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U.S. Military Personnel from San Francisco who Died in the Vietnam War


Achica Eddie
Sgt Army Died: 10Aug66 S.Vietnam Born: 05Sep30 Hostile,Killed

Aguillon Felizardo Cuenca
Tsgt Air Force Died: 09Apr75 S.Vietnam Born: 20Sep38 Non-Hos.Died-Miss.

Akamu Albert Kaiwi
Sfc Army Died: 09May68 S.Vietnam Born: 02Oct34 Hostile,Killed

Alegre Daniel Albert
Ssgt Army Died: 28Feb70 S.Vietnam Born: 19Oct48 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Ananian John Moses
Pfc Army Died: 30Sep69 S.Vietnam Born: 27Feb46 Hostile,Killed

Antunano Gregory Alfred
Sgt Army Died: 24Jul71 Cambodia Born: 18May49 Hostile,Died-Missing Body Not Recovered

Artavia Joseph Gregory
Sgt Army Died: 24Mar68 S.Vietnam Born: 01Jan49 Hostile,Killed

Baker Tony Anderson
Pfc Marines Died: 05Jul68 S.Vietnam Born: 31May48 Hostile,Killed

Baldizon-Izquierdo Carlos
Pfc Marines Died: 07Aug69 S.Vietnam Born: 09Jan47 Hostile,Killed

Banglos Gary Alan
Pfc Army Died: 31Jan68 S.Vietnam Born: 15Nov46 Hostile,Killed

Barrett Charles Wesley
Sp4 Army Died: 12Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 31Oct46 Hostile,Killed

Bartholomew Michael M
Ssgt Army Died: 25Jul69 S.Vietnam Born: 01Jun45 Hostile,Killed

Bell Samuel Wayne
Ssgt Marines Died: 10May69 S.Vietnam Born: 18Jun35 Hostile,Killed

Bentley Boris Roman Benja
Sgt Army Died: 03Aug67 S.Vietnam Born: 17May45 Hostile,Killed

Bianchini Michael Linn
Lcpl Marines Died: 05Mar66 S.Vietnam Born: 04Oct46 Hostile,Killed

Blakely Martin George
Cn Navy Died: 20May68 S.Vietnam Born: 11Jul45 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Bloom Richard Mcauliffe
1lt Marines Died: 20Sep66 S.Vietnam Born: 05Sep42 Hostile,Killed Body Not Recovered

Borja Domingo R S
Sfc Army Died: 21Feb67 Laos Born: 01Feb31 Hostile,Died-Missing Body Not Recovered

Borruso JoSeph Jr
Pfc Army Died: 26Oct70 S.Vietnam Born: 11Dec49 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Bowles Theophilus
Sp4 Army Died: 14Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 22Jan48 Hostile,Killed

Boydston Oscar Dan
Sgt Army Died: 13May69 S.Vietnam Born: 29May47 Hostile,Killed

Britton Murry Lawrence
Pfc Marines Died: 02Jun69 S.Vietnam Born: 15Sep48 Hostile,Killed

Brodnik Franklin Vincent
Sp4 Army Died: 25Feb66 S.Vietnam Born: 02Dec42 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Brown Bruce Edward
Hm3 Navy Died: 03Jun69 S.Vietnam Born: 19May47 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Burris Leonard Charles
Lcpl Marines Died: 19Feb67 S.Vietnam Born: 20Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Caiquep Jose
Cpl Army Died: 05Jan68 S.Vietnam Born: 15Oct42 Non-Hos.Died-Miss.

