Florence Nightingale

The Barrack Hospital Today

Photo of the hospital

The Barrack Hospital today as seen from the southwest corner. The nurses' tower was in the northwest corner. The Hospital was built by Sultan Selim III between 1761 and 1807.

It was important for the Nightingale nurses in Scutari to have a uniform and identifying scarf so as to not be thought prostitutes as they moved about outside the Hospital.

"The Nightingale nurses in the East wore grey tweed wrappers, worsted jackets, with caps and short woollen cloaks, and a frightful scarf of brown holland, embroidered in red with the words, 'Scutari Hospital'." -- Sister Mary Aloysius.

"The scarf was worn I suppose over one arm and under the other." -- E. Cook

A scarf is on display at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.

More photos.
A note from a vistor to the hospital.

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