Florence Nightingale


FN tells in private notes that during her stay at Kaiserwerth was the first time in her life, and she was in her 30s, that she "did" her own hair. It was certainly the only time she ever wore simple cotton clothes in the form of the deaconess' uniform. History tells us of the greatness of Pastor Fliedner and his relationship with FN. But it is to Caroline Fliedner, the pastor's wife, who did most of the managing of the Hospital and staff, that she wrote of her deepest worries in the Barrack Hospital during the war.

Left: The original building at Kaiserwerth, the "Stammhaus," now an old people's home; a woodcut from "The Institution of Kaiserswerth." Right: the "Mutterhaus," into which the deaconesses moved in 1903.

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