Campos Richard Frederick
Sgt Army Died: 06Dec66 S.Vietnam Born: 15Sep40 Hostile,Killed

Carlson Richard Allan
Cpl Army Died: 24May68 S.Vietnam Born: 30Mar48 Hostile,Killed

Chan Peter
Sa Navy Died: 25Sep72 N.Vietnam Born: 15Oct51 Non-Hos.Died-Other Body Not Recovered

Clark Gary Richard
2lt Army Died: 06Dec67 S.Vietnam Born: 06Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Clirehugh Robert W Jr
Capt Army Died: 22Apr69 S.Vietnam Born: 19Apr44 Hostile,Killed

Cole Sam Jr
Pfc Marines Died: 09May68 S.Vietnam Born: 08Jan48 Hostile,Killed

Cook Charles Jr
Pfc Army Died: 09Jul68 S.Vietnam Born: 15Jan43 Hostile,Killed

Criswell Robert Reed
Sp4 Army Died: 05Mar68 S.Vietnam Born: 24Mar47 Hostile,Killed

Cruise Kenneth T Jr
Ssgt Army Died: 13May69 S.Vietnam Born: 08Jan46 Hostile,Killed

Deocampo Gregorio Manese
Pfc Marines Died: 21Apr67 S.Vietnam Born: 24Apr43 Hostile,Killed

Dock Raymond Lee Jr
Gmg3 Navy Died: 16Jun69 S.Vietnam Born: 04Jun47 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Douglas Johnnie Lee
Pfc Army Died: 04Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 13Oct45 Hostile,Killed

Douglass Gerald Tyler Jr
Sp4 Army Died: 25Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 24Dec46 Hostile,Killed

Ducommun Ronald Lloyd
Sp4 Army Died: 15Nov69 S.Vietnam Born: 02Jan50 Hostile,Killed

Dunagan Jimmy Lyn
Sgt Army Died: 21Jan72 S.Vietnam Born: 18Sep48 Hostile,Killed

Elgin Robert Gerald
Ssgt Army Died: 04Apr68 S.Vietnam Born: 09Jan39 Hostile,Killed

Farrell Bruce Charles
Lt Navy Died: 08Oct63 S.Vietnam Born: 27Jun35 Hostile,Killed

Fedoroff Alexander
Ssgt Army Died: 20Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 02Apr44 Hostile,Killed

Ferguson Ronald Dennis
Sp4 Army Died: 15Nov65 S.Vietnam Born: 21Jul42 Hostile,Killed

Fillmore Ronald Richard
Sp4 Army Died: 20Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 20Oct46 Non-Hos.Died-Miss.

Fitzgerald Terence Patric
Sp4 Army Died: 26May67 S.Vietnam Born: 26Jul39 Hostile,Killed

Ford Patrick Osborne
Gmg2 Navy Died: 21Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 02May42 Hostile,Died-Missing

Foster Paul Hellstrom
Sgt Marines Died: 14Oct67 S.Vietnam Born: 17Apr39 Hostile,Killed

Gamble Harry Paul
Pfc Marines Died: 07Jun65 S.Vietnam Born: 22Jan42 Hostile,Killed

Garcia Marcial Bondoc
Lcpl Marines Died: 04Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 16Apr49 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Garringer David Frank
2lt Marines Died: 24Nov68 S.Vietnam Born: 20Feb46 Hostile,Killed

Geiger Robert Charles
Sp5 Army Died: 11May70 S.Vietnam Born: 19Aug41 Non-Hos.Died-Ill,Inj

Goias Everett William
Sp4 Army Died: 08Nov65 S.Vietnam Born: 16Apr45 Hostile,Killed

Gosse Jose C
Sp4 Army Died: 19Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 21Jun43 Hostile,Killed

Gray Kenneth Mervin
Cpl Army Died: 20May70 S.Vietnam Born: 08Oct49 Hostile,Killed

Griffiths Raymond Carson
Pfc Marines Died: 04Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 01Jan47 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Guaraldi Thomas Joseph
Pfc Army Died: 16May67 S.Vietnam Born: 04May47 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Hall James Kenneth
Capt Marines Died: 24Feb69 S.Vietnam Born: 27Dec34 Hostile,Killed

Henneberg Robert Joseph
Lcpl Marines Died: 27Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 27Feb47 Hostile,Killed

Ilaoa Faleagafula
Ssgt Air Force Died: 13May75 Thailand Born: 06Apr48 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Jennings Rudolph
Pfc Marines Died: 21Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 12Nov49 Hostile,Killed

Jensen Michael Charles
Cpl Army Died: 14Nov70 S.Vietnam Born: 30Mar49 Hostile,Killed

Johnson Anthony Eric
Cpl Army Died: 27Nov68 S.Vietnam Born: 03Dec47 Hostile,Killed

Johnson Floyd Ray
Pvt Army Died: 20Feb70 S.Vietnam Born: 09May49 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Johnson James J L
Capt Army Died: 10Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 05Jun33 Non-Hos.Died-Miss.

