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Protest Festival

An All-Day Celebration of Protest-Themed
Songs, Poetry, & Standup from 50 Artists

Saturday, August 15
10am - 10pm
Fellowship Hall of the BFUU
1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California

We are celebrating the protest song (and poem, and comedy bits), and we are offering an open forum to Bay Area performers! There will be a full day of performances from 10am to 10pm in which each artist gets 10 minutes to do one or two songs, poems or routines. Performers can do any songs they want whether original or cover. Thanks to all who signed up to perform. Audience members will be asked to donate $10, which will benefit the Fellowship.

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From Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle, July 29, 2015:

In the spirit of the magnificent municipality across the bay, Country Joe McDonald has organized the Aug. 15 Berkeley Protest Festival “to celebrate protest in song, poetry, comedy or performance art.”

This event, sponsored by the social justice committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, will take place in Fellowship Hall from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in 10-minute segments for each participant. By the time Country Joe contacted me about this last week, 50 people had signed up.

As to what they’ll be protesting, he didn’t know. It took him about 10 minutes to come up with this list of possibilities:

“Police violence against blacks, civilian violence against police, discrimination against gays, harassment of pot clubs, gentrification of neighborhoods, streets unsafe for bicyclists and pedestrians, war in the Middle East, war on drugs, additives in our food, discrimination against nursing mothers, making fun of large people and short people and gay people, not being allowed to carry guns in stores, schools, libraries, public beaches, not being allowed to be naked on public beaches, graffiti art, taggers, illegal immigrants being allowed to drive cars or not being allowed to drive cars, health insurance, the Veterans Administration treatment of veterans, people making too much money and people not making enough money, being forced to vaccinate and not being forced to vaccinate, spraying poison to kill mosquitoes, not spraying, labor strikes of all kinds, not being allowed to strike, parking tickets, parking spaces, large cars, hybrid cars, carpooling, special buses for special workers, money spent for space exploration, drones, lack of research for special diseases, accessibility for the disabled, being called ‘disabled,’ lack of recognition of Asians and Hispanics, lack of representation in the government for minorities, the cost of education, high tuition, high interest on student loans, things not made in America, cutting down trees, global warming, objectification of the female body, loud music, soft music, dirty lyrics, dirty words, dirty people, dirty parks, dirty sidewalks, pornography, adult supervision, lack of supervision, pit bulls, foster homes, old folks’ homes, prisons, unjust laws, corruption everywhere.”

But that doesn’t include my personal beef: The underutilization of castanets by composers of waltz music.


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