Florence Nightingale

Plan of the Quarters

The plan

Florence Nightingale's plan of her party's quarters in the "Sisters' Tower" of the Barrack Hospital, in her own hand.

1. The B's room & their
    & F's sitting room
2. Divan
3. Stove/18 square feet
4. F's room
5. 16 Sisters/Black/White*
6. Kitchen/Cook's room & Helper
7. Wards for Sick
8. Stove
9. Large table
10. Corridor D
11. Over the Tower Room 2 stories,
     1 room in each, for Sisters & Nurses
12. 14 Nurses/30 feet long
13. Wards for Sick
14. Divan
15. Corridor
16. 400 paces long
17. 900 paces long
18. The Barrack Square
*Referring to the Black and White orders of nuns.

The above key comes from Edward Cook. Hugh Small. the author of Florence Nightingale: Avenging Angel, suggests an alternate interpretation:

Dear Joe,
I went to the Selimiye barrack Hospital last year and had a look around it and came to the conclusion that the Nurses' Tower Museum is in the wrong tower! The thing that has misled people in the past is the manuscript plan which you reproduce on your web site.... Like you, most people believe that it says "900 paces long" (your note 17). I think if you read my page at the address below you will see that this can not possibly be correct so I think you should change note 17 in your key to "300 paces long". This means the real Nurses' Tower is the one shown in the foreground of your very nice photograph of the barracks. Check out the new research at my page: http://www.florence-nightingale-avenging-angel.co.uk/tower.htm
Regards and best wishes

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