Johnson Ralph Martin
Ssgt Marines Died: 24Aug70 S.Vietnam Born: 16Oct46 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Joys John William
Ssgt Marines Died: 26Aug66 S.Vietnam Born: 07Jun39 Hostile,Killed

Kajiwara James Toshi
Sgt Army Died: 11Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 27Aug46 Hostile,Killed

Kennedy William Daniel Iii
Capt Army Died: 29Nov70 S.Vietnam Born: 06Jun45 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Kohler Ludwig Peter
Pfc Army Died: 26Jul65 S.Vietnam Born: 31Jul25 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Labowski Leonard William
Sgt Marines Died: 25Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 21Jul46 Hostile,Killed

Lanzarin Leonard Allan
Sp4 Army Died: 04Nov70 S.Vietnam Born: 26Jun50 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Larson Peter Swinnerton
Capt Army Died: 21Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 11Aug41 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Lazar George Feodro
Pfc Marines Died: 13Jun66 S.Vietnam Born: 23Jul45 Hostile,Killed

Le Blanc Eloy Felipe Este
Cpl Army Died: 02Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 06Jun47 Hostile,Died-Missing

Lede Roy Leo
Sgt Air Force Died: 05May68 S.Vietnam Born: 09Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Lerch Earl Roger
Hm3 Navy Died: 04Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 25Apr46 Hostile,Killed

Letson Gary Wayne
2lt Marines Died: 18Jun69 S.Vietnam Born: 12Feb45 Hostile,Killed

Lew Sai Gin
Pfc Army Died: 05Dec70 S.Vietnam Born: 20Sep49 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Lieberman Max
Cpl Army Died: 07Mar70 S.Vietnam Born: 20Dec47 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Lowery Michael Ayr
Pfc Army Died: 05Feb67 S.Vietnam Born: 25Mar46 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Lutge Thomas Albert
Sfc Army Died: 25Jul68 S.Vietnam Born: 02Jul37 Hostile,Killed

Lynch William Affley Jr
Ltc Air Force Died: 26Nov66 S.Vietnam Born: 07Apr21 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Mack Danny Ray
Sp4 Army Died: 18Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 25Mar48 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Mack Robert Lee
Sgt Army Died: 24Mar66 S.Vietnam Born: 07Feb23 Hostile,Killed

Martinez George Vincent
Pfc Marines Died: 14Sep68 S.Vietnam Born: 20Nov47 Hostile,Killed

Martinez John Anthony
Sgt Army Died: 25Jun70 S.Vietnam Born: 30May49 Hostile,Killed

Martinez Paul Dinnes Jr
Cpl Army Died: 07May69 S.Vietnam Born: 09Aug48 Hostile,Killed

Mc Taggart William James
Sgt Marines Died: 22Jun70 S.Vietnam Born: 06Nov42 Non-Hos.Died-Ill,Inj

Medlin Paul Charles
2lt Army Died: 14Dec69 S.Vietnam Born: 08Apr45 Hostile,Killed

Mendell Allan
Lcpl Marines Died: 07Jan68 S.Vietnam Born: 28Dec46 Hostile,Killed

Mischeaux Rene Clarence
Cpl Army Died: 25Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 31Aug48 Hostile,Killed

Monahan Michael James
Sp4 Army Died: 16Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 22Oct45 Hostile,Killed

Moore Jimmy Ray
Cpl Army Died: 05May68 S.Vietnam Born: 27May46 Hostile,Killed

Morrow Richard David
Cdr Navy Died: 03Oct73 N.Vietnam Born: 18Dec32 Hostile,Died-Missing

Munatones Jose Jr
Cpl Army Died: 14May68 S.Vietnam Born: 24Aug48 Hostile,Killed

Murphy Vincent Patrick Jr
Sgt Marines Died: 05Jun70 S.Vietnam Born: 27Aug47 Hostile,Killed

