Country Joe's Place

The Halloween Tree


Itís big itís broad itís broad itís bright
It fills the sky of All Hallows night
The strangest sight youíve ever seen
The monster tree on Halloween (2)

The leaves have burned to gold and red
The grass is brown the old year dead
But hang the harvest high oh see
The candle constellations on the Halloween tree (2)

The stars they turn the candles burn
The mouse leaves scurry on the cold wind born
And a mob of smiles shine down on thee
From the gourds hung high on the Halloween tree (2)

The smile of the witch and the smile of the bat
The smile of the beast and the smile of the cat
The smile of the reaper taking his fee
All cut and glimmer on the Halloween tree (2)

Oh autumn winds that bake and burn
And all the world to darkness turn
Now storm and seize and make of me
A swarm of leaves from autumn's tree (2)

Leaves burn change turn
World turn leave burn
Grass die trees fly


H  O  M  E