Florence Nightingale


William Edward Nightingale was a university chum of one of Fanny's nine siblings and as such they had known each other for some years before their marriage. After their European honeymoon Frances said "Mr. Nightingale was seldom in the melting mood," but whatever the reason the couple did not birth another child after their move to Lea, after Europe. He was tall and liked to read standing up. He had a special desk made so he could stand up and read. He was Florence's teacher, Latin, Greek, German, philosophy, on and on. He loved abstract thought. He failed to "do" anything in the world but his education of the "queen" of nurses and being her father was enough. The fighting of the women over the nursing issue often chased him away from home and literally to his London Club to reside until things blew over. He gave FN an allowance which allowed her to live independently in an era where that was impossible for upper class women, and the Nightingales were millionaire upper class.

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