Florence Nightingale

The 38 Nurses

Climbing to the Barrack Hospital The party that went with Miss Nightingale to Turkey to nurse the wounded and sick English soldiers had 38 women. Of those 38 one was FN herself; one was Mrs. Clarke who was a "housekeeper" for Miss Nightingale; one group was Catholic nuns from the Bermondsey Convent in London wearing black habits; one group was Catholic nuns from an orphanage in Norwood wearing white habits; one group were from Miss Sellon's order of "sisters" called "Sellonites"; they wore black habits. The rest were hospital nurses wearing the one-size-fits-all uniform designed by Miss Nightingale for the trip. The civilian nurses got paid by the government but the religious "sisters" did not get paid. Their expenses were paid by their "church" or "order." The sisters had almost no experience at nursing at all.

Miss Sellon's
civilian hospital

NameOutcomeResidence/Where trained or practiced
Bowmett M A Returned, incompetent St John's House
Barrie Georgiana [Home with Rev. Mother] Bermondsey [Mary de Gonzaga?]
Barnes S. Died [Buried at Haydar Pasha] "hospital nurse"
Blake C. [Elizabeth] Sent home. Ophthalmia  
Coyle M A Returned. incompetent St. John's House
Chabrillae J.G. [Justine] Died [Buried at Haydar Pasha] "hospital nurse"
Clarke, Mrs Sent home invalided [Dec. 24, 1854] FN's housekeeper from Harley St.
Mrs Elizabeth Drake Died St John's House
Davy, J Returned at the Peace  
Erskine Miss Harriet Invalided home. Miss Sellon's
Fagg Emma Sent home, incompetent St John's House
Faulkner, A. Dismissed.  
Grundy, E. Returned at her own wish Middlesex Hospital for 7 years
Higgins Mrs Ann. Sent home incompetent St John's House
Huddon Maria [Stayed to end] Bermondsey [Sister de Chantal]
Hawkins E Returned at the Peace 2 months night nurse at Guy's
Jones Margaret [Stayed to end] Bermondsey [Sister Stanislaus]
Jones, S. Dismissed.  
Forbes Keith [Eliza Isabella] Sent home incompetent  
Kelly S. [Sarah] [Stayed to end] Bermondsey [Sister Anastasia]
Lawfield Mrs Rebecca returned. St John's House
Langston Mrs Emma returned. [Ill] Miss Sellon's [Mother Eldress]
Margaret Sister [Goodman] Returned at the Peace Miss Sellon's
Moore Georgiana [Called back] Bermondsey [Reverend Mother]
MacClean, Marie Therese Sent home incompetent [Dec. 24, 1854] Norwood
O'Dwyer Elinor Sent home, incompetent. [Dec. 24, 1854] Norwood
Pillars Ethelreda Invalided home  
Purnell FJ [Frances] Sent home incompetent [Dec. 24, 1854 Norwood
Parker, Mrs Returned at the Peace.  
Roberts Mrs Returned with Miss Nightingale [St Thomas's Hospital]
Sharpe Clara Miss Invalided home [Dismissed? Dec. 24, 1854, on the Candida] Miss Sellon's
Smith Elizabeth Invalided home. St Thomas's Hospital 6 or 7 years
Terrot SA [Sarah] Invalided home. Miss Sellon's
Turnbull, E. B. [Elizabeth] Returned at the Peace Miss Sellon's
Wheeler Elizabeth Returned. [Wrote letter published in the Times, dismissed home Dec. 24, 1854] Miss Sellon's
Williams, Margaret Dismissed. 8 months at Guy's Hospital
Williams, M. Invalided home.  
Wilson, Mrs Dismissed.  

Information is as it appears in the Register of Nurses. Additions and corrections are in square brackets.

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