the volume control, I guess to protect our ears. That broke the monotony of english, so I guess we have you to thank. But my teacher is actually pretty cool, and he lent me the Woodstock records for the weekend. It made my whole week, because the stupid HMV was out of your albums.

Thanks again,



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