Narcisse Alvin Ray
Cpl Army Died: 25Jan69 S.Vietnam Born: 23Mar49 Hostile,Killed

Nathan John Arthur
Sp4 Army Died: 08Nov65 S.Vietnam Born: 21Nov45 Hostile,Killed

Nious Elvain Ennis
Sgt Army Died: 22Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 12Oct46 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Nurisso Charles William
Sp4 Army Died: 27Aug70 S.Vietnam Born: 04Jun51 Non-Hos.Died-Other

O Connor Denis
Capt Army Died: 10Oct67 S.Vietnam Born: 03May40 Hostile,Killed

O Connor Dennis Kenneth
Sgt Army Died: 01Nov68 S.Vietnam Born: 20Nov47 Hostile,Killed

Ortiz Reinaldo Salvador
Cpl Marines Died: 15May67 S.Vietnam Born: 26Sep46 Hostile,Killed

Pagcaliuagan Ceizhar Vale
Pfc Army Died: 29Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 14Feb47 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Page Luther Jr
Ssgt Army Died: 14Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 03Jan30 Hostile,Killed

Paopao Keila
Pfc Marines Died: 28Jan68 S.Vietnam Born: 14Feb47 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Parker Kenneth
Lcpl Marines Died: 06May69 S.Vietnam Born: 29Aug47 Hostile,Killed

Parnella John
Sp4 Army Died: 16Apr66 S.Vietnam Born: 04Jun43 Hostile,Killed

Patton Dorris Edward
2lt Marines Died: 22Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 21Mar32 Hostile,Killed

Perez JoSeph Espino
Pfc Army Died: 09Mar68 S.Vietnam Born: 25Dec46 Hostile,Killed

Pierce Samuel Henry Jr
Ssgt Army Died: 16Aug69 S.Vietnam Born: 14Jun32 Hostile,Killed

Pogre Bob Elia
Hm2 Navy Died: 29Apr66 S.Vietnam Born: 21Feb45 Hostile,Killed

Pratt Richard Chester
Pfc Army Died: 25Apr67 S.Vietnam Born: 18Apr46 Hostile,Killed

Pringle Emmett Terence
Pfc Marines Died: 18Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 24Apr50 Hostile,Killed

Quill Edward Beeding Jr
Maj Air Force Died: 15Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 16Oct34 Hostile,Died-Missing

Ramos George Michael
Sgt Marines Died: 31May68 S.Vietnam Born: 01Dec47 Hostile,Killed

Rauch Edward Harold
Lcpl Marines Died: 17Oct67 S.Vietnam Born: 04Sep47 Hostile,Killed

Reed Robert William
Maj Marines Died: 05Apr67 S.Vietnam Born: 01Aug32 Hostile,Killed

Ricardo Salvador Ortencio
Cpl Army Died: 14Feb69 S.Vietnam Born: 16Oct46 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Rivera Jose A
Pfc Army Died: 01Aug66 S.Vietnam Born: 16Aug45 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Rodgers Gary Gene
Cpl Army Died: 30Aug68 S.Vietnam Born: 16Sep47 Hostile,Killed

Romero Victor
Cms Air Force Died: 09Oct79 S.Vietnam Born: 11Dec47 Hostile,Died-Missing Body Not Recovered

Samson Francisco Leo Jr
Cpl Marines Died: 15Jun67 S.Vietnam Born: 07May46 Hostile,Killed

Sandstrom Robert Richard
Pfc Army Died: 05Oct67 S.Vietnam Born: 03May45 Hostile,Killed

Santos John F Jr
Capt Air Force Died: 28Apr64 Thailand Born: 02Aug33 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Schubert Joel Luther
Pfc Army Died: 24Oct67 S.Vietnam Born: 26Sep41 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Segura Steven Rey
p4 Army Died: 01Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 02Aug48 Hostile,Killed

