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The Wall's Progress

Monday, Oct. 6: John Zutz sets out from the Wall's home in Waukegan, Illinois, headed for Iowa on I-80.
Monday night: Overnight somewhere in Iowa.
Tuesday: Sidney, Nebraska. John reports his Jeep Grand Cherokee is having some trouble with the 20' Wall trailer, but says he'll make it. Dinner at Arby's.
Wednesday: Rock Springs, Wyoming. Pretty windy, had to go slow. Dinner at the Outlaw Inn, where he had a bottle of what the waitress called "mer-lott" wine.
Thursday: A little ice on the windshield in the AM. After 9 hours on the road, John stopped at the Super 8 in Winnemucca, Nevada.
If you want the Wall to come to your town, call Lake County Vetz in Waukegan, Ill., (847)336-3825, and tell 'em Country Joe sent ya.
[Map of the USA with the Wall's route marked]
Friday: Our hero has made it over the Donner Pass and down into the valley to Dixon, California! Should be an easy roll to San Francisco tomorrow.
Saturday: Victory! The wall is up; John was last reported at Fisherman's Wharf, no doubt having some crab cocktail, sourdough bread and Anchor steam beer.
Sunday: The celebration was a great success, attracting 30,000 people to Beach Chalet Meadows, San Francisco. The Wall has been taken down and re-erected at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco, through October 16.

Friday, Oct. 17: After a small service at 7 am, the Wall was taken apart and loaded on its trailer for its return. Including the Summer of Love, I estimate that 40,000 people visited the Wall.

Friday PM: Fernley, Nevada. John had "greasy food" in a Chinese restaurant and already misses SF.
Saturday: Says he's in Evanston, Utah or maybe Wyoming. Believe he must mean Evanston City, Wyoming.
Sunday: North Platte, Nebraska. Stopped at a brewpub along the way. Nice weather, feeling good.
Monday: Geneseo, Illinois. Truck stop. Lotza big rigs, 40 maybe, cinderblock construction with carpeted walls (yellow) nice clean room.
Tuesday: Back home!

[Webmaster's note: Doing this page has been a kick. Every day John would phone Joe from wherever he was in the US, Joe would e-mail me wherever I was in Ecuador(!), and I would post the map. It shows what you can do with this technology if you don't have good sense. -- TW]

A photograph of the Wall at Beach Chalet Meadows
Photo by Jon Sievert from the Summer of Love site


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