Smith Donald James
Sp4 Army Died: 17Jul68 S.Vietnam Born: 05Apr49 Hostile,Killed

Smith Wiselee
Bm3 Navy Died: 27Sep67 S.Vietnam Born: 05Aug39 Hostile,Killed

Sorensen Odin Edgar
Cwo Air Force Died: 08Dec65 S.Vietnam Born: 02Jan16 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Spotwood Frank Jr
Sp4 Army Died: 16Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 15Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Springston Theodore Jr
Col Air Force Died: 16Mar78 N.Vietnam Born: 23Nov31 Hostile,Died-Missing Body Not Recovered

Stearns Michael Forrester
Ssgt Army Died: 09Mar67 S.Vietnam Born: 16Sep43 Hostile,Killed

Suarez Jose Wilfredo
Sp5 Army ied: 20Nov65 S.Vietnam Born: 04Mar39 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Sullivan Raymond Walter
Sp4 Army Died: 24Jan69 S.Vietnam Born: 30May50 Hostile,Killed

Supnet Richard Arellano
A1c Air Force Died: 23Sep71 S.Vietnam Born: 17Mar52 Non-Hos.Died-Ill,Inj

Tagata Laavale Fuatau
Lcpl Marines Died: 03Dec65 S.Vietnam Born: 30May39 Hostile,Killed

Taylor Paul Clive O
Pfc Army Died: 27Dec65 S.Vietnam Born: 29Nov46 Hostile,Killed

Thompson Edgar Wayne
Pfc Marines Died: 10Sep67 S.Vietnam Born: 15Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Thorpe Fred Robert
Pfc Army Died: 09Oct69 S.Vietnam Born: 10Dec48 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Timboe Arthur Richard
1lt Army Died: 01Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 23Mar44 Hostile,Died-Missing

Timmons Dennis Edward
Sp4 Army Died: 12Nov69 S.Vietnam Born: 07Nov47 Hostile,Killed

Toia Matau Jr
Pfc Marines Died: 04Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 21Jun48 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Tomasini Richard E Jr
Pfc Army Died: 26Feb67 S.Vietnam Born: 25Jun47 Hostile,Killed

Toth Bertalan James
Sfc Army Died: 12May69 S.Vietnam Born: 23Jul37 Hostile,Killed

Tyes Robert Lee
Cpl Army Died: 29Jun68 S.Vietnam Born: 18Dec42 Hostile,Killed

Utley Russel Keith
Col Air Force Died: 09May78 Laos Born: 05Aug33 Hostile,Died-Missing Body Not Recovered

Valero John Juan
Sgt Army Died: 21Mar69 S.Vietnam Born: 23Jul47 Hostile,Killed

Vigil Arthur Vernon
Lcpl Marines Died: 27May67 S.Vietnam Born: 31Dec45 Hostile,Killed

Weber Patrick
Sp4 Army Died: 22May71 S.Vietnam Born: 15Nov50 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Wells Frank Jr
Pfc Army Died: 01Oct68 S.Vietnam Born: 01Oct49 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Wentzell Jeffrey Raymond
Lcpl Marines Died: 14Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 17Oct48 Hostile,Killed

Wheatley William George
Pfc Marines Died: 13Oct65 S.Vietnam Born: 01Dec46 Hostile,Killed

Whelan Michael Patrick
Sgt Army Died: 08Sep68 S.Vietnam Born: 05Dec47 Hostile,Killed

White Jeffrey Merle
Sp4 Army Died: 27Sep70 S.Vietnam Born: 21Aug49 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Williams David Charles
Sp5 Army Died: 12Feb68 S.Vietnam Born: 16Feb46 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Winters Darryl Gordon
A1c Air Force Died: 19Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 06Mar39 Hostile,Killed
Body Not Recovered

Yamashita Akira
Sp5 Army Died: 29Jul66 S.Vietnam Born: 18May28 Non-Hos.Died-Other

Yanez Victor Manuel
Sgt Army Died: 11May69 S.Vietnam Born: 05Jan48 Hostile,Died-Wounds

Zuniga Efrain Jr
Cpl Army Died: 19Jan67 S.Vietnam Born: 26Nov45 Hostile,Killed

*For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date died or Declared dead, not the date Declared missing or captured. Source: [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties


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